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[ Read Online The Royal Court (A Medieval Tale #4) é swashbuckling PDF ] by Lina J. Potter ☆ Can t wait I can barely contain myself waiting for the next novel there better a next one Can t wait until Lily and Was finally meet Bit of grammar error but other wise awesome Man this author really knows how to dangle the ending off a cliff I m already dying for the next book in the series Though this book probably should have been edited a bitthoroughly, I don t think it truly took away from the actual story itself A great continuation and I can not wait for the rest Slight spoilers ahead I can t wait for Lily to bring the hammer down on Jess Omg I died when they bought lily s products, as a gift, for her Like dude for real So much frustration Gag Lily is going to blow him away when he sees her again and if he continues to act like a stubborn asshole and doesn t use his brain and realize at least a bit how awesome she is, I will find a way to get to Ativerna and beat him bloody I swear on Aldonai The Capital It S The Quiet Before The Storm Countess Lilian Earton Is Now On The Threshold Of The Royal Palace, Ready For A Diplomatic And Eloquent Fight A Fight Which Will Decide Her Destiny In A World She S Sacrificed So Much For The Royals And Noblemen Are Far Sophisticated In Matters Of Intrigue, Gossip, And Slander Than Anyone She Has Dealt With Before Lilian Steps Up To Another Level Of Negotiation And Intricacy In Her Relationships Much Deeper And Dangerous Than In Her Native Earton Castle Everyone In The Capital Of Ativerna Has Sharp Teeth And Are Not Afraid To Use Them To Their Own Advantage And They All Have Heard Contradictory Gossip About Lilian Earton New Land, New Friends, And New Rivals Mean New Opportunities She Could Push Medicine And Industry Forward, Could Bring Lots Of Inventions To This World, New Guilds And So On The Only Thing In Her Way Now King Edward Meeting Him Might Ruin Everything Or It Could Save And Protect All Still, He Is Not The Only Ruler Who Has His Sights Set On Lilian The Situation Is Nearing An International Crisis She Has To Win The Hearts And Minds Of The Members Of The Royal Family And Of Her Own Family She Writes A Letter Addressed To Her Husband To Come And Meet Her In The Royal Palace Will Jess Accept This Invitation The Royal Court Is The Fourth In The Medieval Tale Series By Lina J Potter The Story Is Coming To Its Culmination There Are Central Questions To Be Answered, Meetings To Be Had, Mysteries To Be Unraveled read The Continuation Of The Saga As The Plots Of Different Characters Entwine Very SpecialAs an avid reader of fiction, I particularly love medieval stories with a twist This tale is simply one of the very best.
BeautifulBeautifully told, yet frustrating I wantHow do all the plots and sub plots reach their conclusion I want to see how this wonderful heroine s life comes to, what I feel sure will be, a satisfying point for a better future I like the story, the feeling of what will Lily do next Will head remain an ass why do her in laws want her dead I don t like cliff hangers.
is there another book in the works When will it be released I enjoy the story line but at some point there needs to be an end.
eries Excellent need Excellent book, love Lilly and her whole story but left us wanting so much need another story to her life and the happy ending must come.

Another great read.
I love this series and am looking forward to the next book to come.
Apractical look at time travel, and human nature.
The editor and translator did the author no favors with the 4th book in this series As I can only read the English translation, I feel that there has been much lost in translation and I put the blame squarely on the editors and translators For example, the author would not have her characters coming out of a gun shop with 2 knives, when it has been repeatedly mentioned in the first 3 books that there are no guns in this alternate medieval world There are too many grammatical and storyline errors smattered though out the book to list them With that said, with the editors doing such a poor job, the author may want to consider choosing a few of her avid readers that would certainly do most of her editing for free I think the author is a good writer and has an interesting tale to tell, I wish for her and the story that her editor and translators s I enjoyed the first books a great dealthan this one I found the translation for this one to be very clumsy and inaccurate.

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