Ó The Reigning and the Rule (Surviving Time, #2) ✓ Download by î Calia Read

Ó The Reigning and the Rule (Surviving Time, #2) ✓ Download by î Calia Read What did I just read OMFG I think Calia is trying to kill me She seems sweet in her photos but don t let that fool you she s the devil I swear This was one of my most anticipated reads of 2018 After devouring The Surviving Trace I was so excited to reunite with my favourite characters What a ride Don t you ever forget you love me I was swearing, I was swooning, I was squirming and I was crying This one gave me everything I love in an angsty romance read My feelings were all over the place and I might have sent a few ranty messages to Calia She totally deserved them If you ve read The Surviving Trace you NEED to read this one, If you haven t read it there s still time to join the Belgrave cult and grow to love these characters like I do 2018 Favourite For Sure Our love is timeless When I say that I have been lucky enough to read these stories beside Calia, I mean it Being next to her every step of the way has been so much fun Not to mention, this world that she has created has enchanted me in the best possible way Which brings me to my most important point of this entire review The time I spent working on this, the I realized what garbage said review is because no words I ever typed could put into words how strategically beautiful and genius this series is.
I can start out by saying that if you wanted angst in The Surviving Trace, Calia has delivered just that to you On a silver platter even Every single page you turn will have you wanting to either cry, scream, beg, shake a character, or Tienne Lacroix And I Had A Fire I Thought Would Never Die Our Love Was Timeless An Irreversible Decision Sent Me Back To The Present Day With A Family I Barely Recognize, But I Am Determined To Find A Way Back To Tienne I Can Survive Time But I Can T Survive Life Without Him Time Bends To No One S Demands, So I Must Fight With Everything I Have To Return To The Past However, I Am Terrified That The Past I Once Knew Might Not Look The Same, And The Man Who Once Called Me His Surviving Trace Will No Longer Be Waiting For Me Time Bends To No One S Demands But Sometimes Love Does Loved it This series is amazing It has it all intrigue, romance, sensuality, suspense and a love that is so powerful it defies time What else can you ask for This series is going straight to my favorites of 2018 Can t wait for the next one in this trilogy.
5 stars Don t you ever forget you love me WAW Just waw I NEED THE THIRD BOOK IMMEDIATELY That s not fair I mean how am I supposed to live my life after that cliffhanger I need This is a series that must be read I have a lot of explaining to do, but the story of serene and me is not one that you can place commas, periods, and quotation on and say the end Because if our love extends past the boundaries of times, then it certainly extends past words.
After the first book cliffhanger, it s pretty clear that Serene has messed up with time As a result of what she has done, everything in her life changes Serene need to find a way to fix things and to find her way back to tienne.
See me now Feel me now I reign over your world, my actions screamWhat to expect from this book To be pulled back to the past To be completely captivated More Secret FUUUUUUUCK That cliffy How are we supposed to concentrate after that What did they do Omg I need part 3 right the fuck now 6 Stars The Reigning and the RuleThis Kingdom is mine Review coming soon SPOILER FREE REVIEWREVIEW 5 STARS I m no match for time Every time I think I have you within my reach, you are ripped awayDISCLAIMER I might die and I told my husband my ashes are to be shipped to Belgrave to be buried there.
This book, nothis trilogy iswhyI read The very reason why I pick up books and read them The heaviness, the journey, the love it s all there, expertly told in a way that deemed me powerless to walk away from the inevitable heartbreak I was sure to feel as I had to leave them once again But, if you want the truth I was immediately sucked back into this story, even after being away for 5 months, but I cannot stress enough YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS ONE OMGosh, I m struggling to come to terms with everything I just read, and I am in desperate need for the rest of their story SO MUCH HAPPENED Like, take notes Ok I don t even know what to tell you But this story,

Genre Time Travel RomanceType Book 2 of 3 from Surviving Time seriesPOV First Person MultipleRating 3.
75 stars tienne Lacroix and Serene Parow s love for each other transcended time When a ripple in history ripped her back to the present that she did not recognize, she needed to find her way back to him But going back also meant risking their past and her future She must decide if it s worth meddling with the fragile thread of time My love is giving yet selfish And selfishly, I want him to only be with me for the rest of his life.
I loved Serene in book 1 because of her spunk and strength She still retained those qualities and it was amusing seeing her interacted with people from the past However there was a certain part of the story that I w That end

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