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[Louis de Wohl] È The Spear: A Novel of the Crucifixion [planets PDF] Ebook Epub Download Á This Panoramic Novel Of The Last Days Of Christ Ranges From The Palaces Of Imperial Rome To The Strife Torn Hills Of Judea Where The Conflict Of Love And Betrayal, Revenge And Redemption, Reaches A Mighty Climax In The Drama Of The Crucifixion For This Is The Full Story Of The World S Most Dramatic Execution, As It Affected One Of Its Least Known Participants The Man Who Hurled His Spear Into Christ On The CrossAmong His Many Successful Historical Novels, Louis De Wohl Considered The Spear The Magnum Opus Of His Literary Career This was a great book to read as a family during Lent 39 chapters makes it almost perfect for a chapter a day The main character is the Roman centurion who pierced Christ s side after the crucifixion Other characters include Bar Abbas, Pontius Pilate, Caiaphas, Mary Magdalene, and the woman caught in adultery and brought before Jesus to be tried the scene regarding her adultery, about two paragraphs, was the only part that I didn t feel comfortable reading to my kids We ll definitely read it again next Lent Great story Ah The perfect ending to a perfect book The author, Louis de Wohl, considered The Spear the magnus opus of his literary career and although I haven t read all of his books, of those I have read, this is far and away the best.
It was further helped by having read it during Holy Week conversations and events heard during liturgical readings echoed in the unfolding drama of the book Cassius Longinus is a youthfully na ve soldier besotted with Lady Claudia Procula Caught up in the harsh reality of Roman political intrigue, he not only loses the lady to none other than Pontius Pilate he also ends up banished to the furthest reaches of the Empire via total bankruptcy, the murder of his father, slavery, and time spent as a gladiator Years later the story resumes but this time with an older and much bitterer Cassius De Wohl tells the story

Louis de Wohl created something pretty amazing in The Spear, which he considered to be the magnum opus of his career He took a cast of real characters from history, such as Pontius Pilate and his wife, Claudia Caiaphas the woman who committed adultery Barabbas and the man who hurled his spear into the side of Christ He took these people and he breathed life into them and fleshed them out beautifully, intertwining their stories and lives all together Then he built up around these people a world totally real, with detailed descriptions of this truly fascinating period of history and all the events that made it so It may have started out a little bit slow, but after a short while, I was rapidly turning pages to see what would happen next, even if I already knew It was unexpectedly gripping and I became completely enthralled in lives of Cassius This was a captivating tale of the crucifixion told from very different viewpoints than we normally hear I love the interweaving of scripture stories and found it quite inspiring I will be reading from this author

Mr de Wohl was a Knight Commander of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and his wife nee Ruth Magdalene Lorch, whom he married in 1953 is a Lady Commander of the same Order His fifty books include The Living Wood Lippincott, 1947 , Imperial Renegade id., 1950 , The Restless Flame id., 1951 , Throne of the World id., 1949 published in England as Attila , The Golden Thread Lippincott, 1952 ,