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ò حكايات حارتنا Ã Download by º Naguib Mahfouz I was forced to read this book in my Humanities class But immediately, I found that it is really good, with a unique literary style vignettes and a beautiful, artistic outlook and commentary on the mini stories the author puts together.
I am not pregnant nor planning to be in the near future, but I was interested in reading about how these children are different from others Picked it up and didn t put it down The cadre and adult centered child rearing sounds practical and do able It makes me believe that I could hypothetically raise children guilt free, without feeling I m doing it wrong , but somehow I get the feeling that raising kids the French way is practical if you are actually in France if nurseries or day cares are only for a few hours in your area, or are not focused on teaching children how to be better people, and if the kids are not fed a variety of healthy fresh food, then I don t think it would work as well Still, it is great food for thought Popular Book, By Naguib Mahfouz This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book , Essay By Naguib Mahfouz Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You A collection of loosely connected vignettes about life in a poor alley neighborhood It s set during the 1920 s in Egypt, a period of political upheaval independence from English colonial rule and social change As mentioned in the introduction, there are many moments and side comments which give glimpses of life and culture during that time such as Abdun is a baker s boy He takes dough from our houses and brings it back fresh baked The writing and characters are good, though the vignettes are usually so short half or one page that they often feel abrupt and leave you wanting It s a formula that works in small doses but becomes a little tedious after a hundred pages So it s better to read them in small portions, a couple pages to a sitting.
5 star material, but I m rounding down.
By Nobel prize winning Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz A collection of very short stories describing the narrator s neighbors 78 in just about 120 pgs From love matches to business success, to murder and even rumors of the supernatural These read a bit like how a child would overhear a parent gossiping with a nosy neighbor, but tell a lot of the local culture and way of life.
This book is very different from anything else I ve ever read It is a collection of 78 short stories, but the are considerably shorter than normal short stories about half a page to a page and a half in length Each chapter is a story in its own right, but the narrator remains the same throughout, and all the stories take place on the same alley, though not always in chronological order This book is a chronicle of life specifically life as a working class Muslim in a dirty alley in Cairo but it can be applied to life in general It deals with love, death, hatred, feuds, family, friendship, cruelty, tyranny, fervor, religion, divorce, poverty, wealth, and just about everything else Quite a book.
As far as assigned readings for CORE go, I really enjoyed this book Fun fact The first paper I ever wrote in college was on this book, and it was the highest grade I got on a paper until the last paper I ever wrote.

This was my third Mahfouz novel and certainly my least favorite Clearly there are deep layers of meaning here, but I always felt I was missing what was really going on Some explanatory notes would have helped a lot.
This collection of short stories from Naguib s neighborhood take you back in time and immerse you in Egypt s history back in the 70s to when Naguib was a little kid noticing all the little things around him.
Fountain and Tomb by Naguib Mahfouz is about the fight for Egyptian Independence, which takes place after WWI, and it does this by looking at the events that take place in one alley I read this book for my history class when we were learning about the Egyptian fight for independence It is written in short scenes and stories and is told from the perspective of a young boy This book is really interesting because it is told through the perspective of a young person that doesn t exactly understand what is happening around him It is also cool how it shows change that happens in this particular alley over time The way it is written is also interesting because the short stories and the short scenes really make it seem like it was the memories of a young boy and al

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