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[Denise Liebig] ☆ Dear Maude [social-work PDF] Read Online ☆ If you are reading reviews of Dear Maude by Denise Liebig, you have likely already read a synopsis But even if you have, any brief outline of the contents of the book should be taken with a grain of salt Unpredictable, wonderfully atypical, there are simply too many elements to the story to succinctly sum it up in a brief post the Maude journal being one clever component Time travel, detailed period depictions of life, characters from the past and the future, a devilish corporation behind the many machinations taking place And that is only a fraction of what Mrs Liebig has cleverly and deftly created It is plain why the author made this a trilogy There is simply a lot of story to tell and a number of characters who in order to be fleshed out require time The hook has been set superbly so to speak.
The writing is intelligent without being so pretentious the flow Dear Maude is the first installment of The Dear Maude Trilogy It starts with the main character, Emily, a diligent college student receiving a full scholarship from a company on condition that she works for that company for four years after graduation However, the nature of her work had never been clearly defined.
The setup of the story is creative and well thought out The story line is captivating and engaging right from the first line Then, the plot turns and twists once the time travel theme emerges The entire story is written in the first person narrative The main character s frequent internal dialogs are refreshing and brilliant, funny at times.
Besides time travel, the story encompasses heart wrenching romance and endearing family love Ms Liebig carefully crafts all aspects of the story It s safe to say it is a superb mu This Is Alternate Cover Edition For ASIN BOSHOIIFor Previous Covers See Here And HereUpstate New York, Emily Stanton, A Sociology Major, Graduates From College And Is Obligated To Work For The Mysterious Company That Funded Her Education But A Job With Evergreen Research Corporation Is Not What She Expects From Fancy Balls And Operas To Corsets And Kid Gloves, Emily Learns To Be A Specialist In Society In The Process, She Finds Herself Fully Immersed In The Lives Of Wealthy Aristocrats And Industry Leaders, Whose Thirst For Power Leads Them To Manipulate Everything, Including Time Thrust Into This Strange And Dangerous World, Emily Becomes Their Most Important Asset Unable To Trust Her Coworkers Or Her Surroundings, However, Emily Finds Herself Alone With Her Very Survival In The Hands Of A Handsome Stranger, Wendell Beringer Unfortunately, Emily Soon Discovers That He Has A Few Secrets Of His Own Can She Trust This Man Or The Feelings She Develops For Him Only Time Will Tell Follow Emily S Unexpected Journey, Where Journal Entries To Her Deceased Aunt And The Powerful Secrets They Contain, Become Her Only Link To The Life She Once Knew And The Future She Must Choose To Follow The story begins with Emily Stanton in college sharing her room with a nasty student who suddenly acts like her best friend when Emily meets a guy She d accepted a full scholarship from a mysterious company with the expectation she either pays them back or works for them for four years Holding to her responsibilities, she works for Evergreen Research Corporation and is chosen for a prestigious assignment One she must agree to before she knows what it entails.
During the entire time she journals her life, writing the entries to her deceased aunt Maude whom she adored.
This story is chocked full of adventure, mystery, romance and time travel The unexpected twists and turn of this intriguing novel had me reading it in one setting Well worth losing some sleep The How do so many like this book The writing is horrible, the plot ridiculous, and the characters are unlikable.
I m glad this is the first of a series and there is to come Though the book works well as a standalone, you do know there is to come and can t wait for it Emily Stanton comes out as a brave, strong character She is courageous and works hard at doing well When she signs up for her scholarship, she has no idea what a roller coaster ride her life would become when she finished college I like the first person narrative and the journal style of writing It brings you closer to the character and you empathise with what she goes though It has a bit of everything, reality, fantasy, intrigue, love and after a slow beginning, you kind of rush to the end Looking forward to the next one.
Finally Some actual imagination about time travel I mean, it can t all be lairds and beautiful 21st century females, can it Denise Liebig has written an intelligent, engaging, well written and commendable debut novel Dear Maude What she achieves in this novel is a deep understanding of place, time, character, period, and an ability to maintain a sense of mystery throughout No small achievement this must be said The novel oscillates between a narrative form and a diarist form I found this structurally uneven and this is the prime reason why I awarded this readable and enjoyable novel a four out of five and not a five out of five But the author should be by no means be disappointed This author will gain many fans believe me.
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FREE on today 3 15 2019 Blurb Upstate New York, 2012 Emily Stanton, a sociology major, graduates from college and is obligated to work for the mysterious company that funded her education But a job with Evergreen Research Corporation is not what she expects From fancy balls and operas to corsets and kid gloves, Emily learns to be a specialist in 1910 society In the process, she finds herself fully immersed in the lives of wealthy aristocrats and industry leaders, whose thirst for power leads them to manipulate everything, including time Thrust into this strange and dangerous world, Emily becomes their most important asset Unable to trust her coworkers or her surroundings, however, Emily finds herself alone with her very survival in the hands of a handsome stranger, Wendell Beringer Unfortunately, Emily soon discovers that he has a few secrets of his own Can she tru Oh Dear Maude Where to start on this First off the time travel alluded to in the blurb didn t even start until about 175 pages into the book The rest was a pretty boring send up Maude trades a college education debt for 4 years of her life During her training at the institute after college she barely asks any questions None of which are answered and she seems to accept that as just fine The story seemed disjointed and all over the place I had to read the blurb again to figure out who her love interest was supposed to be and which we don t meet until well into the book Once Emily DOES time travel it really made no sense Firstly, being forced into a marriage for money to fund the institute didn t seem to phase Emily at all No c

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