Download Epub Format ↠´ Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch #1) PDF by ¶ Cece Rose

Download Epub Format ↠´ Black Spells and Twisted Souls (Grey Witch #1) PDF by ¶ Cece Rose Well what a surprise this book is Like always the very talented Cece Rose has written a truly exciting book that captivated my attention from the very first page Once I started the book I just inhaled it and was unable to put it down Kayla is a very different FMC, she is interesting, full of bad luck and a lot of the time unsure of herself Then throw in s bunch of very intriguing guysDarren shifter and her ex BF but they are still pretty much in love with each other, Rhydian the mysterious Fae who likes to flirt, Kier the vampire witch detective and then Solas the demonall so different and all so good for Kayla hopefully This book gives the reader the initial taste of them all while they try and solve a murder with lots of flirting, threats and laughs along the way I especially loved the connection to the veng FREE ontoday 5 17 2019 Kayla Harlow Is An Unlucky Witch A Dead Boss, A Demonic Kitty In Her Bathtub, And A Smoking Hot Detective If Only He Wasn T Trying To Pin Her For The Murder Between A Mysterious Fae Prince With No Sense Of Modesty Or Boundaries Showing Up, Having To Call A Vengeance Spirit, And Demons Than She Ever Expected Or Wanted To Meet Appearing In Her Living Room, An Iced Latte Spilled All Over Her New Dress Is Suddenly The Least Of Her Worries When White Magic Won T Save Her, And Black Magic Will Taint Her Soul, What S A Witch To Do Urban Fantasy Reverse Harem great bookI love it I love when a book makes you laugh out loud You should see the looks my husband and son gives me when I do that I love the characters in this story Kayla is great.
Calling all lovers of witches, shifters, fae, vampires, demons, and , this is the series for you With Kayla on the search to clear her name from a murder she didn t commit, she encounters an assortment of other supernatural creatures along her journey As well as using some wonderfully written crafted spells.
Great twist at the end for the next book Also I was reading this the whole time wondering if it s going to turn into a reverse harem book Witchy goodnessUnique take on supernatural thriller Just when you think you have it figured out here comes another plot twist Stayed up all night reading because I just had to know what happened next This book was ridiculously fun The humor, main character, hectic storyline, genuine plot that s going creatively in different directions, and again humor made it all sing for me I don t see how it can be an RH yet, though, and there s pretty much nothing in the romance department here besides some smidging of hints, but the book itself is all sorts of phenomenal fun Full review to come.

Oooo, I really love this authors works I think she writes really well and creates stories that just pull me in She is all about the slow burn romance and those are my favourite kind of romances Black Spells and Twisted Souls has a witch as it s main character, however there are all sorts of paranormals in this book living in the real world but humans are not aware of them Kayla, our main character is working in a mundane job with a boss who really shouldn t be a manager Kayla gets accused of murder and what follows is a humorous and exciting adventure to uncover the truth Kayla meets some interesting characters along the way and we find out some of the history she has with characters she already knows There is also a cross over with a few characters from one of the authors other books, Vengeance a series I rea This was such an awesome read It was so fun, and extremely entertaining I can t wait to readof this author s work.
What can I say type about BSTS Just that the first book of the series was keep you on the edge of your seat, couldn t put it down because it was so interesting The first paragraph sucked me in and as I kept reading, much to my embarrassment because some were sleeping I let out a guffaw when I read the chapter that a certain character s from Vengeance made an appearance I was that excited Overall, I am soooo anticipating the continuance of this series Well, that was me fangirling about this book, now let s get now get on with the other aspects of the review, shall we There were some supper minor grammatical issues toward the end such as, a missing letter in the word, for example the h in his and such, but those could be overlooked as the book it

Cece Rose is a young British author who spends most of her time hiding from the outside world Unless it s through Facebook, she never shuts up on there She is also the proud owner of one dog, four turtles, and one annoying boyfriend She hails from Devon in the South West of England, but dreams of sunny skies and sand between her toes Although, whenever abroad she will moan about the heat and