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é Read é Spell Games (Marla Mason, #4) by T.A. Pratt ✓ First I m pissed this ended on a cliffhanger Obviously the ending isn t clean, but it still irks me that I get drawn in, put up with a lot of nonsense the general plot is lame, as is what resolution you get and then I have to go out to get another book to get any conclusion to the hanging plot threads I guess I just don t have a lot of respect for serialization like that It s a marketing trick and the work of a lazy author that can t wrap up his her plots.
Conversely, I like this universe I like that we re finally getting some history on Marla Admittedly, I like it when they reference events that haven t been recorded in the books, it gives the characters depth in a weird way allows you to imagine things yourself to fill in the gaps But we find out about her past and eventually how she ended up in Felpor Can t I just have nice things without the emotional ache Is that too much to ask Brain Eating Fungi, Wannabe Sorcerers, Long Lost Relations Does Even A Hard Core Witch Stand A Chance Mad Sorcerers, Psychic Vampires, An Army Of Vengeful Demons, Marla Mason Would Rather Face Them All Than A Flesh And Blood Ghost From Her Dysfunctional Family Past Her Con Artist Brother, Jason As Felport S Chief Sorcerer, Marla Would Ordinarily Consider It Her Duty To Protect Her Town From Such An Unscrupulous Ne Er Do Well As His Sister, Things Are A Lot Trickier Now, As Marla Attempts To Train An Apprentice Oracle Whose Magical Wires Have Gotten Crossed, Jason Is Setting Up An Elaborate Sting And Drawing Her Ever So Corruptible Partner Rondeau Into The Ruse Their Patsy Is A Filthy Rich Wannabe Mage And Their Bait Is Something So Valuable, So Dangerous, So Sought After, It Probably Doesn T Exist But Now Word S Gotten Out That The Borrichius Spores Do Exist And Instead Of A Sucker Jason And Rondeau Have A Much Bigger And Much Deadlier Fish On Their Line A Reclusive Sorcerer Whose Devotion To The Mushroom God And Command Of Vegetal Magic Could Bring A Fungal Apocalypse To Felport It Ll Be The Mother Of All Bad Trips Unless Marla Can Pull Off The Ultimate Magical Switcheroo And Somehow Live To Tell About It Not my favorite Marla Mason story Not bad, mind you But certainly one the weaker stories in this series Maybe it was because the stakes were not as high in stories past Maybe I just didn t like Marla s brother and held it against the rest of the story Or perhaps it was the plethora of typos and errors that were contained in the Kindle version that I read while logging miles on the treadmill If the errors were enough to be distracting while I was running and sweating profusely, there is something wrong I didn t particularly enjoy the grift plotline either It was so, um, unmagical It felt like part of Gaiman s American Gods but without the grit and weaker characters I love this silly series, though, so I will forgive T.
A Pra This book was kind of meh to me until the end The con artist storyline wasn t all that interesting to me The other plot lines were good B s training sessions were great for explaining the various kinds of magic but also for bringing in the wizards of Felport The villain was nothing I d ever seen before Very imaginative The end was where it really got good but for very bad reasons What happened to B and Rondeau was a huge gut punch Marla s reaction to it was both wrenching and completely in character for her The ebook version does have several typing errors.
Spell Games es la cuarta novela de Marla Mason y la ltima que pudo publicar en la editorial Spectra, que no estaba interesada en seguir con las aventuras de la hechicera.
Sin embargo, Pratt no se dio por aludido y continu escribiendo historias sobre el Marlaverse Escribi una precuela y varias historias cortas que incluso hoy en d a se siguen pudiendo leer gratuitamente en su web Es m s, la quinta novela formal de Marla Mason, Broken Mirrors, fue publicada por cap tulos estilo serial El resultado final fue fant stico, las novelas se siguieron publicando y, de hecho, en marzo de este 2015 se llev a cabo con xito el proyecto de crowdfunding del noveno libro de esta saga Claramente cuando Spectra decidi no renovar el contrato a n le quedaban a Pratt historias por contar.
En esta cuarta novela el pasado de M By far my favorite of Pratt s Marla Mason novels This pushed my squee buttons for confidence games I dig a good long con, like in The Sting or Ocean s 11, or the BBC show Hustle , and the back and forth of this story kept me going all the way to the end Marla also feels much rounded in this story not that she was in any way two dimensional before, but Spell Games is a personal story, not least of all because of the involvement of her brother Jason And though I cringed at first at the rhyminess of Jason Mason, I was pleased to see such a clever character share my first name Apocalypse is threatened in the person of the mycomancer Bulliard, but the book doesn t feel quite so end of the world as Pratt s previous books, which was a nice change A smaller scale enables Marla to feel like a real person, and her interactions with her brother are touching and honest

Marla Mason is Chief Sorcerer of Felport She s got such a badass reputation that her older brother Jason, estranged since something bad went down between them as teenagers, hears about her and comes calling Jason doesn t know that magic is real he just assumes she s running a successful con herself, much like he does He asks to use her name to help him fool an annoying wealthy would be sorcerer, and Marla is confident in her own abilities, happy enough to see him, and annoyed enough with the rich guy that she agrees But alas, rumors of Jason s con filter into the magical community, and a nigh unstoppable mushroom god storms to Felport looking for the imaginary spores he pretends to be selling.
So much of this book is threats building on each other, where Marla and Rondeau can t or won t see them, but we the reader see how the situation is compounding from bad to lethal It made Fourth book in the series, Marla Mason and I have come to an understanding she is badass In Blood Engines, the characterization wasn t the greatest, but she s since turned into my favorite female urban fantasy heroine.
Both B and Marla s no good brother, Jason, hit Fellsport at the same time, with disasterous results B s visits to the different sorcerers was far entertaining than Jason s lessons in the grift life to Rondeau especially the meet with the Bay Witch, who manages to confound me as much as she does the characters in the book.
A great moment, though, when they take Cam Cam out to the island, and Marla greets them standing sideways on the wall thanks to her new gecko boots.
Pratt didn t take the easy way out in the ending, and I applaud her for that even if I was left going NO Marla s reaction to B s death at Rondeau s unwill This one is almost an instant classic T.
A Pratt is leading up to his promised fifth book in the series, and Marla s world has frayed It hasn t come apart, yet but it s very clear that s the intention.
As usual for the Marla Mason books, her greatest enemy as opposed to the antagonist, who moves the plot along , is herself In this case, it s her own history, hinted in previous books, as a runaway from a broken home, and what happened with her brother This is the last wall of Marla s protection, and in the course of events, it s shattered.
The consequences here are enormous view spoiler B, the only reoccurring nice guy in the series is killed hide spoiler

Tim Pratt, under which he penned the Marla Mason books.I ve crowdfunded seven projects four through Kickstarter successfully in the past few years, and I don t foresee any problems with this one, either I write novels for a living, and this is a book I m excited to do It s always possible there will be bumps and delays on the production process, or an unforeseen illness or other disaster, but if so, I ll keep everyone posted, and we ll get there in the end.