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[ Pdf The Return of the Moguls å womens-fiction PDF ] by Dan Kennedy Î I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway The book is a well written account of the decline of newspapers during the past 20 years as the internet has taken over, and what a select few wealthy owners are doing to turn things around It is clear that the author sees journalism as an important part of our democratic society, which I whole heartedly agree with I find it somewhat troubling that the only way to save the institutions meant to keep the wealthy and powerful in check is for them to be saved by wealthy and powerful men, but the examples set by Jeff Bezos and John Henry in the book would be an ideal model for future owners to follow to keep newspapers running and reporting the stories that citizens need to know about While the author doesn t find any ultimate fix for how to keep newspapers running well into the future, he A very important and timely examination into the newspaper industry in general, and three titles The Washington Post, the Orange County Register, and the Boston Globe in particular The pace and magnitude of the changes facing this industry are considered by Northeastern University professor and former Guardian media editor, Dan Kennedy Fascinating insights, thoughtfully considered and presented by Kennedy In an era of fake news and alternate facts , dominated by a president who considers the media the enemy of the people , trusted news sources are vital than ever in holding those in power accountable A great read highly recommended.

A nicely done, inside baseball book about the politics and business of journalism I would recommend this book to anyone who is currently in the field, just released after years of working for a paper so the bottom line could be increased, or who aspires to work in the field.
Unfortunately, most Americans take good journalism for granted and just assume the paper will be there in the morning or available to them on line on a whim Mr Kennedy s book will explain to them the complex mechanism that makes this happens, how expensive good journalism really is, and how difficult decisions get made daily to get the best to the customer.
If I were young again, I would go to Northeastern University and take all of his classes For those in the Boston media market, he frequently appears as a panelist on Beat the Press, a must see PBS television show that airs Friday even First, a disclaimer Although it has been years since I held an actual paper copy of the Washington Post, I am an almost daily visitor to its website I consider it one of my prime methods for gathering national news information I also am a regular viewer of all sorts of cable news shows both left and right wing as well as the mainstream network news I am saddened by the decline of our nation s newspapers and distressed by the attacks on the integrity of investigative journalism.
With that out of the way, I have to say that I found this to be an extremely interesting book It is a well written and informative behind the scenes look at what is happening to the newspapers of this country It s a discouraging story but one of crucial importance This is a book with an important message.
I won a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway for this honest review.
Dobr preh ad hist rie dvoch ikonick ch nov n aj s poh adom na ich digit lnu transform ciu a snahu nov ch majite ov pretvori ich na nestratov podniky Keby kniha obsahovala viac s asnej hist rie nov n v digit lnom veku, bolo by toto hodnotenie 5 5 Kennedy provides a thorough look at the modern newspaper industry through the ownerships of John Henry, of the Boston Red Sox, and Jeff Bezos, of , as well as one that isn t mentioned on the cover entrepreneur Aaron Kushner Kushner s is probably the most interesting story with his failed attempts to buy various papers before finally buying the Orange County Register, and the troubles with that paper Free review copy.
A little dense, but very interesting.
Over The Course Of A Generation, The Story Of The Daily Newspaper Has Been An Unchecked Slide From Record Profitability And Readership To Plummeting Profits, Increasing Irrelevance, And Inevitable Obsolescence The Forces Killing Major Dailies, Alternative Weeklies, And Small Town Shoppers Are Well Understood Or Seem Obvious In Hindsight, At Least And The Catalog Of Publications That Have Gone Under Reads Like A Who S Who Of American Journalism During The Past Half Century, Old Style Press Barons Gave Way To A Cabal Of Corporate Interests Who Were Unable Or Unwilling To Invest In The Future Even As Technological Change Was Destroying Their Core Business The Taylor Family Sold The Boston Globe To The New York Times Company In For A Cool Billion Twenty Years Later, The Times Company Resold It For Just Million The Unexpected Story, However, Is Not What They Sold It For But Who They Sold It To John Henry, The Principal Owner Of The Boston Red SoxA Billionaire Who Made His Money In The World Of High Finance, Henry Inspired Optimism In Boston Because Of His Track Record As A Public Spirited Business Executive And Because His Deep Pockets Seemed To Ensure That The Shrunken Newspaper Would Not Be Subjected To Further Downsizing In Just A Few Days, The Sale Of The Globe Was Overtaken By Much Bigger News Jeff Bezos, The Founder Of And One Of The World S Richest People, Had Reached A Deal To Buy The Washington Post For MillionHenry S Ascension At The Globe Sparked Hope Bezos S Purchase Seemed To Inspire Nothing Short Of Ecstasy, As Numerous Observers Expressed The Belief That His Lofty Status As One Of Our Leading Digital Visionaries Could Help Him Solve The Daunting Financial Problems Facing The Newspaper BusinessThough Bezos And Henry Are The Two Most Prominent Individuals To Enter The Newspaper Business, A Third Preceded Them Aaron Kushner, A Greeting Card Executive, Acquired California S Orange County Register In July Then Pursued An Audacious Agenda, Expanding Coverage And Hiring Journalists In An Era When Nearly All Other Newspaper Owners Were Trying To Avoid Cutting BothThe Return of the Moguls Chronicles A Story In The Making Is A Return To Old Style Individual Ownership Sparking A Renaissance For The Newspaper Business, And If So, How

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