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✓ Read ✓ Confessions: Robbie by Ella Frank ↠´ We re back in the world of our darlings Logan Tate Well, not really this is a spin off thingy, but we all met and fell for Robbie Priest Julien in the Temptation series.
If you haven t read TRY TAKE TRUST TEASE TATE TRUE you should definitely do it it s not necessary to understand this, buy why would you want to miss meeting those guys Huh read THOSE books Robbie The little barkeeper troublemaker who was in love with Logan Now that Logan Tate are happily married, he has two new men to worry about.
Logan s law firm partner Joel Priest and Priest s famous french chef hubby Julien.
Robbie kinda mega flirted with Julien and was already halfway in love with him, when he found out that he was married to Priest PRIEST of all people The one person he can t stand He just rubs him wrong Even though he kinda secretly wishes he would rub him in some private places.
But wh I think I loved this one even the second time around Bumping up to 4.
5 Stars And now I reaaaaaally can t wait for Julien s book 4 Stars I haven t read Ella Frank in awhile And while I really loved the first two books of the Temptation series, by the third I was kind of over it The fact that it ended up being 6 books overkillSo, with that being said I didn t know who Robbie was Truth be told I found him a bit bratty throughout the first 40% or so of this one He was mouthy and everything he said just seemed flippant and kind of immature He grew on me some by the end of the book And I did end up liking this one as a whole quite a bit I was engaged throughout And curious about Robbie, Julian and Joel and h Relationships Are ComplexLove Ever ChangingAnd When It Comes To Rules Of The Heart,they Were Made To Be Broken That S What Robert Antonio Bianchi Was Telling Himself, AnywayOtherwise, He Really Had No Excuse For What Or Who He D DoneNo Excuse, Except For His Lonely Heart, A Pitcher Of Margaritas, Four Bitter Bitches, And The Apparent Need To Confess All His Weaknesses To The Two Men He Knew Would Bring Him Nothing But TroubleBut Trouble Was Nothing NewJust Ask His Crazy Sisters Or Any Of His Friends, And They D Be The First To Tell You If There Was A Bad Decision To Be Made, Robbie Always Had A Knack For Making ItAnd Thus Begins The Story Of The Priest, The Princess, And The Prick 4.
5 StarsI doubted it would ever happen, yet here I am, shocked stupid by how much I found myself enjoying a romance that revolved around three men forming a committed polyamorous relationship Trust Ella Frank to be the one to knock me on my ass and win me over with a theme that previously and repeatedly just hasn t proved to be my thing She made me root for Robbie, Julien and Priest, and the burgeoning relationship they were tentatively building together here a relationship full of open communication, trust, commitment and unwavering support for all parties involved I liked all three men as individuals and even better as a throuple I experienced their shared chemistry like it was a tangible entity pulsing off the page, and as their relationship became physical HOT DAMN , I had no doubts that their emotional connections were growing just as authentically.
Th This is my first Ella Frank and it sent me into the reading bat cave There s not a much higher compliment I can give than that.
However, if you are like me and have not read the Temptation series, be prepared to be a little off kilter Priest, Julien and Robbie seemingly were all introduced in that series and have history, which made me feel at a disadvantage I was able to glean some but I now feel I need to backtrack and read that series to fully grasp their backstories.
Priest and Julien are married and have an open relationship They evidently have been intrigued by Robbie for a few months but left the proverbial ball in his court Robbie is not a huge fan of Priest initially due to something having to do with his cousin, but he is keen on the temperamental 4.
5 Stars It seems like it has been a long time since I devoured a book this book written by Ella Frank captured my attention and then some I couldn t put it down if my life depended on it It also has been ages since I have read a m m romance Robbie is a m m story and it involves three men and an unconventional situation Apparently Julien, Priest, and Robbie were introduced in Logan and Tate s series, and because of that I feared I might not be able to read this series without reading the other I can honestly say that I had no problem picking up on all the details, and I wasn t confused in the slightest This story is for readers that are willing to think outside the box I m fully invested in what has transpired and I can t w 4.
5 Stunned but I should know better Stars Most people who know me know that I like my romance pretty staid That doesn t mean boring I like it just as sexy and explicit as the next person but when it comes to a dynamic that involves than 2 people, that doesn t automatically float my boat At all.
Whelp I m eating my own words because Ella Frank is pretty much a freaking genius She made me accept a married couple who is very much in love with one another, made me understand why such a devoted twosome would want to bring in another to complete them, and let me tell you Robbie is the luckiest fucking man alive to garner such attention from men as gorgeous, delicious, and dominant as Priest and Julien Unf This is classic Frank, which is a romance that involves all three points of view, and the burgeoning dynamic and feels play out over a very short, bu 5 starsRegrets only happen when you aren t brave enough to try something newMy heart Holy Jesus Don t read this in public, guys LOLI ve been waiting for Robbie to get his book for the longest time, since I met him in theTemptation SeriesYou also meet Julien and Priest in those books as well If you ve read those books you also know that this is a M M M series.
And I couldn t have loved this book if I triedYou looked good down on your knees just now Robbie s eyes narrowed a fraction, and Priest smirked You disagree Yes, Robbie said I look good everyfukingwhereRobbie was sassy, amazing, and hilarious who works at Tate s bar Priest is a lawyer who works as a partner in Logan s law firm And Julien is a famous French chef with a new location opening in Chicago I have to say, I loved how well Robbie worked with Julien and Priest and their relationship Everything between them just worked,

Audiobook Review6 stars for the AudioCharlie David was He brought the characters to life I loved Priest s deep commanding voice , Julien s French and Robbie s sassiness This is the best MMM Erotica romance ever Book Review5 starsSmile, mon cher petit You make everything that s dark fade to nothing when you smile Warning This is Gushing I call review.
I LOVED LOVED this book.
When you have, a sassy, loud mouth who takes no shit from anyone Italian Princess, A French chef with dimples who oozes sex from miles and a Dom serious no nonsense loyal with an adorable side that he only shows for the one he cares about you get Robbie the Princess, Julien the prick chef and Joel the priest and Holy Batman, Bruce Wayne on a Marvel movie This book was HOT H read MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG Regrets only happen when you aren t brave enough to try something that scares you Confession nope, no pun I have never read MMM Heck I don t read MMF or MFM all that much It s the idea of one person usually being added to an established relationship It makes it difficult for me to believe that all partners in a three way relationship are equally well loved and there is no imbalance and one of them is left behind, emotionally So going into CONFESSIONS ROBBIE was a bit of challenge for me but since Ella Frank has written one of my favorite MM series it was a no brainer that I at the very least TRY see what I did there.

Ella Frank is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co author of the fan favorite erotic serial, Sex Addict A life long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction.