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ë Half a King Þ Download by Å Joe Abercrombie When his father and brother are killed, half handed Yavri finds himself king His reign is woefully short as he is betrayed and left for dead After being rescued and sold into slavery, he plots his revengeI got this from Netgalley.
After the unbridled awesomeness of The First Law and its spinoffs, I was curious to see if Joe Abercrombie could tell a story set in another world Turns out he can.
While Half a King is marketed as Young Adult or Adults That Don t Enjoy Reading About Sex and or Violence as Much as I Do, as I think of it these days , it s pretty grim at times Yavri s life isn t easy and at no point did I feel like Yavri was working with a net, unlike a lot of YA protagonists The story is low magic fantasy, possibly in our own world s far future Descriptions are vague but I thought I caught references to radiation poisoning and concrete.
Half a King is a c Just so no one thinks I d review a book I hadn t read, yes, I got to read it already as an Advanced Reading Copy I ve enjoyed Abercrombie s books before but this one had an exceptionally tight focus on the protagonist that I really liked And the story does not compromise anywhere It s a coming of age story but that trite description does it no justice No spoilers here, just a whole hearted recommendation.
Opportunities to blurb one s nemesis are rare indeed Having been published in ye olde aught 7, Joe Abercrombie is the elder in our Sith padawan duo, whilst I have only been in print since late, late 2008 Our careers have followed similar trajectories each of us receiving early and effusive critical praise oh wait, that was him , each of us selling millions of books him millions or a ebullient publicist , each of us winning the David Gemmell Legend Award oh wait, that was me , each of us being dubbed George R R Martin s heir apparent oh wait, that was neither of us I taught swing dancing in college Joe does a wicked hip hop folk dance locomotion twist Macarena fusion that you wouldn t believe As you can see, the similarities are eerie.
When I opened the package containing Joe s book not addressed to me , I rubbed my hands together I cackled I There were four parts in this epic fantasy story The first held little interesting scenes and turned out to be quite banal for nothing surprising happened We were introduced to the main character and his family, which was good, but, really, other than that it was the basic king died needs replacement hero becomes king marriage betrayal and everything felt really flatly executed The second part though was different and original In each part, actually, we met new characters There were in fact many of them However, when I looked up the definition of the epic fantasy genre, I read info about there being normally a wide cast of characters so perhaps it will not surprise readers of the genre The third part was sadly very slow and, sincerely, repetitive Or it could be that it felt that way to me because noth I m a big fan of Abercrombie stark gritty fantasy books for grown ups His fiction pulls no punches and takes no prisoners unless those prisoners are later tortured and executed So I was curious to see how he would approach the world of young adult fiction in Half a King The answer brilliantly Abercrombie creates a fantasy world that is somewhat neo Viking, set around the Shattered Sea the Baltic and North Atlantic ages after the elves 21st Century man shattered god Blew everything up and disappeared Our protagonist, Yarvi the youngest son of the king of Gettland, was born with a deformed hand in a world that values only able bodied warriors He is prepared to spend his life in the Ministry, as a sort of

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99 by Rabid ReadsIt s not a secret that YA fantasy is second to only UF on my preferred genres list It s also not a secret that YA fantasy has been falling flat for me recently With the exception of Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas, the last 6 or 8 YA fantasies I ve read have been disappointing at best, DNFs at worst.
It was getting to the point that I was doubting myself, thinking that I was in some kind of genre specific book funk, and maybe I was being overly critical of all these books that everyone else seemed to love.
BUT then came Half a King by Joe Abercrombie.
Yes, then came Half a King by Joe Abercrombie, my first Abercrombie, incidentally, but definitely not my last, and faith in both myself and the genre was restored Oh, I m There I was, peacefully reading a decent, interesting YA fantasy, a sort of Viking flavored coming of age story about the adventures of a physically weak, studious 15 year old prince with a crippled hand Prince Yarvi briefly reigns over the kingdom of Gettland when his father and brother die, but he s betrayed and abruptly descends from the throne to abject slavery Yarvi, determined to regain the throne and take revenge on those who betrayed him, has to overcome various obstacles and people blocking his path, convince others to join him in his quest, and make his way across some killer terrain back to his kingdom.
So far, so good It was a pretty interesting read it felt a little bit like some other books I ve read, but I wasn t throwi From the many cages ranked around the walls they looked down on him now, the doves, and one great bronze feathered eagle which must have brought a message from the High King in Skekenhouse The one person in the lands around the Shattered Sea who had the right to make requests of Yarvi now Yet here he sat against the dropping speckled wall, picking at the nail on his shriveled hand, buried beneath a howe of demands he could never fulfillAs someone who has stepped out of her YA comfort zone, I can finally, and proudly, say that I have finally read a fantasy book that was epic High Dark LowIt s really hard for me to review this The book was not confusing in any way, I enjoyed reading it all, but it s something I don t usually read In fact, this is considered adult fantasy which is something I don t really read Actually, never ha Once, after his father had hit him in a rage, Yarvi s mother had found him crying The fool strikes, she had said The wise man smiles, and watches, and learns Then strikes.
Half a King is the kind of book that creeps up on you gradually, painting a picture of kingdoms and slavery and backstabbing until you think this is basically another fantasy set in the comfort zone of the genre, and then it hits you hard when you least expect it I kid you not, there were three huge twists in this book and I remained completely oblivious to all of them until they were upon me It is the first twist a few chapters in that sucks you into this story and I found myself unable to stop reading from then on.
I m really picky when it comes to traditional fantasy as opposed to urban fantasy or fairytale retellings because I find it falls i Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN For All Editions See HereBetrayed By His Family And Left For Dead, Prince Yarvi, Reluctant Heir To A Divided Kingdom, Has Vowed To Reclaim A Throne He Never Wanted But First He Must Survive Cruelty, Chains And The Bitter Waters Of The Shattered Sea Itself All With Only One Good Hand Born A Weakling In The Eyes Of A Hard, Cold World, He Cannot Grip A Shield Or Swing An Axe, So Has Sharpened His Mind To A Deadly Edge Gathering A Strange Fellowship Of The Outcast, He Finds They Can Help Him Than Any Noble Could Even So, Yarvi S Path May End As It Began In Twists, Traps And Tragedy

Joe Abercrombie was educated at Lancaster Royal Grammar School and Manchester University, where he studied psychology He moved into television production before taking up a career as a freelance film editor During a break between jobs he began writing The Blade Itself in 2002, completing it in 2004 It was published by Gollancz in 2006 and was followed by two other books in The First Law Trilogy