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[ Read Online This Connection of Everyone with Lungs: Poems (New California Poetry) ¼ polyamorous PDF ] by Juliana Spahr ô Part Planetary Love Poem, Part News Flash, The Hypnotic Poems Of This Connection Of Everyone With Lungs Wrap With Equal, Angular Grace Around Lovers And Battleships These Poems Hear The Tracer Fire In A Bird S Song And Capture Cell Division And Troop Deployments In The Same Expansive Thought They Move Through Concentric Levels Of Association And Embrace From The Space Between The Hands To The Mesosphere And Back Again Touching Everything In Between The Book S Focus Shifts Between Local And Global, Public And Private, Individual And Social Everything Gets In Through All Five Senses, Through Windows, Between Your Sheets, Under Your Skin The news refreshes every few minutes on the computer screen and on the television screen The stories move from front to back and then off the page and then perhaps forward again in a motion that I can t predict but I suspect is not telling the necessary truths.
I can t predict our time together either Or why we like each other like we do.
I have no idea when our bodies will feel very good to one of us or to all of us together or to none of us.
The drive to press against one another that is there at moments and then gone at others.
The drive to press up against others in the same way read this in one hour on my laptop collecting screenshots of every passage 26 that left me in awe of Spahr s incomparable writing I truly have never read anything like this The way she captivates this great feeling of powerlessness which is a result from over our hea Juliana Spahr, This Connection of Everyone with Lungs University of California Press, 2005 There are a handful of books I defenestrate each year Since June of 2007, thirty six books have been forcefully ejected from the window in total Usually they re either awfully written fiction or dry, ponderous, textbook like nonfiction It is very, very rare that I do it with poetry The exception are those hideous verse novel s that are taking hold of kidlit these days, not a single one of which I ve tried to read has even a passing knowledge of poetry But every once in a while I come across a book of poetry so outright horrendous that I simply can t bring myself to read oneword of it, no matter how little I have left And to narrow this field further, in almost every case I have sent such books flying, they ve been self or vanity published colle

When I read this book I thought, poetry matters It is a long poem written just after 9 11, which takes on the tragedy and politics surrounding that event with a lyrical elegance and an experimental sense of language that work simultaneously to capture our closeness our collective consciousness and the sense of distance we feel from media and overwhelming world events I am looking forward to readingof Spahr who seems to know just how to blend the accessible with the edgy to achieve a poetry that is both contemporary and human.
I was a bit dubious about this book when I started out Partly because of some of the bad reviews here, partly because, flipping through the pages, I kept stumbling on lines that didn t seem very good on their own But the book as a whole blew me away It s incredibly brave in the way it takes up enormous, very contemporary but also very ancient, issues, and tries to deal with them immediately and directly So the five star rating is due a little bit to what the book is trying to do, its aspiration to speak about something real, primarily war, and something that s very very hard to write about But it s also due to the book itself Again, reading the whole thing, as opposed to individual lines, was mesmerizing and moving to me I felt drawn in by the speaker s voice and honesty and courage and her effort to se

Juliana Spahr born 1969 is an American poet, critic, and editor She is the recipient of the 2009 Hardison Poetry Prize awarded by the Folger Shakespeare Library to honor a U.S poet whose art and teaching demonstrate great imagination and daring.Both Spahr s critical and scholarly studies, i.e., Everybody s Autonomy Connective Reading and Collective Identity 2001 , and her poetry have shown S