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Download Epub Format ¼ The Noblemans Daughter PDF by ✓ Jen Geigle Johnson 4.
5 stars The Nobleman s Daughter is an amazing Regency romance It was far from what I expected When I think of the Regency period, of course, I picture the balls, banter, and the ton gathering for the season I do not picture the impoverished people who were dependent upon the gentry for their living This book gave me a clearer picture of the time period.
This book has romance, political intrigue, suspense, and a very bad man who makes many people s lives miserable All of the elements combined gave me a book to read that captivated me, taught me, and made me want to know.
The characters are well written and developed I enjoyed my time spent with them Source I received a complimentary copy from the publisher for review All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own With intrigue and mystery from the first sentence of the story, The Nobleman s Daughter by Jen Geigle Johnson immediate springs to life off the pages Johnson has a way of writing that will instantly capture the attention of readers so they will not want to put down this somewhat intense, exciting, and somewhat suspenseful story And to tie into the mix of the action, there is even a bit of romance Readers will become invested in the characters and will want to know what will happen next This is exciting and fast paced historical romance novel is one that readers will not want to put down Genre historical, regency, romancePublisher Covenant CommunicationsPublication date November 1, 2017Number of pages 272A review copy of this book was provided by Covenant Communications A review was not required and all views and

This is Ms Johnson s first published work and she has set the bar high for herself I have no doubts she will meet it novel after novel Ah, Regency romance Sigh Mixed with the cause for freedom for the unheard, unseen masses Add in a hero and heroine who see the need for change in the world, and a horror bent on the destruction of the aristocracy, targeting Lady Amanda specifically, and you have a recipe for a page turning, don t want to put it down novel Without being lengthy, the descriptions land you in London and transport you seamlessly between high brow and low class citizens as they sidle along without touching on England s famous streets The characters are well formed, with conscience, and on Lady Amanda s part a naivety that often lands her unwittingly in the damsel in distress plight Thank goodness Lord Nathaniel and Charlie always seem to be on hand to help delive This is such a fun and sweet read, even set on the bloody heels of change in England The ending really ramps up, make sure you have a tissue read to 20% and CNF Not a good fit for me, unfortunately.
As the daughter of a duke, Lady Amanda has been born to all the privileges of the upper class But when she learns about the impoverished state of many of her fellow countrymen, she feels compassion for them and is moved to action She secretly draws cartoons and publishes them under the name The Sparrow As the son of a duke, Nathaniel must keep his work for the reformation a secret He plays the part of a rake perfectly, even though his true character is the exact opposite.
We go back and forth between Amanda s point of view and Nathaniel s point of view so we know about their secret lives the entire time even though they are not aware of each other s involvement in the reformation We also get to see inside the villain s head a few times and see how crazy he really is.
Content CleanSource Review Copy opinion is 100% my own Wow For anyone who loves regency period novels AND historical fiction then this is a MUST read I give you fair warning that as this story is based on actual historical events and of course the author has poetic license this story will likely make anyone who has a heart cry I rarely cry in movies have only done so for a handful of books but this one has made the list I loved the characters for this novel Although initially I wasn t so sure I would get on with them, I grew to truly love all the lead characters to detest the villains The historical aspects I found fascinating, so much so that I decided to research the topic further myself I found that, poetical license aside to help us empathise and engage with the story, I am impressed with the accuracy research that was put into portraying the events As I said a must read for any historical fiction regency period lovers, but I really liked this book I liked the plot, the characters, and I really liked that it was based on events that actually happened That made the whole thing even real to me.
There were parts of this one that were a bit hard, not really hard to follow or understand, but the situation or how things really would have been were a bit hard or maybe harsh The way that Charlie was treated when he was discovered with Amanda made me sad, yet I know that s how things really would have been I loved Charlie, I loved his kindness and how hard he was willing to work to try to get what he wanted I loved how he gave up everything he ever wanted in the end I loved Amanda I loved the way she was willing to work as well, even though she would have been cast out from society for some of the things she did She even put her life in danger severa While British High Society Primps And Plays, The Impoverished Citizens Of London Languish But There Are Those Fighting For The Freedom Of Common Citizens Including Two Members Of The Aristocracy Who Secretly Champion Revolution In The Drawing Rooms Of The Upper Class, Lady Amanda And Lord Nathaniel Flirt And Tease With The Best Of Them As She Pretends To Win Every Heart In London For Sport, And He, To Conquer Them But In Truth, Their Flirtation Is Merely A Facade Designed To Keep Their Clandestine Actions Hidden From The Ton And From Each Other When Nathaniel Presents Himself As A Potential Suitor, The Attraction Between The Two Is Undeniable But The Faces They Portray To The World Are Not Enough To Win Each Other S HeartsWhile Their Crusade For London S Poor Unites Them Deeply Than They Could Imagine, Amanda And Nathaniel Struggle To Trust One Another With Their True Ideals And Identities But When The Call To Action Leads Amanda Into The Path Of Danger, She Can Only Hope That Nathaniel Will See Through Her Frivolous Pretense Because Now, Only The Aid Of The Suitor She Loves Most But Trusts Least Can Save Her This book was quite charming, if a bit slow in some places Like a good historical romance, it brought forward lesser known chapters of the past Our heroine is very relatable and Nathaniel was a quite romantic as an innocent rake I wish we could have seen of the Red and charades, but the romance was unique nonetheless A must read for all historical fiction romance fans.

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