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[ Read Online Paris Syndrome ☆ hydrogeology PDF ] by Lisa Walker Ð Can Romance Only Be Found In Paris, The City Of Love Happiness Happy Glass Has Been A Loner Since Moving To Brisbane And Yet Still Dreams About Living In Paris With Her Best Friend Rosie After They Finish Year Twelve But Rosie Hasn T Been Terribly Reliable LatelyWhen Happy Wins A French Essay Competition, Her Social Life Starts Looking Up She Meets The Eccentric Professor Tanaka And Her Girl Gardener Alex Who Recruit Happy In Their Fight Against Paris Syndrome An Ailment That Afflicts Some Visitors To Paris Their Quest For A Cure Gives Happy An Excellent Excuse To Pursue A Good Looking French Tourism Intern Also Called Alex To Save Confusion She Names The Boy Alex One And The Girl Alex TwoAs Happy Pursues Her Love Of All Things French, Alex Two Introduces Happy To Her Xylophone Playing Chickens Whose Languishing Facebook Page Happy SponsorsBut Then Sex Messes Things Up When, Confusingly, Happy Ends Up Kissing Both Of The Alex S Soon Neither Of Them Is Speaking To Her And She Has Gone From Two Alex S To None This is delicious Like a Mille feuille, it s a multilayered read from the sweet custard of 17yr old Happy, lover of all things French, an irrepressibly upbeat character, to the crisp and flaky pastry of first crushes and life s harder moments Many laugh out loud moments, genuine characters, and ultimately as fulfilling as a whole slice of a Mille feuille just for yourself.
This was great Paris Syndrome is an entertaining, fun read.
Yes, Paris Syndrome is a real thing, who knew For lovers of all things French, this novel is pure delight.
This is the third book out of four given to me by a friend a high school librarian who knows her books to read over the summer holidays.
This book is set in Brisbane Australia so all the locations Roma St, South Bank, Milton, St Lucia etc were really familiar to me and I thought that would provide a sense of attachment The reality is though that for the first 1 2 to 3 4 of this book I was so disengaged I had no interest in the lead character Happy or in Alex 1 and his Appy or in the crazy Japanese professor story line or in Paris itself which is what this book is based on an irrational and blind love of all things Paris I was either going to DNF this book ha who are we kiddingme DNF a book or give it 1 2 stars But then about 3 4 of the way through the book changes and it becomes deeper and Alex 1 gets the flick and A The Paris Syndrome addressed the idea that Paris is idyllic in one s imagination, but might not meet expectations in reality It s a story of friendship and romance, and sexual curiosity A cute coming of age story with a twist at the end I really enjoyed this book The cover caught my eye so pretty.
Well, I am certainly cured of Paris Syndrome, thanks to Happy Alex Exuberant, but with a sad thread running through it.
5 StarsThe Paris Syndrome was a pleasant surprise There s something about Aussie books that just have a soft spot in my heart The writing is always extremely different than lots of the other US and UK titles I read The characters are original and quirky, and the atmosphere of the towns are well described and I always get sucked into whatever world they ve built That s why I always say Aussies have some of the best world building skills in literature, because it s totally believable and you actually feel like you re somewhere.
The Paris Syndrome was like when I had my first drink of Somersby Cider It was bitter sweet and it makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside It s homey but it really brings out the emotions The cover of Paris Syndrome by Lisa Walker totally caught my eye when the book was released earlier this year and I was stoked to finally get my hands on the book last week Paris Syndrome is a charmingly sweet read aimed at young adult audiences but given its wide appeal, three generations of female readers in most families would enjoy this delightful story.
Veronica Happiness Glass Happy moves to Brisbane in the summer before Year Twelve Happy and her mum have moved from Sydney after family breakdown and Happy dreadfully misses her best friend, Rosie Luckily, Happy s obsession with Paris sustains her during her loneliness When Happy wins The French Tourism essay competition she meets eccentric Professor Tanaka, hunky French Alex, and Brisbane gardener, Alex.
Professor Tanaka identifies Happy to be at risk of Paris Syndrome an ailment afflicting overly enthusiastic lover Thank you HaroerCollins Australia and Netgalley for an ARc of this wonderful book.
This book was just the tonic for an Australian gal looking for a light, feel good read on a flight to Paris I have a new appreciation for The YA genre, and this was the perfect mix of characters, setting and storyline for me.
Thank you for the opportunity to review this book I recommend it.