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· Miss Wiltons Waltz ✓ Download by Ë Josi S. Kilpack I know fellow book lovers will understand when I say that I fell in love with the characters of this book There s something about watching a character who is good and loving, who sacrifices for the good of her family, who doesn t complain or argue, finally find her voice and do something that she loves and wants Miss Lenora Wilton is finally reaching out for her happiness She s happy for her family and loves them dearly but she s had sorrow and heartache and wants to set that aside for joy and peace I loved Lenora, from the beginning to the end of this novel I ached for her I cheered for her I giggled at moments for her I sighed happily for her I even wished at moments that I could fix all the problems for her Of course I couldn t, all I could do was sit back and read, allowing her story to progress and Lenora to experience her life.
Miss Wilt I read The Vicar s Daughter earlier this year and was so excited when I found out that Josi Kilpack had written Lenora s story NOTE You don t have to read The Vicar s Daughter her sister Cassie s story before reading Miss Wilton s Waltz to understand what s going on, but it will give you a greater understanding of Lenora.
Lenora is extremely shy in large groups of people, even around people she knows, but moving to Bath to live with her Aunt Gwen has made her deal with her shyness because Aunt Gwen doesn t coddle to her fears, or allow her to hide behind her love of the pianoforte like her parents did In Bath she s seen as her own person, not the Vicar s shy and awkward daughter Lenora has come into her own, and is comfortable with the life she s made for herself as a respected music teacher at Mrs Henry s all girls boarding schoo I love when I can empathize with the struggles of the main character Lenora s shyness and social awkwardness is something I experienced outside my family and close friends all the way through high school Lenora s move to embrace a new life allows her to become confident and I felt that going to college and leaving behind the role I felt trapped in opened up a refreshing sense of freedom to be happy with myself and all the opportunities before me I admired Lenora s fortitude with the daunting situations and people she had to deal with Catherine is not the typical orphan from stories like these instead of being filled with gratitude, she is manipulative, cruel, and uncaring I felt like it was a realistic portrayal of an abused child and it was gratifying to see her layers peeled back as

I really enjoyed Josi s book The Vicar s Daughter Yet it did leave me feeling sad for Lenora In Miss Wilton s Waltz, we get to see Lenora claim her happily ever after While it is not necessary to read The Vicar s Daughter I felt having done so enhanced my appreciation for this book because I knew all the backstory and already had a love for these characters.
While we ultimately get a happily ever after it is not an easy road and there are roadblocks that make that HEA feel impossible I love that this book s characters were flawed and had struggles that felt real A wonderful addition to the Shadow Mountains Proper Romance line Loved this book so much It made me feel like I was really there with them in their time and as though I was a fly on the wall watching them waltz and I even felt like I could hear the music played sometimes I appreciated the ways they learned how to deal with difficulties and misunderstandings throughout the book and the solutions they found to help Aiden s niece be able to learn the best way for her.
I have a greater appreciation for Lenore, having seen what she went through in The Vicar s Daughter You don t have to read that one first, necessarily, but it really helped me to know Lenore s background and I admire and love her so much Lenore hasn t had an easy road in life, yet she s making the best of her situation Her temperament and personality really resonated with me, especially as she s deeper than she seems Throw in Aiden and I was in heaven There s something to be said about good, solid, decent characters, striving to create the best for themselves and their loved ones The first meeting was intense and hilarious, at the same time, if that even makes sense Throughout this tough and gradual journey, I grew to immensely adore these characters, even the unlovable ones Josi Kilpack has a way of taking uncommon traits and unspoken conditio Here is Lenora She played a vital role in The Vicar s Daughter as her intended fell in love with her sister Yeah, Lenora was jilted, embarrassed but not exactly heartbroken All the same, she moved to Bath to live with her aunt and start as a teacher in an all girl s school.
I loved getting to know Lenora I loved watching Lenora get to know herself Josi Kilpack has a way of writing characters that are so interesting They unfold gently, layered and vulnerable It s so easy to like them, to root for them It s also easy to be frustrated with them I love when all my emotions get involved in a book Characters are what make or break a book for me so when I emotionally connect to the characters, I am a happy, happy girl A A Follow Up To Josi S Kilpack S Bestselling Proper Romance Title The Vicar S Daughter Lenora Wilton Has Spent Her Life Hiding Behind The Keys Of Her Beloved Pianoforte And The Vibrancy Of Her Younger Sister, Cassie But Lenora Is Ready For A Change And Travels To Bath To Live With Her Aunt Gwen And Teach Music At An All Girls Boarding School She Is Different In Bath Comfortable With Herself And Enjoys The Freedom And Independence Of Her New Life There When Lenora Meets Aiden Asher, She Finds Herself Attracted To Him, But Her Unexpected Feelings Become Complicated When She Learns That Catherine Lenora S Newest And Most Troublesome Student In The School Is Mr Asher S Niece Catherine Is A Difficult Student, And Lenora Works Hard To Make Progress With The Girl When The Chemistry Between Lenora And Aiden Increases, They Share A Passionate Kiss By The River Avon, And Lenora Feels It Is The Beginning Of A New Forever Until She Learns That Aiden Has Withheld An Important Detail About His Life That Changes Everything Lenora Closes Her Heart To Him, And Aiden, Caught Between His Obligation And His Heart, Must Do What He Can To Make Amends And Lenora, After Years Of Hiding From Everyone And Everything, Faces A Decision Only She Can Make BOOK REVIEW I read Miss Wilton s Waltz by Josi Kilpack this weekend It was so throughly enjoyable It is the follow up to The Vicar s Daughter You don t have to necessarily read The Vicar s Daughter first, but it definitely gives you insight to what Lenora is going through in Miss Wilton s Waltz Josi Kilpack did such a great job with the character development in this book Catherine, Aiden, Aunt Gwen, Lenora I felt like I knew them all so well It was wonderful to watch Lenora blossom and no longer hide in the shadows of others Aiden I crushed on him the entire book Catherine, I wanted to ring her neck a few times, along with everyone else in the book But hearing glimpses into her past was heartbreaking and made me like Aiden even If you like clean Regency romance, or even just historical fiction, I recommend both The Vicar s daughter and Miss Wilton s Waltz 5 It s no surprise to those who read my blog how much I love the Proper Romance series The books are so wonderful, and clean and always carry such a great story This installment to the Proper Romance series is not different It s amazing I love Kilpack s writing.
This is a follow up book to the Vicar s Daughter, and I was so excited to receive the book We get to see the sister rejected in the Vicar s Daughter get her chance at love If she will just let it happen.
I just want to introduced my favorite characters to you, and hopefully you will love them as much as I did Lenora in The Vicar s Daughter she drove me a little insane She was so insecure and quiet, that it bugged me Probably just because that is so opposite

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