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ã Sacred Mundane · Download by ã Kari Patterson I love the way this devotional brings Gods word and teachings into our everyday life Kari shares her personal ups and down of daily living and helps us to see God in the mundane This book truly stirred my soul and will definitely be re studied.
This is a very well structured study, loaded with scripture and discussion questions So grab a group of friends and dive in Sometimes I feel like my every day life is so far from a plan where God can work I know that s a mis apprehension on my part, but I get caught up in the routine of schoolwork, Tae Kwon Do classes, meals, artwork and housework that I often forget to look for God in my life.
I want him to transform me, so I find myself pouring money and time into new books, studies, and spiritual experiences hoping to find myself growing closer to God Sometimes, of course, that has even led me into areas that were less doctrinally sound because I had allowed myself to feel discontented with God.
However, the truth is that it is what I do each day that changes my life It s in the rhythm of every day life that God really works through what I need for my sanctification and for my desire to walk in his ways It is through her words about this that Kari Patters What If The Key To Changing Your Life And Yourself Is Already In Your Hand So Many Women Struggle With What To Do With Their Daily Lives They Feel Trapped In Everyday Drudgery And Disappointment, In Dull Domestic Duties, And In Mundane Jobs They Despise Where Is The Abundant, Purposeful Life They Were Promised Kari Patterson Shows Readers The Truth In Each Unremarkable Life Lies An Opportunity To See, Know, Love, And Be Utterly Transformed By A God Who Meets Everyone Right Where They Are Instead Of Stepping Away From Real Life To Find God, Patterson Equips Women With A Six Step Practice To Move Further In And Meet Him In The Humdrum Moments Of Everyday Existence And When A Woman S Inner Being Is Truly Changed By The Sacred, Everything In Her World Changes Too Right Down To Tackling The Dirty DishesThrough Entertaining Narrative, Candid Real Life Stories, Bible Study, And Practical Instruction, Sacred Mundane Guides Individuals Or Small Groups To Discover The Beautiful Sacredness In The Lives They Already Lead Women Who Long To Grow In God And Make A Real Difference In The World No Matter How Small Will Reach Eagerly For This Book And The Radical Transformation It Offers Our Daily Routine, With Its Mundane Tasks And Mindless Repetition, Is Ultimately An Offering Of Worship To God What A Great Truth From A Great God Ann Byle, Author Of The Making Of A Christian Bestseller And Coauthor Of Devotions For The Soul Surfer I like this book I like the message and I like Patterson s writing style I like how she has invited readers along on her own journey of growth I can tell she shares her heart when she writes.
We might think that we need to go to a special seminar or retreat to see spiritual transformation happen Patterson shows us that transformation happens in the ordinary stuff of life, the Sacred Mundane She reminds us that our success with transformation starts with belief, not behavior We compare our thoughts and emotions to Scripture Her explanation of the difference between reading the word and receiving it was enlightening.
Patterson writes, The mundane is where ministry happens, where worship happens, where transformation happens 91 I really liked her This was a wonderful and informative book that had a lot of wisdom I have been feeling like I m stuck in a rut and thought this book might have some good ideas First of all, she said we need to decide who Jesus is Is He our Savior, a crazy person or a liar Then if we decide He s our Savior, we need to invite him in to our mundane She also said our sole occupation in life is to please God I love all of the personal examples she used, like when she said she wanted to please God but felt like her life was one boring thing after another That s when she noticed a verse talking about a sacrifice of praise and how if we offer everything to God in order to draw near to Him, He can use that beyond our wildest imagination She points out the importance of reading the Bible consistently because that helps us see the world clearly There Note This book was provided free of charge by Kregel Book Tours All thoughts and opinions are my own To a large degree, I am not part of the intended audience of this book This short volume of about two hundred pages falls under the type of books written by women, about women, and for women At best, I am only a generally sympathetic outsider to such concerns myself It can be said that this book is written by a Christian feminist, and a large amount of its point is that the author wishes to give a certain dignity to the ordinary and secular activities many women are involved in because when these activities are not given dignity, then we outsource these tasks to domestic workers who are not generally treated with a great deal of dignity 1 The point of the book, therefore, com I so appreciated this book and its fidelity to the ways of God It guides the reader through biblical truths with fresh insight and encourages distracted hearts to place their eyes back on the One who makes every moment matter Taking the time to read through this book helped increase the value of the moments that followed, because I began paying attention to what can be hidden in them The author s builds her thesis on a piece of scripture I have not seen someone base a book off of before, and I will not forget the new truths I have gleaned from it.

In a world where the gospel is being warped to fit our own desires and opinions, Kari brings us back to the heart of God s word That s the best part about this book for me We have a lot of book clutter in our lives with self help Christian books To me Sacred Mundane is not clutter, but clarity She speaks about the secular and spiritual divide, and how that doesn t exist as Christ followers Our entire lives are Sacred spiritual.
Sometimes I pick up books and I expect to gain certain things from them Sometimes they meet those expectations and sometimes they do not When they do not, it is usually a disappointment However, occasionally, a few books exceed those expectations Just not in the ways I originally thought it would Sacred Mundane was one of those books for me As a stay at home wife, sometimes, despite what my husband says, I do not always feel like I am doing a great job Or I am bogged down in the repetitions of daily life This book appealed to that part of me The back cover offered a view that would show me how through all of those tasks, I can still glorify God The book did that However, I also found it to be a book that dives deeper into what it means to serve God This book is one that is written to any woman of God, no matter where you are in Previously posted on The Young Girl Who Loved booksDo you ever feel like you do the same thing every day Does life ever feel mundane to you Do you feel like you just are in going in an endless circle Do you ever doubt God s plan in your life Maybe what your ultimate purpose in this life is This book is such a blessing for anyone who has had those thoughts I sometimes feel like my routine is boring, or that I am simply not doing enough This book taught me to meet God in the humdrum, ordinary moments of every day.
To be honest everyday life can become oh so very boring Taking care of your family, working, going to school, or even housekeeping can become daunting and seem so overwhelming Due to how time consuming cleaning is, you can get depressed and let things slide We all fall into these traps and loops of existence I feel think

Kari Patterson reaches thousands of women worldwide through speaking events and her popular blog Sacred Mundane She s a pastor s wife, homeschool mom, Bible teacher, mentor, and passionate seeker of truth At Patterson s request, all royalties from the sale of this book will benefit World Vision s work with women and children in need Visit her online at