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[ Pdf For Love or Honor (The Jonquil Brothers #5) Å disability PDF ] by Sarah M. Eden ☆ I believe that love takes on all kinds of shapes and forms Love can be desperate Love can be gentle and sweet Love can be sparking and fiery Love can be patient and enduring The very best word I can come up with for the love in this book is yearning I felt it so strongly throughout A strong, yearning love.
Marjie yearns for love from Stanley and she also yearns for love and validation from her sister, Sorrel Marjie is sweetness personified She has a gentle soul full of desire to please and care for people Marjie is hopelessly in love with Stanley and wants nothing than to be loved by him in return Her love yearns for his.
Stanley also yearns for love but doesn t believe himself to be worthy of that love not from his family and definitely not from Marji Stanley is broken physically, em This is the 6th story of the Jonquil brothers and it was dang good You can tell that a lot of time and research went into this book It was deeper and meaningful then the others have been It made me ache for this fictional family and so much was left up in the air with some of the other happenings with the brothers This is then just the story of Marjie and Stanley this one brought in of Sorrel and Philip This is becoming of a family saga instead of just individual light fluffy romances and I am loving the change This had some serious themes but I would give it to my teen to read Very clean with some good tension.
War is hard and there s not a lot that s glorious about it When Stanley comes home wounded and emotionally broken, he refuses to tell his family exactly how broken he isphysically and mentally I found it interesting that he takes on the role of a martyr, in a way He doesn t believe that he deserves to be happy or to find love he doesn t feel perfect enough to have the woman of his dreams, yet he doesn t want to give her up he doesn t think he can ever be whole But the whole message of this book proves his beliefs to be wrong And I loved that bit of hope that shines through in this sad tale.
Marjie has been in love with Stanley forever, but she doesn t want to force him to return her feelings She is one determined woman and I love how fiercely she fights to help him, even when she s pushed away countless times I can always count on Eden to deliver a well written story, full of e

This is one of my all time favorite books now I sobbed through the last half and couldn t write a review for awhile because I would start up with the tears again I read this book in one sitting and I stayed up till 3 am reading it straight through If I could I would give it 10 stars I don t even know if I can give this book a review it deserves Marji is just one of those people who just makes the world shine She is caring and helpful She fusses over everyone and it terribly bothers her disabled sister Her sister was in an accident and has had broken bones and hip issues and is in constant pain But her sister doesn t want to be fussed over Marji is also deeply in love with Stanley Jonquil She writes him while he is away at war And although she has not received one letter from him, she has faithfully written him every week anyway He 4.
5 starsThe toll of war is harsh Death and destruction happen to the body and mind Stanley Jonquil is one of the many soldiers who suffer after the battle is over.
I love reading Sarah M Eden s regency books She brings the book, characters, and setting to life for me I can picture them in my head, hear their voices, and understand their circumstances She has a way of drawing me in and empathizing with them In this book the realities of a broken soldier suffering from PTSD became real for me Stanley would rather push all that he loves away from him than have them realize how much he has and continues to suffer The one that he longs for, Marjie, is the one he pushes away the hardest.
I love the theme of the book Love is not perfec Oh how I love Sarah Eden s characters and stories and families This is another Jonquil brother story and I loved it Stanley and Marjiehappy sigh I will admit that I shed a few tears while reading this one It was hard not to It s not all fluff and lighthearted and dancing in the roses This story is about waiting and hurting and pain and healing and family and love I loved the ending, I loved the beginning, I loved it all I can t pinpoint a favorite moment between these two characters Again, not all of their scenes are sweet, some are painful and awkward and causes problems, but could be considered cathartic in a sense.
Marjie is just so good and sweet, compassionate and caring for everyone When you read about her childhood, there s an understanding as to why she is the way she is Her life hasn t been easy, but o Stanley is a soldier.
When he returns home at his superior s request he knows it is only temporary That there is no way out Not one in which he can maintain his honor He did not take an oath to join Her Majesty s forces for only the length of a single campaign He is not like others of the aristocracy who see no shame in selling their commissions He will fight as long as he is needed.
And he cannot escape being needed Even though Waterloo cost him his leg And the burn he suffered at Orthez has rendered him unable to write And his voluntary enlistment in the forlorn hope for the same battle was essentially to volunteer for a suicide mission.
There is no way out No permanent path home.
Though the young woman waiting when he arrives there has been waiting loyally And writing She has written him every week, and Stanley valued nothing than her letters But with n From The Moment They Met, Marjie S Heart Has Belonged To Handsome Captain Stanley Jonquil, Younger Brother Of The Earl Of Lampton But Six Long Months Ago, When Stanley S Sense Of Honor Required That He Do As He Had Sworn And Return To The Continent To Fight In Defense Of King And Country, Neither Stanley Nor Marjie Could Have Dreamed What The Cost Of His Service Would Be It Has Been Ages Since Stanley Last Wrote, And Marjie And The Jonquil Family Are Plagued By His Unknown Fate Until The Day He Unexpectedly Reappears Marjie S Joy, However, Is Quickly Shadowed By Confusion The Aloof, Battle Worn Soldier Before Her Is Not The Man He Once Was In The Wake Of Stanley S Blatant Disinterest In Renewing Their Acquaintance, Marjie S Devastation Turns To Determination As She Vows To Help Him Find Peace But His Scars Run Far Deeper Than Anyone Realizes Despite His Feelings For Her, Stanley Believes Marjie Deserves A Man Whose Hands Are Not Stained With The Violence Of Battlefields And Whose Mind And Heart Are Not Haunted By The Horrors He Has Seen Honor Requires Stanley To Return Once To The Life He Has Grown To Despise, One He Knows Will Destroy Him In The End, Even As His Heart Beckons Him To Stay With Marjie, The Only Woman He Could Ever Love, And The Promise, At Last, Of Redemption Poignant, and at times, heart breaking, but absolutely beautiful and filled with hope and moments of light Even though the two characters were already in love before the book began, they had a long journey ahead of them and their romantic attachment grew along the way They were both likeable and I rooted to them all the way through to their sweet, happily ever after.
For Love or Honor is another masterpiece by Sarah Eden Sarah is one of my favorite authors I can always count on a well developed, lovely story from her Her writing is perfect This book is heartbreakingly beautiful I ached for Stanley and his hardships He is so brave, but needed to learn to forgive himself for the battlefield Accepting his wounds was his toughest battle I loved Marjie, she had her own hardships to overcome as well, but I loved how strong she was Pluck was a delight He brought humor and help wherever he was There is a great scene with Pluck and Marjie, that is very touching Sorrel had her struggles, but I admire her character and the amazing women she is Phillip was wonderfully Phillip I love all the

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