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Loved the story and the characters I love shifter type books, and love to read new thoughts on shifter worlds from authors I have read a couple of books from the author and find myself liking their books and Will have to move the author to one of my favorite spots and stalk their book shelves often I thought the story was well written and the characters well developed The two main characters had chemistry even if they argued with each other The story had me smiling or laughing at times at the characters in certain spots Made for a nice rounded read.
Thank you for letting me read your book Hope to read.
When Dominique and her archeology team find a dragon egg they don t realize how important the egg truly is She has been here for 3 years and is waiting to find out what information she can find out from this particular find Virdi is a dragon that keeps coming back to the site of the dig and gets on Dominiuqe s nerves She doesn t understand why he keeps coming back until one day he wants to see the egg When Claire tells Dominique it s okay since she is the one funding the dig, all hell breaks loose The egg that they found just happens to be carrying The Emporor to who some want dead and some want to live to change the world of dragons What will happen to the egg when other dragons come to the site Will they get away with the egg Will Dominique let Virdi help her There s a lot goi I M Not Pregnant, Am I How Is This Possible I M Still A Virgin Curvy Archaeologist Dominique Can T Believe Her Luck She Just Uncovered An Ancient Dragon Egg But She S Not The Only One With Her Eyes On The Prize All Of The Dragon Clans Of The Area Want To Stake Their Claim Especially That Hot Ass, Annoying Virdi Who Sticks To Her Side Like Glue Unfortunately, If She Wants To Stay Safe, She Needs Virdi S Help Emperor Of The World That S What Virdi Is Determined For, And He Doesn T Care What He Has To Do To See It Happen Luring Women Out Into The Forest Is Just One Occupation On His Mind But Now, Dominique With Her Luscious Body And The Egg Maybe He Can Have Both, Pleasure And Power At The Same Time But The Risk Is Growing The Dragons Are After The Egg And Dominique, To Fulfill A Prophecy The World Hasn T Seen For Centuries No Matter What The Costs Virdi Has To Risk It All To Keep Dominique And That Little Secret Growing In Her Belly Safe Will They Make It, Or Will It All Break Apart Find Out AUTHOR S NOTE This Is A , Word Stand Alone Paranormal Romance Story With HEA, So No Cliff Hangers This Story Includes BBW, Alpha Male, Virgin, And Dragon Shifter Topics Story Contains Mature Themes And Language, And Is Intended For Readers Only This Book Includes Bonus Stories Es gibt eine lustige Geschichte, wie ich dazu gekommen bin, dass ich dieses Buch gelesen habe Auf Instagram bin ich in einer Gruppe mit dem Namen BBC bad book club Wir haben uns den Spa gemacht und uns Literatur gesucht, die so schr g und teilweise auch echt schlecht ist, dass man sich fragt, warum man eigentlich so ein Buch auf den Markt bringt Ich hoffe ihr habt jetzt kein falsches Bild von mir, aber das war einfach mal eine lustige Aktion und durch die Rezensionen zu diesem Buch, die teilweise ja wirklich sehr schlecht waren, wurde Das geheime Baby des Drachen auf unsere Liste gesetzt und stand zum monatlichen Lesetermin an Der Klappentext war nicht gerade hilfreich zu erkennen, dass es sich bei diesem Buch gar nicht um Schund handelt, sondern das hier eine eigentlich echt interessante Geschichte dahintersteckt Deshalb finde ich es schade, dass der Klappentext diesem Buch doch sehr Dominique was on an archeology dig when they found a mysterious dragon egg She is sure that this is her ticket to fame and fortune until a local dragon shifter Virdi demands to see the egg When he sees the egg, he tries to steal it and angers Dominique Then other dragons arrive and start fighting Dominique starts running until she is captured by Virdi Virdi protects her but his behavior is very confusing She can t decide if she can trust him Virdi explains that the egg she found is the egg of the new emperor who unite the dragon kingdoms He wants tohe fame and power of restoring the egg to the dragon people This story has a lot of twists and turns and surprises It is a fast read with lots of action.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book When archeologist Dominique find a rare egg, she is overjoyed Little does she realise it is an Emperor egg that will solve a lot of problems Dragon Virdi is one smooth, sexy , hot guy but why does he keep showing up at the site If only she knew what this egg means to him she would run away now.
This story is filled with so much action, at times I forgot to breathe Secrets, drama, dragon fights which are better than watching an action movie, just everything in this story is sooooo good Loved it all Finding out who Dominique s mate is, Virdi s mother and what she is up to and oh dear, I could go on forever If you can call a story exciting, well it is Fantastic read, loved it.
Dominique fullfilled her childhood dream of becoming an archeologist As she was digging, she and her friends came across an egg larger than an ostrich egg with an invisible symbol that was emblazoned in gold at the top, similar to a Chinese character.
When Virdi noticed a tattoo on Dominique s chest, he explained that the egg had bonded with her and therefore she was now the Mother of the Emperor Virdi and Dominique go on an dangerous journey trying to get to the Temple for the sake of the emperor egg and finding her true mate, The Father of the Emperor.
I loved Dominique s banter with her thoughts I would recommend this amazing book full of magical dragon shifters, family betrayal, traitors and love I m volunteering and honest review for an advanced readers copy.

Virdi has been put down for most of his life and is deternined to change that situation Dominique has always wanted to know about her father s heritage, but never expected to discover something essential to Dragon Kind Attraction blooms, but can Dominique trust that Virdi is really in it for her Will Virdi realize that there is going on than what he thought Good read Definitely couldn t blame Dominique s reaction when everything started going down Virdi proved himself really quickly that maybe it was than just about the artifact Definitely recommend to dragon shifter lovers DNFNot even worth the words and time it would take for me to tell you why.
I received an ARC and choose to review Fast paced, action packed romance This book will keep you on your toes with the lore and the action There s so much in it to keep you turning the pages I like the premise of this as it s different to other shifter or Shifter baby books i ve read There s a love hate relationship, a kidnapping and action a plenty Romance is expertly woven into the story Great read.

Jasmine Wylder is a Real Estate Agent by day and an emerging Paranormal Romance Author Adventurer by night Hailing from California, her passion for sultry stories, steamy scenes, and all things romance began early on and it has stayed with her ever since.When she isn t creating captivating storylines, Jasmine loves spending time in the great outdoors, practicing yoga, painting, and treating