Trailer é The Hedgehog Boy PDF by Ó Jane Langton

Trailer é The Hedgehog Boy PDF by Ó Jane Langton This is just an average fairytale re telling, but compared to Hans my Hedgehog it is a shining beacon of light A Long Time Ago, When Pretzels Still Fell From The Sky Like Rain, The Forest Mother Gave An Old Childless Couple A Special Basket Inside, The Farmer And His Wife Were Surprised To Find A Baby Covered With Sharp Prickles, Like A Hedgehog But The Lonely Couple Didn T Mind The Strange Prickles They Loved The Child As Their OwnThe Hedgehog Baby Grows Into A Hedgehog Boy Tending His Father S Pigs Alone In The Great Forest Until, One Night, He Saves The Life Of A Beautiful Princess On A Runaway HorseFrom That Moment On, The Hedgehog Boy Can Think Only Of The Princess But His Love For Her Is Without Hope Until He Meets Her Father, The King And Suddenly He Knows What He Must DoJane Langton S Lyrical Retelling Of This Ancient Latvian Folktale Is Illuminated By Ilse Plume S Illustrations That Capture The Magic Of A Time Long, Long Ago From The Inside Cover Latvia F This folktale from Latvia tells the magical story of a boy found by an old farming couple and how his character traits outweigh his unusual looks.
A lovely story about a childless couple who find a baby with prickly hair who grows up to marry a princess The illustrations are very detailed and fit the story well I enjoyed the brief introduction to Latvia that was included, as well as the translated song.

This book has drained my voice this week It s probably a little too long for a read aloud, but I love the story, so I gave it a shot I m relieved it s over, but I m also glad that the kids got to hear it It pairs perfectly with a Selkie story.
Second grade.
The tale of a clever boy with the prickles of a hedgehog He weds a young princess who burns his spiny coat, causing him to become a lovely young man.
An enjoyable story with wonderful pictures A traditional Latvian folksong is included.

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