ò Blood and Tempest á Download by ☆ Jon Skovron

ò Blood and Tempest á Download by ☆ Jon Skovron The Thrilling Conclusion To Jon Skovron S Adventure Fantasy Series, Two Young People From A Fracturing Empire Spread Across Savage Seas Must Find A Way To Keep Their Nation Together Still Reeling From The Events At Dawn S Light, Hope Struggles To Understand What It Means To Be A Warrior Who Has Vowed To Never Again Take Up A SwordRed Is Enjoying His New Role As Imperial Spy Perhaps A Bit Too Much But His Loyalties Will Be Tested When His Employer, Lady Hempist, Relents And Assigns Him The One Task He S Been Begging For All Along Recruiting Hope And Brigga Lin To Help Rid The Empire Of Biomancery Once And For AllFate Brought Them Together It Will Tear Their Empire ApartThe Empire Of Storms Hope And RedBane And ShadowBlood and Tempest 3,5 3.
75 stars I want to give a solid 4 but not completely up there Still rounding up though, because I don t want to give a 3 starGood ending to the trilogy Okay I m gonna try to be crystal here While the trilogy was indeed a good fun ride, it did often feel like stuff needed to be developed, gone deeper into All of them could have done well with a little pages Especially book 2 and 3 Some stuff just happened so fast and quickly moved on to the next thing Also for some reason, which I noticed in this book, was that travels by sea which should have taken the characters days , ended up taking only hours Also what happened with Red s glasses At some point people Hope mentioned his eyes but stopped mentioning his glasses, even though he needs them at daytime and no one can properly see his eye through them A few threads were kept loose as well view spoiler My biggest issue was that Book 1 5 Book 2 5 Book 3 4.
5 Satisfying ending to a great series Although this book was thoroughly enjoyable the story wasn t quite as good as the first two books The characters and world are so good it made up for it I do hope he continues the story in another trilogy with the same characters Lady Merivale in particular I d love to see of There were a number of very strong female characters in this series but I just loved her sassy clandestine scheming To enjoy this series you cannot be put off by a big of dock lang like cock spittle and such I wouldn t describe this series as Grimdark It s definitely gritty with aristocratic society clashing with wrong side of the track element in a steampunk setting If you like character driven series, pirates, steampunk, ninjas, strong female characters, gritty wrong side of the track action, an el

A great ending for an even greater trilogy.
Hope has left the Pirate Bane days behind her She s now back in Bleak Hope where everything started, trying to find a semblance of inner piece Hope s former crew is scattered across the Empire Brigga Lin and Jilly are part of another pirate crew, Alash is secluded in an island, and none knows what happened to the rest Finally, Red has get rid of the Biomancers control and now enjoys his days as an employ of Lady Hempist Or at least he did, up until he discovers some new information about the Biomancers plans, which now involve their new allies, the infamous Vixen Those plans include the death of the old Emperor, as well as something that is labeled as the ultimate sacrifice And so, Red is assigned a new job He has to travel across the empire, find Hope, Brigga Lin, and the rest of the crew, assemble a team, and fi An incredibly underrated, well written political fantasy If you like your fantasy light on the romance, heavy on the characters and world building, and creative in its stance on race, colonialism, technology, and even gender roles, then pick this one up I, for one, can t wait to see what Skovron comes up with next.

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