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[Mike McCormack] ↠´ Solar Bones [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ Winner of the 2018 International Dublin Literary Award, winner of the 2016 Goldsmith Prize, and the 2017 Booker nominee, Solar Bones is a stunning and beautifully written novel.
Set in a small Irish town, Marcus Conway sits at his kitchen table on All Souls Day and reminisces about his life Thru a stream of consciousness, he reflects on every day life ranging from his work as a civil engineer to politics and the economics of earlier and present times He is a ordinary and moral man with a loving wife and two children that he remembers well Marcus thoughts go back and forth from his wife s current illness due to a county epidemic to their earlier years together He reflects emotionally on what his children were like when they were young to where they are now as adults I had already bought a copy of this book before the Booker longlist was announced, because it won the Goldsmiths Prize and was well received by reviewers whose opinions I trust The whole book is a single sentence monologue, which tells quite a conventional story of a mid life crisis but is rather interesting than that would suggest, since the topics it covers are wide ranging and universal The narrator is a middle aged engineer, who works for a local council in Mayo I was aware that there was some discussion last year about an apparent spoiler on the cover of the Irish original, which does not appear on the UK Canongate edition, view spoiler which reveals that the entire story is told by a dead man who is recalling the last few weeks of his life, hide spoiler After you get used to the writing style of this novel it s technically all one sentence, no full stops it s quite a beautiful read It s told from the perspective of one man on a single afternoon as he reflects on his life, his marriage children, his work, politics, and a lot of other big topics But it s a very human novel I admired it s ability to take philosophical views and ground them in one person s experience it became very relatable and moving I think this novel deserves a re read because the first twenty pages I was so focused on adjusting to how it s written that I don t think I gleaned everything that I was supposed to from the text, but fortunately it s not a long read and one that you can get lost in So maybe someday I will return to it again Definitely high on the list of favorites for this year s Man Booker Prize INGEGNERIA ESISTENZIALEWestport, nella contea di Mayo, dove ambientato il romanzo era un giorno per le grandi domandela vita, l universo , cazzi e mazziDuecentoquarantedue pagine senza un punto fermo, neppure alla fine, neppure all ultima, due punti, virgole, e un sapiente uso dell accapo, regalano gioia e rivoluzione, regalano quello che si usa chiamare flusso di coscienza, un unico discorso ininterrotto, una lunga singola frase, un onda sonora, un ruminare, avanzare e ritornare della memoria che tocca i punti cardinali della vita di un uomo, il pensiero e il rimescolio del protagonista, cinquantenne seduto nella cucina di casa di un due novembre, e cio il giorno in cui si commemorano i morti, che sanno commemorarsi anche da solo come qui si apprende, racconto che s avvia intorno al mezzod , con quattro ora davanti da riempir 3 much to admire but only kinda liked stars First of all a big thanks to Lee M who recommended this book to me I know he carefully considers which books to recommend to me and I am glad he did this one remember three stars is a good book to me This book has won and been nominated for a number of awards and I can understand why The book is written in an open stream of consciousness way with no periods but lots of commas It carefully delves into the inner life of a middle class middle aged Irish bloke who happens to be decent, caring and psychologically insightful about his history, his life, his family, his work and his developed intellectual and spiritual life These are all interesting and wonderful things Yet, I cannot say, that I always looked forward to reading it I can not quite put my finger on why this is I think I cr Wonderfully and intricately structured in a way that demanded my full attention this is a portrait of a man s life told in a single contemplative hour Mike McCormack tells his story in a single sentence without proper punctuations and in places bending the rules of grammar to the limit and it works absolutely beautifully This lends the prose an immediacy and a poignancy that mesmerized me This quiet novel tells of a quiet man an engineer thinking about his life and the things important to him his wife and two children but also meditating on other things, politics, finance, art, the importance of ritual, and many things The flow is disjointed, jumping between times and topics and the result is a portrait of a man that feels complete but at the same time as if there could be so much to him then even meets his inner eye.
I went into this boo Marcus Conway Has Come A Long Way To Stand In The Kitchen Of His Home And Remember The Rhythms And Routines Of His Life Considering With His Engineer S Mind How Things Are Constructed Bridges, Banking Systems, Marriages And How They May Come ApartMike McCormack Captures With Tenderness And Feeling, In Continuous, Flowing Prose, A Whole Life, Suspended In A Single Hour July 2017What a difference a year makes Since this was picked up by a UK based publishing company it became eligible for the Man Booker Prize and subsequently has made the long list for 2017 THIS IS A FANTASTIC BOOK It is a book that stays with you and haunts your soul I m firmly rooting for it to win 24th November, 2016Do you ever feel like a complete idiot and just want to rewrite an entire review That s how I m feeling about this particular review I got things so wrong I was too caught up in the whole nonsense surrounding the blurb that I let it tarnish my reading experience and subsequently my review But hindsight, HINDSIGHT I LOVE YOU So readers, read the blurb on this and immediately after that read the interview with the author that I linked in the original review but then, and here s the reeeeeally impor Exceptional, stellar writing in this little gem, but the structure makes it a bit of a chore to read Marcus Conway reflects on his life in the kitchen of his house in Mayo, Ireland on All Soul s Day His reflections are represented in a stream of consciousness, which is basically one long, lovely, and remarkable sentence Just as we do in our own reminiscing, one thing leads to another and Marcus memories progress in leaps and bounds across time and space, covering his entire life and all of his relationships This is a book you need to settle into and find the rhythm and let it carry you along It s a tough read if you are inclined as I was to put it down and pick it up later.
I can t emphasize enough the beauty and power of McCormack s writing It s almost poetry Lovely, poignant, insightful and very real I loved it but the format was challenging for me Defi

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