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Trailer À The Eighth Scroll PDF by Ö Laurence B. Brown Source Received from Jeff at Gatekeepers Post Many thanks goes to Jeff for sending me a copy of this book for review I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review My rating 4 5The Eighth Scroll is a religious thriller that will captivate readers in this explosive read where knowing the wrong piece of information could get you killed Gerald and Michael Hansen are no strangers to rare artifacts as they have spent most of their lives going from dig to dig Gerald is a renowned archaeologist, one who has spent much of his life on dig sites with both his deceased wife and son Michael, Gerald s son, is phenomenal for both his photographic memory, and his propensity for knowing different dialects and languages They both realize that their lives are at stake whe Archaeological findings often bring the dead back to life and in many cases the truth to light as well When Dr Gerald Hanson receives an early morning phone call from one of his colleagues, Frank Tones, urging him to make haste to an old dig on Nubia, Hansen is immediately intrigued Frank was known to have done some questionable things, but he is always able to find unexpected treasures during his excavations At fifteen, Gerald s son Michael is a bit of a prodigy, extremely intelligent, and becoming quite skilled in martial arts He has been raised on archaeology digs, and is comfortable with them, but he does not like or trust Frank After his mother death a few years previous, he has turned towards religion, and his relationship with his Stirring The Flames Of Age Old Controversies, The Eighth Scroll By Laurence B Brown Draws On The Three Abrahamic Faiths Of Judaism, Christianity, And Islam To Create An Unbelievably Dynamic And Powerful Story Set In A World That Teeters Between Orthodoxy And Heresy, This Thriller Is Packed With Intrigue And Adventure When A Roman Catholic Scholar Involved In The Dead Sea Scrolls Project Hides One Of The Scrolls Because Of The Heretical Message It Contains, No One Is The Wiser Until Decades Later, When A Prominent Archeologist Discovers Reference To The Scroll In An Archeological Dig This Discovery Spurs The World Religions Into A Dangerous Game Of Cat And Mouse, In Which All Who Seek The Hidden Scroll Are Mysteriously Silenced, Leaving The Salvation Of Humankind To A Father And Son, Who Must Either Find The Hidden Scroll Or Die Trying Great Book by Dr Brown, an action filled fiction that should be converted into a movie This has a bunch of Musim characters who actually are good people its such a shame that this book is not out there like Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code Dr.
Brownes does an awesome job putting together history fiction and even humour The book was definitely a page turner and written to block buster perfection The fact that the books central theme revolves around the infamous dead sea scrolls is even intriguing , simply because THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS actually do exist and is vehemently guarded by the Vatican Behind all the action and chaos , there is a historical and theological undertone to the book that questions the authenticity of pauline scripture the modern church chooses to follow.
This book has something in it for everyone It has the adventure of Indiana Jones and the intrigue and mystery of The Di Vinci Code But there is far to The Eighth Scroll than you will ever find in either of those movies books I liked how historical facts regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls were incorporated into a story rich in adventure, religion, romance, and humor Lawrence B Brown brought all of the elements together to form an intelligent and enjoyable work of fiction Yes, the book will entertain you but you will learn a few things as well I came away with a better understanding about the Dead Sea Scrolls and its impact on religion Readers will also love the way the story flows and the author s overall style of writing.
The Eighth Scroll is a combination of religion, adventure, and some history The author portrays the religous figures as the bad guys which is quite an interesting and fresh perspective It challenges the traditional view of the history of religion Also, the fact that it is a historical fiction piece leaves you to wonder what is really the truth behind some of our religious foundations This action packed novel will surely leave you to think about it for some time even after you finsh the last sentence.
The Eighth Scroll by Dr Laurence Brown is a riveting novel Dr Brown draws you into Micheal s world in this action packed thriller Brown s excellent writing style quickly propels the story forward in an exciting manner This book is a must read A real page turner

What if the missing and final text of the Dead Sea Scrolls was found today It s believed that this final message would confirm or denounce religious beliefs and practices for the entire world, so it stands to reason that some organizations and powers would put up a battle surpassing all others Laurence B Brown s novel, The Eighth Scroll, creates that scenario and the result is a provocative and thrilling fictional account of the chaos that might ensue if the final scroll in the Dead Sea puzzle was found.
Brown s story is based on the premise that a Roman Catholic scholar who s working on the Dead Sea Scroll Project hides one of the scrolls because of its heretical message Time goes by, and years later a prominent archeologist on an archeological dig finds a mysterious reference to the hidden scroll Thus begins the search and before i This is a DaVinci code style religious thriller that ties the Abrahamic faiths together, and ultimately, casts Islam in a positive light I highly recommend this book and personally hope it will be promoted and receive some attention It does start out a little gory, but then improves I hope you will not only read it, but talk about it and encourage others to read it too.

A product of Christian American ancestry dating back to the year 1677, up until his conversion to Islam in April of 1994, Dr Brown easily could have passed as an example of a man who lived the stereotypical American dream A graduate from two Ivy League universities with subspecialty training in ophthalmology, Dr Brown served as a respected ophthalmologist in the U.S Air Force for a period of e