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✓ Everything Is Awful: And Other Observations ↠´ Download by ✓ Matt Bellassai Thank goodness for Audible returns as I just had no desire to finish this book Given, I wasn t familiar with the author So, Matt s thing is evidently that he thinks life is awful and always has been and so he thinks if you re going to laugh at him, he might as well make money Not a bad proposal, I guess But, alas, I m not a mean soul and so I didn t find his overweight, unsanitary, unmotivated life funnyI just felt bad for him, and that isn t funny to me So, several hours in with only two little laughs and I decided I wanted my 6 back I think if you are a fan of him and his work, it s probably a buy.
I wouldn t waste a weekend trying to read this While many of his videos are fun to watch, the book dragged with a woe is me take on being a 20 something lost in the world.
From The Break Out Star Of BuzzFeed S Whine About It And The People S Choice Award Winning Comedian Behind The Web Series To Be Honest Comes A Collection Of Hilariously Anguished Essays Chronicling Awful Moments From Matt S Life So Far, The Humiliations Of Being An Adult, And Other Little Indignities If you don t know who Matt Bellassai is, you are missing out I first found Matt through Buzzfeed when he boss allowed him to get drunk at his desk and complain about whatever his little heart desires children, holidays, foods It s called Whine About It and it s HILARIOUS So when Whine About It ended, he started To Be Honest, which is virtually the same thing with a different name Then he started the Unhappy Hour podcast, which once again includes Matt getting drunk and complaining, but this time with other people Now that you know who he is, lets talk about Everything is Awful Once you get his voice and mannerisms down, you can almost hear every word as if you were watching the video On Why Teenagers are I feel such a kinship with Matt Bellassai From our shared love of carbohydrates, to our love of take out food, to our habits of downing entire bottles of wine and giving drunken opinions on everything, I feel like Matt and I may have been separated at birth.
If you are a fan of Matt s BuzzFeed content or his podcast, you will like this book It is laugh out loud funny, self deprecating and relatable A solid memoir but not a memoir that I am happy I read Matt Bellassai is AMAZING I had no idea who he was before he grace my newsfeed on facebook with Wine About It Wednesdays And from that it was like a match made in heaven for me LOL I was so excited for him to be releasing a book, but also a bit apprehensive because he is so hilarious on his videos that I was afraid that hilarity would not transfer over to the pages Well, I am never one to be afraid to admit, I was totally wrong.
Even if you have never heard of Matt Bellassai before who are you and why haven t you I kid you really should read this It s hilarious and will have you wanting to become besties with him in no time.
If any of you follow me on Facebook, then you ve seen me share Matt Bellassai s BuzzFeed video series Whine About It I find him to be a total lay it all out there, entitled, bitchy queen, and I love him In his series, if you haven t seen it, he gets drunk at work, drinking a whole bottle of wine in like, a minute, and bitches about whatever bee is in his bonnet He makes no excuses for himself, he is self deprecating, and is not concerned about who he offends My kinda guy.
Well this book is just an extension of his little three minute rants He bitches as much about himself as he does other people, laments his weight, his social and physical awkwardness, his lack of athleticism, and his disappearing hair He also talks about his crush on his college best friend, his coming ou I first discovered Matt on his weekly video series where he got drunk at his desk and told us how to live our lives Whine About It and now To Be Honest have given me laughs every Wednesday for quite some time Crass but hilarious

I never take the time to write reviews, but given my one star rating, I feel the necessity to justify it For anyone who enjoyed Matt s Buzzfeed show Whine About It, I bet you were equally as excited to see his book announcement as you were when new episodes would come out However, I m not sure if the brevity of the videos format made it enjoyable or if I ve simply grown out of this style of humor The entire book comes across as a rambling, entitled mess What I think is his attempt to normalize the chaos of adulthood simply comes off like a toddler screaming on the floor of a mall He comes off as braggadocious about how little effort he puts into each day, playing right into the hands of any person who is on the I hate Millennials bandwagon I know it s intending to be for dramatic effect, to get laughs, but there s no purpose for it I think the easiest comparison would be Sh A combination of factors conspired to make me binge read this in a few hours this evening even though I had no idea who Matt Bellassai was or what the book was about 1 saw it randomly on the goodreads choice awards2 cute ginger guy on the cover3 a very long day at work and needed to mentally check out for a few hoursAll such criteria being met I literally sped through this book in record time and had a few laughs throughout All in all I d say the book did something right and was a pleasant funny read to unwind from the workday.

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