Download Epub Format ↠´ Metamorphosis (Promiscus Guardians, #2) PDF by º Brianna West

Download Epub Format ↠´ Metamorphosis (Promiscus Guardians, #2) PDF by º Brianna West Loved,loved,this book I love this series I absolutely could not put it down This book is well written and the story is amazing.
Ah the plot thickens Once again I am riveted to my seat waiting to see what happens next Izzy is back stronger than ever with her witty repertoire and sexy sort of hubby, Lucas Their story continues to be a ride full of love, fear and discovery but are stronger together than apart Izzy must find a way to stop her monster in law and a crazy and dark vindictive angel bent on revenge from destroying all of the realms Now it is a race against the clock to rally up all the allies she can to defeat the threat to all supernatural and human a like Will the council be on the guardians side to assist in this rally or will they be doomed West offers action, Guardians, realms, and romance of the supernatural kind The world building steps up a notch in this installment and is all the better for it Peeks inside the Underworld, Terratherial realm, and information on the creatures that lie in both the shadows and the light in the human realm, kept me entranced from page one How was Izzy connected to all three The well woven mysterious origins to Izzy s power was a real page turner.
The Guardian characters take on a life of their own with fun banter, quirks, and the odd novelty t shirt or two I was drawn into each personality, and even though some character s are of the annoying, slightly perverted variety, I still found them endearing and grew fond of each of them The demon characters are pure evil well, they are demons West delivers backstory whilst main 3 starsI am enjoying the story in spite of the heroine The world building is well done and intriguing, not overly descriptive but painted well enough that you can envision it The secondary characters remain fun and help the story along Now, for the heroine I can think of only one that I have ever hated If anything, she has gotten even childish and boy crazy She is married ish but still fantasizes about sex with other men to the point of being physically turned on right in front of her husband As a married woman this really peeves my sensibilities to the point that I hate her She claims to love someone but also fantasizes about running away with another She allowed another to touch her in an intimate manner and gave no indication of wanting or being able to stop it until they were interrupted This leads me to believe that she would have gone all the way At the very least it OMGWell what a ride this book was If I could give it than 5 stars I would The storyline buzzes with action and all the characters have depth and substance The addition of new characters added to the story rather than diluting it Bring on the next book.

In this second book Izzy once again finds herself in the middle of danger Tristan is revealed that is the betrayal of the guardians and will stop at nothing to kill Izzy in order to hurt Lucas In the middle of all this Lucas mother appears with one goal only to take Izzy to the dark side And it may be not that hard since her powers appear to be dark that they are As I said before don t miss this book series.
Brianna knows how to make a girl go crazy Things take an interesting twist between Lucas, Pavel, Izzy I loved Annie a lot, too fair warning HUGE cliffhanger ending Which if you know Brianna isn t unexpected cause she likes ti tortures us readers like that lol.
Great action and never ending twists in this book Love Izzy and Lucas and their wonderful love and the obstacles they go through Pavel I am uncertain if I like him or notbut cannot wait to read what happens next Like it I did not like the cliffhanger lolI am glad I do have the next bookso if you have read this make sure you got dawning so you can keep reading Overall I love Brianna s writing and charactersCan t wait to read After Managing To Escape Their Last Foe, Izzy And Lucas Are Back To Face A New Formidable Villain That Will Test Their Strength, Relationship, And Even The Collaboration Of The Incredibly Powerful, Entirely Hilarious Group Of Promiscus Guardians Despite The Odds Stacking Against Them, Izzy Maintains Her Diligence On Honing Her Powers, Delving Deeper Into Her Origins, And Enjoying Her Incredibly Delicious Boss Slash Beau, Lucas A Continuation Of The Promiscus Guardians Series, Metamorphosis Delivers Fantastical Creatures, A Sordid Amount Of Humor Coupled With Fast, Incredibly Riveting Action Mysteries Are Unraveled While About The World Izzy Lives In Is Unveiled In This Highly Anticipated Addition

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