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[Yasushi Suzuki] ↠´ Goth's Cage [nigeria PDF] Read Online ☆ While the art of this manga is absolutely beautiful, the text seems to be completely separate and does not relate much to the drawing I re read it a few times, but I still do not get what the hell the stories in manga are about.
The artwork is brillians, and rates four stars The writing is fragmented and difficult to follow, even in these very short stories, and rates two stars Thus, my average of three.
Yasushi Suzuki has attempted something very interesting with this graphic anthology of three tiny stories, beautifully painted Unfortunately, a real writer was needed These pieces have a very mythic, dreamlike feel to them, which is their strong point Without clear writing, though, the reader has to struggle with the question of whether some of the oddities were deliberate strangeness or accidental strangeness.
This slim volume is an itty bitty graphic novel It has awkward translation, and each tale is extremely short and reads like a thumbnail sketch, or a sort of visual haiku dream poem You re left with a sort of dark fantasy memory residue instead of an understanding of plot or events There was a lot of gothy melodrama mixed in to the awkward syntax I actually enjoyed the ridiculousness of that, but I am not sure that was the author s intended reaction The art was nice, but not groundbreaking Just pretty images, abstract enough to make it fun to stay your eyes on it awhile and ponder In any case, it s a ten minute book, so why not.
The art was nice but the stories are really short and the art doesn t match too well with the stories It was a bit confusing and some of the stories just seemed pointless, they were too short and awkwardly written to make me feel anything or care about them at all I wish the stories had been longer and made sense with the pictures.
Pretty art, poor translations, weak stories.
Gorgeous artwork and three incredibly creepy tales, the first a retelling of Cinderella.
Goth S Cage Is An Enchanting, Illustrated Anthology Based On Popular Fairy Tales With A Malicious Twist Of Love And Romance In Glass Magic, A Servant Girl Who Wishes To Fall In Love With A Prince And Become A Princess Is Granted A Magic Potion By An Old Hag But She Must Abandon Her Heart In Order For Magic To Work In Flower Basket, When A Prince Shoots An Arrow And Injures A Young Bird, He Discovers A Beautiful Girl In Its Stead The pictures in this are wonderful, but the stories are way too short

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