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☆ Song for a Whale Ô Download by Ë Lynne Kelly As a former American Sign Language English Interpreter, I get very excited when I see a book about Deaf culture and ASL This is one of those times With Song For A Whale, Lynne Kelly, an ASL English Interpreter herself, has written a touching, entertaining and informative coming of age story about Iris, a twelve year old girl and a unique whale who both struggle to communicate and find their place within the world around them Iris is an interesting main character she s smart, curious and has some fire in her But she s also very, very lonely She is a Deaf tween in a hearing family, who goes to a hearing school, whose only Deaf influence is her grandmother and only friend, Wendell Her isolation and loneliness are palpable but after reading about Blue 55, a whale who struggles to communicate at the same frequency as other wh I ve written, then deleted, at least four different versions of this review so far Sometimes you pick up a story and it s so poignant, so important, that it s really hard to write anything resembling a coherent review That s this book right here Lynne Kelly has created something magical with Iris story It s not just the fact that she s a character who represents the Deaf community It s not just the sweet way that she ties her passion for radios into communicating with someone who is just as lost as she is, in a sea of others What makes this book special is how simply it shows how important connections are To others, to yourself, to the world I teared up while reading this book and, trust me, you re probably going to as well.
I wanted to give love, first and foremost, to Iris as a protagonist You can ab I feel like I ve been talking a lot lately about craving middle grade, and how good and underappreciated middle grade is I came across a thread on Twitter a few days ago about why people like YA and making a distinction between adult and YA because it generally deals with serious issues with sense of hope I think this is even true of middle grade stories, and while some may take a saccharine route, many, if not most, strip issues back to an unltimately honest core without sacrificing hope, which is no easy feat Lynne Kelly s Song for a Whale is a good example of that.
Song for a Whale hits a lot of right notes , succinctly capturing the frustrations and beauties of Iris world, layered with a touch of adventure and coming of age, and built on the bones of a heartfelt family story Iris is a Song for a Whale was such a wonderful story to read I have always loved whales and being near the ocean This story brought me just a bit closer through a 12 year old girl named Iris Iris is deaf and hardly has any friends at her school She goes through most of her day alone and not fitting in When she learns about a whale with a unique song in one of her classes she becomes obsessed with this whale.
Blue 55 is a fictional character in Kelly s story but is based off of a real whale named 52 Hertz Blue 55 can t communicate with other whales because his song is on a different frequency than other whales This means he travels alone and is never able to connect with others, yet he keeps singing his song hoping someone will respond back one day.
Iris feels such a strong connection with Blue 55 that she is determined to produce a song on his frequency and have the animal sanctuary This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionThis is one of those books that takes you into the heart and mind of a character whose experiences you might not be able to completely relate to and you come out all the richer for it in the end.
The story focuses on Iris, a Deaf girl who struggles to communicate with many of the people around her and to find her place in a world that doesn t seem to know how to define her When she learns of a whale with a similar issue, Blue 55, who can t communicate with other whales, she makes it her mission in life to let him know there s someone out there who understands him I connected to Iris right away, even when I didn t always love her actions and responses she treats a well meaning but overenthusiastic and somewhat boorish hearing classmate pretty poorly an issue I wish had been resolved a bi

Song for a Whale is an adorable middle grade about Iris, a deaf girl, her family, and a whale The author s experience as a sign language interpreter lends authenticity to the narrative I can t speak to the deaf representation in the book, but Iris struggles not only with her dad who doesn t know sign language well, a classmate who thinks they can sign, and her feelings of isolation Even though Iris has her best friend, a grandmother, and her ability to fix radios, she still feels isolated in many ways Her passion for Blue 55, in many ways, mirrors her own struggle for being heard, and feelings of loneliness.
full review Looking for a book that will inspire you to go out and change the world, make a difference, make tiny changes Then you have to pick up the new middle grade book by lynnekkelly Song for a Whale Thank you so much to delacortepress for sending me this free Advanced Readers Copy to review If I could give this book than five stars I would.
The story follows twelve year old Iris who is absolutely brilliant when it comes to science and electronics In her free time she repairs and restores antique radios and sells them to a local shop Iris feels isolated and alone though because unlike the other students at her school Iris is deaf One day in school she learns about a whale named Blue 55 who is swimming through the ocean alone unable to communicate with other whales Iris instantly feels a connection to this whale who feels lik I enjoyed the characters a lot they have depth and we see sweet moments I think my main issue is that I found it hard to suspend disbelief that this could really happen This is a realistic story with a bit of a surreal element including the POV of a whale that feels I liked the science in this story acoustic biology, hertz, fixing radios Iris hobbies were different and interesting I also liked learning about Deaf culture the author is an interpreter for deaf children in schools.
4 1 2 stars In most ways I loved this book but I couldn t quite give it 5 stars because of the point of view of the whale other whales too I couldn t quite suspend disbelief and all the way through, once I hit page 76, I was eager to read the author s notes at the end While they were excellent, informative and interesting, I still couldn t quite accept one aspect of the story, the fictional whale parts, even though I sort of adored that part of the story too It s just that the rest was such amazingly good realistic fiction and I found the unrealistic portions kind of jarring, however moving and fun The writing is lovely The illustrations are lovely I loved the main character and story s narrator, Iris I also especially enjoyed her grandmother I loved how she responded What a hoot she was This is a great granddaughter grandmother relationship In The Spirit Of Modern Day Classics LikeFish In A Tree And Counting By S Comes The Story Of A Deaf Girl S Connection To A Whale Whose Song Can T Be Heard By His Species, And The Journey She Takes To Help HimFrom Fixing The Class Computer To Repairing Old Radios, Twelve Year Old Iris Is A Tech Genius But She S The Only Deaf Person In Her School, So People Often Treat Her Like She S Not Very Smart If You Ve Ever Felt Like No One Was Listening To You, Then You Know How Hard That Can BeWhen She Learns About Blue , A Real Whale Who Is Unable To Speak To Other Whales, Iris Understands How He Must Feel Then She Has An Idea She Should Invent A Way To Sing To Him But He S Three Thousand Miles Away How Will She Play Her Song For Him Full Of Heart And Poignancy, This Affecting Story By Sign Language Interpreter Lynne Kelly Shows How A Little Determination Can Make Big Waves Fascinating, Brave, And Tendera Triumph Katherine Applegate, Newbery Award Winning Author Of The One And Only Ivan Beautifully Written And Such An Important Story For Kids With Big Struggles In Their Lives I Fell Into Iris S World From The First Chapter Lynne Kelly Does An Amazing Job Telling The Story From Iris S Perspective Millicent Simmonds, Actress, Wonderstruck And A Quiet Place Quick Moving, Suspensefulthis Remains A Satisfying, Energetic read Iris Adventures Will Engross ReadersKirkus Reviews This Finely Crafted Novel Affectingly Illuminates Issues Of Loneliness, Belonging, And The Power Of Communication Publishers Weekly

Lynne Kelly writes contemporary middle grade and young adult fiction She was born in Galesburg, Illinois, grew up in Houston, lived in some much colder places, then found her way back to the Houston area, where she works as a sign language interpreter For a few years she also taught special education, a good career for someone with excellent organizational and planning skills Lacking those skil