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↠´ Serenity Harbor ô Download by ↠´ RaeAnne Thayne Good book Kat has returned to Haven Point for her sister s wedding a changed woman Before she left, she was known for being a bit flighty and for flirty relationships that didn t last She gave up her job as a teacher to follow her boyfriend to South America and ended up broke and abandoned She pulled herself together, found a job teaching English and volunteering at an orphanage There she met four year old Gabi, a special needs child that stole her heart Her goal now is to adopt Gabi and bring her back to Haven Point With Gabi depending on her, Kat is determined to change, becomeresponsible and stay away from men.
Bowie is a newcomer to Haven Point, moving there along with his computer business He was just settling in when he was blindsided with guardianship of a younger half brother he hadn t known existed Complicating th 3.
25 stars Serenity Harbor , the 6th book from Haven Point features schoolteacher Katrina Bailey the youngest Bailey sibling, sister of Wyn and Marshall from book 4 and 5 and computer tech millionaire Bowie Callahan In between the two there is also a sweet six years old autistic boy, Milo, who is Bowie s half younger brother Bo doesn t know that Milo existed but when he gets guardianship Bo is determined not to take care of himMilo is pretty much the catalyst for Katrina and Bo s relationship Kat s first encounter with Bo and Milo is when Milo is having a meltdown in supermarket with Bo not knowing what to do Since Kat is a primary schoolteacher, she makes connection with Milo Bo asks Kat to help becoming Milo s temporary nanny, until Milo s future autism specialist arrives and before Kat leaves back to Colombia Hmmmm I ve loved the previous stories from this s In The Town Of Haven Point, Love Can Be Just A Wish And One Magical Kiss Away Computer Tech Millionaire Bowie Callahan Is About The Last Person That Schoolteacher Katrina Bailey Wants To Work For As Far As She Can See, He S Arrogant, Entitled And Not Up To The Task Of Caring For His Young Half Brother, Milo But Kat Is, Especially If It Brings Her Closer To Her Goal Of Adopting An Orphaned Little Girl And As Her Kindness And Patience Work Wonders With Milo, She Realises There S To Sexy, Wary Bo Bo Never Imagined He D Be Tasked With Caring For A Sibling He Didn T Know Existed Then Again, He Never Pictured Himself Impulsively Kissing Vibrant, Compassionate Katrina In The Moonlight Now He S Ready To Make Her Dream Of Family Come True And Hoping There S Room In It For Him, Too Serenity Harbor by RaeAnne Thayne is 6 in her Haven Point series However it can very easily be read as a stand alone I hadn t read any other one in the series and I slotted into it no trouble I am sure those who have read previous books though will enjoy what surely are cameos from previous couples who now have their happily ever after.
I really enjoyed this small town contemporary romance When you place an adorable six year old into the mix you have me hooked every time Milo is Bowie s brother, one he has only just heard about and is now the guardian Only trouble is he has no speech and is on the autism spectrum That s where Katrina comes in, she is present when he has a melt down in the supermarket she manages to distract and manage it no trouble And from there a beautiful relationship is about to unfold.
Katrina is a school teacher although not working at Serenity Harbor is the sixth book in the Haven Point series, yet it can be enjoyed as a standalone novel I enjoyed it as a standalone novel and had no issues falling in love with the characters and the town In fact, I now plan to go and read the prior books in the series, as I wish to knowabout the characters and the romances that are already in existence Moreover, I already have book seven sitting on my Kindle, ready to be read extremely soon.
The tale of Serenity Harbor is, in all honesty, quite a simple one The simplicity of the tale, however, merely adds to the impact of the story It gives us a realistic tale of love, the story of two people finding love when they least expect it It s simple and sweet, yet I can easily imagine it happening in the world It made a nice chance from the drama filled romance novels All of my reviews can be found on www.
comSerenity Harbor is the sixth book in Thayne s Haven Point series and this was my first experience with the author I had no issues jumping in at this point as it looks like each book focuses on different residents of the same town, so while this one was about Katrina and Bowie, characters from the previous books made an appearance I really like when authors build a series this way and I wish I had the time to go back and read from the beginning Instead, I ll just be happy that I found these books now and will continue to follow from here on out This book had everything I m in the mood for when I pick up a romance novel It was super sweet without being over Check out forreviews This is the first book I got to read by RaeAnne Thayne Being a fan of small town romance fan, I immediately clicked accept for this review and I am glad I did because I absolutely loved it This is the 6th installment in the series but it can be read as standalone.
Serenity Harbor is a story of Katrina Bailey, a school teacher and Bowie Callahan, computer tech genius Bowie s six year old brother Milo works as faith and gets these two from different worlds together Milo has autism and Bo has no idea how to deal with little kids let alone with one with special needs even though he loves him dearly So when Kat comes into their lives, Bo is desperate and ready to do anything to hire her as a nanny until autism specialist arrives in few weeks What started strictly as temporary, Bowie isn t sure either he or Milo is ready to part with her just This is sixth in a series, and other couples from previous books pop in and out like weasels in a hen house Including Kat s sibling and friends and neighbors and doctor and, uh, yeah, it s a lot You get that in the small town setting and it isn t a bad thing, but it s better if you actually know the people so you don t get so impatient about their intrusions.
I have to say this is my least favorite in the series, so far Which doesn t make it bad, but I was a bit impatient with the story I m probably being a little bit harsh, really, because I enjoyed it okay most of the time I mean, I really liked Kat and her care for disadvantaged children came across as touching and genuine and that s tough to pull off particularly in a story that seems to have larded them on by including both an autistic boy as a near omnipresent force and a Down syndrome girl as Kat s driving motivation The couple o

Katrina Bailey is an English teacher living in Columbia She wants to adopt a local child but lacks the money for all the paperwork Kat travels to Haven Point, Idaho for her sister s wedding She grew up in this town and plans to stay with her family for a few weeks While in Idaho, Kat sees a six year old boy having a meltdown in a grocery store She distracts and soothes the child who is named Milo His brother Bowie observes the interaction and is impressed with Kat s skills Bowie has been caring for Milo since his mother s death and he is ill equipped to deal with his autism He has a high pressured job running a software company and knows very little about children with learning disabilities Bowie is in a bind and hire DNF 48% I ve never read RaeAnne Thayne before but I don t think this book was a good choice as a start for me I m not in the mood for a romance where they just push each other away because they have too much going on in their lives or previously made plans Don t most people have a lot going on Somehow when you find the right one you can t help but fit them in and then tackle life together A copy was kindly provided by HQN books via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

I m not one of those people who knew from birth she was destined to become a writer I always loved to read and throughout my childhood I could usually be found with a book in my hands To the disgust of my friends, I even enjoyed creative writing assignments that made them all groan But I had other dreams besides writing I wanted to be an actress or a teacher or a lawyer.Life took a different t