Trailer ↠´ Star-Lord: Grounded PDF by º Chip Zdarsky

Trailer ↠´ Star-Lord: Grounded PDF by º Chip Zdarsky Read as single issues Chip Zdarsky is an evil sod He convinces everyone he mostly writes silly humour comics and then kicks you in the gut and slaps you in the face with feels under all the jokes Trapped on Earth because hand wavey reason after Civil War II are there seriously no space ships the Guardians can use I find this extremely hard to believe , Peter Quill finds himself having to do community service andget a job.
Which he does In The Bar With No Name And runs into Black Cat, a retired supervillain, a crotchety old man who is also a retired supervillain , Daredevil, Howard The Duck because Zdarsky , and even an opportunity to learn a lesson or two It s Zdarsky at his finest, even if it s a shame it s only six issues long and an annual, if Marvel choose to collect it, but the annual s got nothing t Peter Quill is stranded on earth and has ticked off the rest of the Guardians He gets himself into some trouble and needs to perform community service and get a job So he winds up tending bar at the Bar With No Name while keeping an old man company.
The Good The story was OK and sometimes entertaining Old Man Logan is great in this book.
The Bad The annual has nothing to do with the rest of the book Quill is stranded on an Old West Sci fi planet It s been done better a million times.
The Ugly I really dislike Kris Anka s art and his new character design for Star Lord is hideous A terrible costume with blond highlighted hair and a brown beard Star Lord looks his douchiest in this book.

Expectations A book like this, with a stupid cover and starring Star Lord, not expecting a whole lot But then again I m not a big fan of Marvel s space books But this book was almost completely on Earth And was character and story driven And was just great Good writing, good enough art The story even explained part of the cover and made it better The backup story kind of started slowly but was also good, and even added some sense to a detail from the main story Is this book the best ever no But a good one nonetheless 4.
5 of 5.
Just as badass as I was hoping.
And just as funny as I was hoping LOVED and thoroughly enjoyed this The laughs Man Seriously Who would have thoughtWolverine Peter Quil Hugging If you love Peter Quill aka Star Lord as much as me and are looking for fun, laughs and adventure, this comic has it all Even a side cast of characters I never would have expected honestly i think i only like superhero comics when they re fun, and this one is a ton of fun chip zdarsky has pretty much nailed that sweet spot of breezy, charming, not great at life superhero that star lord occupies, and i loved the art and his design was a man sup charming chronically shirtless space douche sup.
that last issue tho the annual didn t fit at all i understand why it was included but it definitely tipped this down from a five to a four for me not bad, just not a fit.
Perfect, except for the annual issue included at the end of this collection It didn t complement the other issues, and though it was an intriguing story it might have been better placed at the beginning, as it sits chronologically before the main events of the issues.
A great starting point for new Marvel readers, as long as you ve watched Guardians of the Galaxy All you have to know is that Star Lord is trapped on Earth, because his spaceship doesn t work I read this book mainly because I loved Peter Parker Spectacular Spider Man so much, and I was really hoping that Chip Zdarsky would deliver again, which he totally did His ability to elicit strong, believable characters shone in this comic, especially as he humanized some of the worst developed villains of the Marvel Universe I don t really want to say too much about this book except that I really, and surprisingly, enjoyed it.
It s a shame that this series got cancelled so early The story is good, but you can tell they were building to something really great and affecting On the artistic side, anyone who is interested in drawing men in a style that is very appealing to people interested in men should take note of this book Star Lord is super hot.
Peter Quill Might Have Been Born On Earth, But He S Been Away A Long Time And Now That The Guardians Of The Galaxy Have Gone And Gotten Themselves Stranded On Terra Firma, How Does A Man Go From Soaring Through The Stars As The Legendary Star Lord To Living With His Feet Planted Firmly On The Ground What Kind Of Job Options Are Available For A Guy Whose R Sum Mostly Consists Of Guarding The Galaxy And With All The Dangers He Has Faced And Survived, Could Anything Prepare Him For Community Service Maybe Daredevil Can Help Out With That Or, Would You Believe, The Shocker One Thing Is Certain Earth Has A New Guardian Also, A New Bartender Peter Quill The Legendary Bar Lord Collecting STAR LORD And Annual The story is a 3, but Kris Anka s drawing style and dogged insistence that every dude character s shirt gets ripped off in every fight is a 5 Split the difference.