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[Louise Miller] · The City Baker's Guide to Country Living [romantic PDF] Ebook Epub Download · This book was just what the doctor ordered after a number of dark mysteries and psychological thrillers It s a lovely summer read with likeable characters and did I mention there s pie Boston baker, Livvy, makes a reluctant move to the Vermont countryside, where she takes up a position as baker for the Sugar Maple Inn, little knowing that its owner, Margaret, has other plans for her There is some romance, a little mystery, but mostly this is a story about friendship and family It s not cheesy, if a little predictable, and I really enjoyed immersing myself in the cozy atmosphere of this book As someone who enjoys baking, and certainly the odd slice of pie, Miller s culinary observations were fun, and I intend to test the apple pie recipe she includes in the back of the novel For fans of light hearted fiction with a cast of What a delicious, fun read I was hooked by the blub on this one after I read pastry chef extraordinaire If it has anything to do with food, I m going to read it And if it s baking.
come on Livvy is the pastry chef extraordinaire, who is having a rough go of it Her parents are gone and she seems a bit lost After a mishap at her current place of employment, she travels a few hours to visit her friend and find comfort, but instead, she finds a job as the head pasty chef at a Vermont resort Livvy describes in detail all the mouth watering delights that she bakes And she bakes a lot in this one There is even a large apple pie baking contest at the annual fair which seems to be the biggest competition around The story is not something I would normally read it s a bit sweet in terms of girl leaves one guy, finds another guy, heartbreak, and then.
well, it was a

Livvy Rawlings is a pastry chef at an exclusive restaurant in Boston called the Emerson Club One evening while serving a flambe dessert, she accidently sets the building on fire Out of job and needing money, she moves in with with her best friend in Vermont Eventually, she finds herself a job as a baker at a small inn The owner s intention is to utilize Livvy s culinary skills to win a pie contest.
Livvy begins to settle into her life and guests are pleased with her baking She develops a close friendship with her neighbors, Dotty and Henry McCracken She feels a connection to their son Martin who is in from Seattle Livvy plays the banjo in a local band where Martin is the fiddler Unsure of how long Martin will stay in town, she would like a romantic relationship to develop.
Livvy starts to embrace small town living and moves on from her p I had to read the first sentence in the book three times The night I lit the Emerson Club on fire had been perfect for making meringue.
Each time I read it, I giggled and called out What And then I started laughing That s what I do in dumbfounding astonishment And I liked the feeling of the book on the spot What a great way of starting out a book and setting the tone for what turned out to be a wonderful, relaxing, no brainer, good read.
Our protagonist was orphaned at the age of sixteen when her father passed away and her mother was sort of missing in action since she was a baby By the grace of many angels, 32 year old Olivia Rawlings became a well known chef in the prestigious Emerson Club in Chicago After the Emerson This is the perfect foodie cozy romance novel The author is a pastry chef and it shows I was so pleased to find the apple pie recipe in the back and can t wait to make it Olivia was sleeping with her married boss and caused a fire at an important event and flees to rural Vermont, where she ends up finding a job at a small inn that just happens to need a pastry chef And before you think it is a ridiculous notion, I once had to relocate to a town of 10,000 people in rural Indiana and found a job as a pastry chef at a tea room, so let s just say I found a lot to love here It s the dream the perfect job with free housing, with room for creativity, friendly locals who happen to play the same music she learned from her father, and a love interest who is just the right mix of talented, strong, loves his mother, and mystery First snows, baking contests, maple syrup When Olivia Rawlings, the protagonist of pastry chef Louise Miller s debut novel, arrives in Guthrie, Vermont one September, it s with a weight of guilt and rumor behind her She left Boston s Emerson Club in ignominy after setting the place on fire with a Baked Alaska and sleeping with a married boss twice her age Now her best friend, Hannah, is determined to help Livvy make a fresh start in a small town She uses her clout as the local doctor s wife to get Livvy a job as the chief baker at the Sugar Maple Inn, run by a formidable older lady named Margaret.
Livvy sets up in the sugar house with her Irish wolfhound, Salty, and settles into a daily routine of baking muffins, bread and cakes for the guests She gets to know the local community by soaking up atmosphere at the Black Bear Tavern and playing banjo with the Hungry Mountaineers band at country dances The McCrackens, in particul Louise Miller is remarkably accomplished in this debut novel about a family less pastry chef escaping an affair with her boss in Boston, a married man, and landing at the Sugar Maple Inn in Guthrie, Vermont All of our senses are engaged just by contemplating the premise sweet, salty, sour, and bitter Miller adds the umami ingredient, voice Her main character, Livvy, has the wit to speak her mind and the cooking talent to go with it What she doesn t have before she moves to Vermont are the comforts of a home where people will love her for just who she is.
Romances are written to a formula, and some do it better than others Miller manages to include every element of a rockin romance, including a prudently unconsummated sex scene with said boss late in the proceedings that proves her bonafides when it comes to one of the difficult things t 3.
5 5 This book begins with our protagonist, Olivia Livvy Rawlings, a talented young age 32 pastry chef working in Boston, feeling a sudden need to relocate after an especially unpleasant series of events While carrying a huge and flaming Baked Alaska at a large catered event, she noticed her most recent lover, her much older and very much married boss, unexpectedly standing across the crowded ballroom with his wife Surprised and distressed she drops the Baked Alaska, creating a major rumpus and setting the hall on fire Back at her apartment, she calls her life long best friend, Hannah Doyle, who now lives in the very rural, very far away Guthrie, Vermont an imaginary town author Miller locates in the Northeast Kingdom Olivia Rawlings Tem Um Sonho Ter Uma Carreira De Sucesso Na Cidade De Boston Mas Ao Incendiar Inadvertidamente A Cozinha De Um Clube Seleto, A Jovem Chef De Pastelaria Destr I Tamb M Quaisquer Hip Teses De Ver O Seu Sonho Realizado Resta Lhe Virar Costas A Tudo E Fugir E Foge Para O Mais Improv Vel Dos Lugares Uma Terriola Que Mal Aparece Nos Mapas E O Oposto Da Sua Cidade Cosmopolita E Excitante A Vida Rural E As Suas Tradi Es Tacanhas Napperons Em Croch , Bailes E Feiras Do Condado N O S O Para Ela Por Outro Lado, Sabe Que T O Cedo N O Pode Regressar A Casa E Quando Surge A Oportunidade De Trabalhar Numa Pequena Pousada, Olivia N O Fica Propriamente Encantada Contrariada Que Mergulha De Cabe A Numa Nova Vida Uma Vida Que Inclui Tartes De Ma , Contradan As E O Desesperante Martin McCracken, Que, Como Olivia, S Quer Que O Deixem Em Paz Mas A Chegada De Um Forasteiro Vai Obriga La A Repensar Todas As Suas Escolhas Vai Fugir Novamente Aos Problemas Ou Criar Ra Zes Ser Que Foi Preciso Fugir Para T O Longe De Casa Para Finalmente Encontrar Um Lar Uma Hist Ria Que Mostra O Qu O Enganadores Podem Ser Os Nossos Sonhos V Vido, Doce, Arom Tico, Este Romance Gastron Mico Saboreia Se Como Uma Iguaria E Deixa Nos A Ansiar Por Mais Uma Estreia Absolutamente Imperd Vel 3.
5 A cozy little Fall foodie bookalthough a little on the sweet side I took this book on a trip to the mountains last week and it was perfect for reading by the lake, watching the leaves fall around me and smelling woodsmoke as I read about apple pie and Thanksgiving in Vermont.

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