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☆ Courtship Rite ☆ Download by ☆ Donald Kingsbury Tiene un buen mundo construido y le he dado m s de 100 p ginas de cuartelillo, pero no me ha enganchado y me he dado cuenta de que segu a oy ndolo leyendo por inercia Vamos a coger otro nova que la serie es MUY buena This is one of the better alternative societies created for a science fiction book In this society, the perfect marriage consists of six people, and there is a complicated food imbalance in the native food availible that impacts who and when a family can court another member Humans are not native on the world, earth plants and animals are hard to maintain, and native food is poisonous, but some hungry people are adapting to eating it I read this book every few years.
A Vast Alien Landscape, A Human Culture Based On Our Own, Yet Evolved In Strange Ways By The Forces Of An Inimical Nature Provide A Panoramic Backdrop For The Romantic Adventures Of A Large Cast Of Memorable Attractive Characters Courtship Rite Is A Sf Novel By American Writer Donald Kingsbury, originally Serialized In Analog Magazine InThe Book Is Set In The Same Universe As Some Of His Other Stories, Such As ShipwrightThe Unpublished The Finger Pointing Solward In The UK, The Novel Was Entitled Geta, In France, Parade Nuptiale Courtship Rite Was The St Winner Of The Compton Crook Award For Best St Novel Was Nominated For The Hugo Award For Best Novel InThe Novel Details The Attempts Of Two Of The Priest Clans, The Kaiel The Mnankrei, To Expand Into Territory Controlled By The Stgal Ultimately, All The Priest Clans Are Trying To Attain Dominance Of The Planet Through The Use Of New Technology, Propaganda, Treachery War , A New Concept In This World Previously, Killing Was Done Merely In Order To Provide Food Jo Walton Remarked That Courtship Rite Is About A Distant Generation Of Colonists On A Planet With No Usable Animals This Is The Book With Everything, Where Everything Includes Cannibalism, Polyamory, Evolution Getting Tattoos So Your Skin Will Make Interesting Leather When You Re Dead I just can t get into this book Perhaps it s that the writing is harsh and clunky, at least to my mental ear There are points where a character says something and I m jarred out of the scene, asking huh Perhaps it s the characters, of whom I like or care for none.
It s a shame for two reasons One, the world Geta is potentially fascinating A harsh world, most of whose flora and fauna is poisonous to human life A situation that has forced the development of ritual cannibalism, and lives conditioned by the harsh needs for survival Secondly, Kingsbury s Psychohistorical Crisis remains one of my favorite novels and I had high hopes for this one.
If I didn t haveinteresting looking books on my to read shelf, I might have stuck with this one but I don t want to continue to waste my time here.
Wow This definitely got me thinking about morality and mortality I m such a novice sci fi reader that I think I probably didn t get some of the sub context But it was a real page turner and I enjoyed it A little known classic of the genre that blew me away when I read it 25 years ago The author does an incredible job of world building in the first part of the novel The characters are all well drawn and complex.
Mon avis Parade nuptiale est un roman trange, issu d une ligne de Hard science qu on peut sans probl me faire remonter Dune, tant par l hostilit du milieu que par la forme du r cit, et d autres postures d criture Cependant, il serait r ellement r ducteur de le positionner comme une simple copie du roman de Herbert, car Parade nuptiale est un r cit beaucoup plus riche, plus fort, et plus difficile d acc s que Dune Ce r cit se situe sur une plan te autre que la Terre, o des humains luttent pour survivre dans un monde l hostilit av r e En effet, loin de monstres g ants, la biosph re de cette plan te est naturellement toxique pour l tre humain, et les aliments dits profanes, c est dire ceux issus de cette biosph re, sont potentiellement mortels, la mani re du plomb, pour les humains Il existe bien s r quelques aliments dits sacr s, pour lesquels le lecteur devine qu ils ont t impo A five partner family in search of their sixth and final spouse is instructed to abandon a woman they love in order to pursue an alliance with a religious heretic The plot veers into political machinations which, given the level of detail and bevy of headhopping, I didn t really bother to follow It s a significantlysuccessful vehicle for worldbuilding cannibalism and polyamory, alternate human evolution, advanced technology as indistinguishable from magic, and a thematic focus on violence and the way that scale and social function inform our understanding of it But the real focus is interpersonal, and while the dialog is frequently stylized to the point of stunted and the sexual politics dated despite some fantastic female characters , the complexity of the dyn

So on the one hand the writing is turgid, the pacing is bizarre, and the political lecturing interminable Also there is cannibalism did I mention the cannibalism on almost every page Spousal abuse and child rape both make appearances and are treated as the unexceptional actions of reasonable people.
And on the other hand I loved this book.
Partly it s the culture Or cultures Geta is not a monoculture, and its clans beliefs frequently clash Courtship Rite ishere, let me show you my worldbuilding than it is a novel, but it rarely falls prey to As you know, Bob exposition dumps It lets its culture reveal itself organically from character interactions That culture is profoundly weird quite possibly one of the weirdest I ve encountered in science fiction, and that Courtship Rite takes place on a human colony world, Geta, that has forgotten it is a colony Their legends tell them God brought them across the stars to protect them from war , and God still watches over them from the sky We learn later that their word for God was the original colonists word for ship , and the colony ship does indeed still orbit above them.
The only source of protein the colonists have are bees and human flesh, so cannibalism is common and accepted They also practice genetic engineering The story follows one family of three half brothers and their wives The men share a common father and were raised in a public creche where any failure would result in death They married a young girl from a clan that specialize

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