Trailer ↠´ Peace Between the Sheets: Healing with Sexual Relationships PDF by ☆ Marnia Robinson

Trailer ↠´ Peace Between the Sheets: Healing with Sexual Relationships PDF by ☆ Marnia Robinson It has been a while since I read this book so view my commentary with a jaded eye, but I found myself in a lot of disagreement with the author, but I will say that if you want to learn methods of sex without orgasm, this book will probably get you there, but you may feel that you are undergoing basic military training doing so.
In my mind the purpose of sex beyond reproduction which is an essential but rarely used option is to maintain a loving relationship for the couple Sex serves the relationship The relationship does not serve sex Somewhere in the book the author indicates that if your partner is not willing to give up orgasms then you should get a new partner That killed it for me The author almost gets hysterical about orgasms to the point that it started to grate on my nerves I finished the book but I can t say that I personally agree with much of her claims I believe that interested thesis as a good humanist, one must test theories with practice.
This book literally turned my lover and I into platonic Friends over a period of months It absolutely killed any sexual fire and chemistry we had, and therefore our relationship It was the end of us We were looking forSomething to deepen our sexual bond, which was significant and gorgeous We started this approach and we plummeted I would not recommend this book It is a devastating repression of the beauty and soul of sexual and erotic heat and the possibility that sexual fire is a doorway to deeper heart bonding.
Interesting perspective although I can t seem to finish

I m in the process of working with this book I m a little unsure about how it is so completely anti orgasm It seems a little dogmatic I ll let you know how it goes as I go through the rest of the exercises.
i love and was talking to a friend about this book todayi want to re read it Not what the God of the universe had in mind for marriage This was a waste of my time.
The author of this book Marnia Robinson has done a vast amount of research that shows that as the duration of partnerships increase, sexual desire declines in women, while desire for tenderness declines in men, and the biological causes of this How irritation and disdain that develops towards your partner is actually a result of various hormones and brain chemicals that, believe it or not, are the result of procreation driven love making This book takes a very different approach to sex, explaining how traditional orgasmic driven sex eventually causes a relationship to break down, and it describes a different approach that can increase bonding, communication and harmony in a relationship After reading this book it really opened my eyes, I had so many ah moments reflecting on why all my past relationships fell apart.
There is also a Peace Between The Sheets Offers A Simple But Revolutionary Analysis Modern Relationships Often Founder Because Of Dysfunctional Sexual Habits But When Couples Shift Away From Heat Centered Toward Heart Centered Sexual Interactions, They Gain A Mutual Satisfaction That Transcends Physical Gratification Robinson Advocates Teaching The Body A Different Response To Sexual Arousal That Is Driven By Love Over Biology The Benefits Include Reducing Stress, Rejuvenating The Body, Helping Overcome Addictions, And Developing A Positive Outlook Over Two Parts, Why And How, The Book Devotes Twelve Chapters To Topics Like Why Do We Fall Out Of Love , Outwitting Biology, Want To Try It , And The Ecstatic Exchanges Peace Between The Sheets Tackles A Delicate Issue With Sound Reasoning, Solid Research, And A Healthy Dose Of Humor

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