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à Read ٠The Secret Cooking Club by Laurel Remington ٠Twelve Year Old Scarlett Is The Star And Victim Of Her Mum S Popular Blog The Butt Of School Jokes, She S Eager To Stay Firmly Out Of The Spotlight But One Evening, She Finds A Gorgeous Kitchen In The House Next Door, Left Empty By An Elderly Neighbour In Hospital As Scarlett Bakes, She Starts To Transform Her Life, Discovering New Friends And Forming The Secret Cooking Club But Can She Fix Her Family, Seal Her Friendships And Find The Mysterious Secret Ingredient Ein s er, fluffiger Roman, der an manchen Stellen die Realit t etwas zurechtbiegt, aber im Gro en und Ganzen richtig klasse ist Die Geschichte um Scarlett und ihren Weg zur ck zu sich selbst gefiel mir jedenfalls ziemlich gut 4 SterneHerzerw rmende Geschichte ber Freundschaft und Familie, Kochen und Backen Sehr nett gemacht, auch das Cover.
This is a story that will most likely have you craving cakes, scones, tarts and all manner of yummy things Getting a cup of tea and a slice of cake before you begin reading might be an idea The Secret Cooking Club is the kind of book that you find yourself caught up in before you realise Scarlett is likeable and so ensures that readers are engaged from the beginning As Scarlett has been the focus of her mother s blog she does her upmost to remain unseen, so it s nice to see how Scarlett comes out of her shell over the course of the story and also the friendships that get formed I also liked how Scarlett and her mother s relationship changed.
Pivotal to the story is of course the stunning kitchen that Scarlett finds, the one belonging to her neighbour Mrs Simpson Their friendship is what made the book for me It took it from sweet to lovely.
INITIAL REVIEW Ugh, I loved this so much I was expecting a cute literally contemporary, but it was so much than that FULL REVIEW First of all, I sped through this book With school and my activities, it s been taking me forever to read a book, but this one felt like it took no time at all to finish When I first requested this book from Netgalley, I was expecting a cute little baking contemporary about a character with some minor problems that get fixed and everyone s happy What I got was so much.
It s probably because I read a lot of fantasy, but I haven t seen a book this realistic and relatable in a long time All of the characters had their own talents and major flaws, just like people in real life, which isn t something you see in most novels, even contemporar I instantly loved Scarlett s voice Her mother is cruel, which made me feel sorry for Scarlett No parent should do what her mother did Making fun of every part of Scarlett s life online is bullying I m not surprised Scarlett was so desperate to do nothing in the way of extra activities at school, it was the only way to escape public humiliation In a way her life was like the life of some celebrities she had no choice in what her mum posted about, and not all of it was pleasant I felt sorry for her lack of friends, so was delighted when Violet appeared on the scene Their friendship has an extremely rocky patch, but I promise they are friends again by the end While I wouldn t have had Scarlett s guts to investigate the odd noise from her neighbour s house, or dared to cook there without permission, what Scarlett did was so originally posted on Secret Cooking Club tells the story of twelve year old Scarlett who is the star or victim as Scarlett feels, of her Mum s popular blog Everyone at school knows the blog is about her and Scarlett is eager to stay as much out of the spotlight as possible and that means not joining in any activities One night as she is just about to go to sleep she hears a noise in the house next door and goes to investigate Here she finds the most stunning kitchen left empty by their elderly neighbour who is currently in hospital This is when Scarlett decides to bake and her life begins to transform for the better and how The Secret Cooking Club begins.
There are just some stories that you can instantly get into and The Secret Cooking Club is one of them It was just one of those really enjoyable rea Interest Level 3 6 Reading Level 4.
6Imagine that your mom is a famous blogger and everyone reads her posts, including all the kids at your school Now imagine that every small, embarrassing detail about your life gets splashed across that blog This is the life that Scarlett lives So how does she combat this humiliating torture She does nothing She quits all of her clubs, sports, after school activities, even her friends She does absolutely nothing to be noticed The problem is that her mom is so absorbed in her new blog fame that she doesn t see her children right under her nose One day her elderly neighbor falls and gets rushed to the hospital That night Scarlett hears a noise from her house and thinks she has come home and needs help She sneaks out to find a key under the mat, a very hungry cat in the house, and one of the most incredible kitchens she A sweet read all about family, friendship and baking that was perfect for reminding me that reading can be purely for fun after reading books for university My daughter recommended this book to me because we both like to bake It was a good story, perfect for her age.

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