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☆ The Player ï Download by ↠´ K. Bromberg The Player was enticing, bold, and 100% addicting I love a good sports romance But make it a baseball romance, and I m a goner The passion, dedication, and hard work leaped off the pages and immediately consumed my heart.
Austin Aces catcher, Easton Wylder, has known little else besides the game his entire life So when a dirty play inducing injury sidelines the baseball star, he ll do whatever it takes to prove his career isn t over.
Physical therapist, Scout Dalton, has the opportunity to do what her famous doctor father has never donesecure a contract with the Austin Aces And all it takes is to get Easton back on the field, but in a strict time limit Scout s brought in to do her job But when her job involv This book has EVERYTHING and is EVERYTHING It has an incredible amount of heart, fabulous twists and turns, and limitless raw realism throughout every page Few books make me feel completely and utterly vulnerable like this one did from the very beginning There is no hiding or avoiding this story along with its heady implications and undeniable truth What a perfect masterpiece that is infused with pure and honest love and wrapped in strong cords of hope This story will steal your heart with no hesitation, and you will make sure that it never gives it back.
I have never met characters that have so irrevocably wrecked me in every way possible They are brilliant in their inception, fantastic with their interactions, and extr ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review K Bromberg continues to slay the romance book world as hearts and ovaries will explode and swoon over Easton Wylder Yes, my fellow romance fanatics, K Bromberg delivers another sexy romance that will have you saying HOME fucking RUN She s fucking addictive.
I want her.
Her taste.
Must have her The Player is a sports romance done right It was bold, refreshing, fun, sexy, sweet, and passionate But mostly, this book was utterly addictive Bromberg s sexy writing is the real winner Yes, she is one of those authors who doesn t need to try hard to grab your attention because she had it the moment you read the first page Easton Wylder is baseball royalty but this star athlete finds himself not on the baseball mound but instead on the sidelines due to an injury So enter his new physical therapist, Scout Dalton Right off the bat, Scout an I read K Bromberg s Driven series about three years ago, and I fell hard for Colton and Rylee Their racing world made my heart accelerate K Bromberg brought her A game again.
this time to the world of professional baseball with the first installment in her new two book series Easton Wylder gets injured, and Scout Dalton has been hired as his PT to get him off of the DL This job is Scout s chance to secure a contract with Easton s team that will hopefully allow her to carry on her father s legendary PT practice working with baseball stars She ends up repairing a lot than his shoulder She mends his soul Easton ends up doing a little PT on Scout s broken heart as well She has some serious abandonment issues Everyone she loves ends up leaving her The two get each other Holy Moly I do not know what I expected from Bromberg s latest release, but whatever it was the final product well and truly exceeded my expectations From the outset The Player was intriguing, everything about Easton and Scout invited you to want , from their resilience and strength individually, the their explosive chemistry together There s something about Easton that makes me want when I shouldn t, need when I needn t, and desire when I know it ll be disastrous On the road to recovery after a shoulder injury the last person Easton wants to deal with is a pretty young thing pretending to have the skill required to help him heal and get him back to the game he loves Easton is the epitome of a major league star, he s cocksure, sexy as hell, talented and has a considerable pedigree Af

K Bromberg delivers a sports romance masterpiece with The Player I fell head over heels for Easton and Scout, the delicious slow build of their relationship and the steady unraveling of their personalities and pasts I was immediately captivated by the palpable sexual tension and utterly electric chemistry that sizzled between the hero and heroine feeling every bit of their fragile restraint as I lost myself to their story K Bromberg brilliantly brought the professional sports atmosphere to life with the vibrant cast of secondary characters and inarguably evocative imagery I swear I was experiencing the sights and sounds of major league baseball first hand as the author wrapped me up in the excitement of scorching summer nights spen From an author who NEVER fails to bring me to my happy place, Bromberg s latest release, The Player, was EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted in a beautiful, sexy, and sweet sports romance A man with a passiona woman with a need to prove herself They weren t expecting anything from one another, but what they received, was a kind of love and respect that is not easy to walk away from They filled an unsuspecting need in one another and with every whisper, every touch, every grand gesture, brought them closer and closer to falling over the edge If you re familiar with this author s writing, you already know that you will DEVOUR each and every page But with that sense of familiarity, you will be surprised with the amount of depth and heart that Bromberg brings to every single page Easton and Scout will become a Since I don t know a lot about sports, I never know what I m going to get with a sports romance I gotta saythis book freakin rocked I m not surprised it was well written because come onit s K.
Bromberg She s a talented writer It s the fact that she can take a baseball sports romance and make me fall in love with not only The Player, but the game too Reading it felt so real, as if it was happening to my best buddy And the love storyit was More than I expectedcame out of left field nice pun tee hee and really knocked it out of the park Honestly, I don t know where I m coming up with these because I know zero about baseball and most sports in general, but Kristy made me believe I too could live in that world Insanity I finished the book a week ago and I m still reeling from the ending Gimme gimme Scorching hot a Oh, Easton First let s just talk about this cover That mouth I fell in love with those lips Can you believe he s a teacher Jesus They didn t make teachers like HIM, when I was in school It s probably a good thing his students are pre hormones I honestly closed the book just to have the cover loading screen reappear once or twice okay it was like twenty But I repeat Those Lips On to the story Easton Wylder was having the season of his life until a dirty play places that delicious backside on the bench Enter Scout His new physical therapist, who like Easton, is living in the shadow of her father s legacy First meets, witty banter and the push pull begins Easton HAS to rehab his arm and Scout has to prove herself and meet the deadline given by the team But with all those hours with her hands on THAT body, things heat up I think what I loved most about Easton and Scouts relation Baseball Has Never Been Sexier In An All New Novel By New York Times Bestselling Author, K BrombergEaston Wylder Is Baseball Royalty The Game Is His Life His Passion His EverythingSo, When An Injury Threatens To End Easton S Season Early, The Team Calls In The Renowned Physical Therapist, Doc Dalton, To Oversee His Recovery Except It S Not Doc Who Greets Easton For His First Session, But Rather His Daughter, Scout She May Be Feisty, Athletic, Defiant, And Gorgeous, But Easton Is Left Questioning Whether She Has What It Takes To Help Him Scout Dalton S Out To Prove A Female Can Handle The Pressure Of Running The Physical Therapy Regimen Of An MLB Club And That Proof Comes In The Form Of Getting Phenom Easton Wylder Back On The Field But Getting Him Healthy Means Being Hands On And With A Man As Irresistible As Easton, Being Hands On Can Only Lead To One Thing, Trouble Because The She Touches Him, The She Wants Him, And She Can T Want Him Not When It S Her Job To Side In The Club S Best Interest If He S Ready To Play But When Sparks Fly And Fine Lines Are Crossed, Can They Withstand The Heat Or Is One Of Them Bound To Get Burned

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