í Come Over, Come Over ï Download by ë Lynda Barry

í Come Over, Come Over ï Download by ë Lynda Barry I really thought I wouldn t like it because the drawings are so goofy, but one of my favorite cartoonist zinesters loves her, so I thought I d give her a shot.
It was really great, though Smart, sad, funny, ridiculous I laughed out loud at least 25 times I really would have loved this in middle school.
Like Esther Watson s Unlovable Winchell if she suddenly got un cute and annoying Welcome to the Dollhouse.
I plan to read a lot of her work.
This book is all against pollution, prejudice, and war so say Maybonne and Marlys from the back cover of these collected late 80s works from Ms Lynda Barry And it is kind of It s also about life getting beautiful, and then cruddy, and then beautiful again In the magical style of Lynda Barry, Come Over, Come Over is about adolescence, parents, school, sneaking out, sex, and the making breaking of juvenile friendships all subjects weighing heavily on my mind these days Barry addresses some major thematic issues of childhood, from birthday parties civil wars with siblings, to sexual assault divorce Big Ups for Lynda Barry all around My first book of June What a way to start the month Amazing books, Come Over, Come Over Author Lynda Barry This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Come Over, Come Over, Essay By Lynda Barry Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You This is a reread for me, in that I read the comics first in alternate rags in various cities, and then read the book collection in 1990 when it first came out I reread it thanks to Dov s review, which you should just read to get details if you want them, it s a great review whether you know this collection or Barry or not But I reread this while waiting for my kids at the dentist s office Did this have an effect on my reading I have no idea Though I have had a brutal history with dentists and so maybe a really funny book about middle school helped reduce sue of my anxiety there I loved all the late sixtes references, since she and I are close to the same age This is a Maybonne book, not a Marlys book, and it is often hilarious, sweet, sad, and doesn t shy away fr My very first Lynda Barry book Felt like I was meeting my childhood friends, experiences, and fantasies for the first time Love her she is so talented.
Lynda Barry is a genius She captures the experience of being an adolescent girl like a microscope, down to the emotional cells And don t we all know that adolescent girls are personifications of all humanity They are even human than humans You can cut the angst and insecurity with a knife QUALITY READING 10 10 please read

My friend sent me this for my birthday It is classic Lynda Barry My friend said it reminded her of our old apartment we lived in Chicago and put the Lynda Barry comeeks that we found in the Chicago Reader on our fridge every week.
Now we have kids instead of roommates, we don t live in an apartment well, she does, actually , and the Reader no longer has comics seriously Change will break your heart every time, and I guess that s what this little book is about The end made me cry, parts made me sad and worried, and most of it made me lol as we say nowgeez I m old No, it s just really late.
Important if you like Lynda Barry, you should own this.
Where to begin Hmmm Why not at the beginning Cover a color illustration of sisters Maybonne and Marlys in giant form, picking up a house and yard outlined in fire I think they might have tails in the form fiery walkways leading to the entrances of two other houses, one on each side of them and ending as smoke coming out of the chimneys There is a night sky, the colorful title Come Over, Come Over, dotted above with giant stars A big green field punctuated with tufts of grass Marlys says surprise Marlys and Maybonne both wear glasses and their signature prints Maybonne flowers, Marlys stripes at a slight diagonal and smile as mischievous as ever Come Over, Come Over, a daunting, but irresistible invitation Endpaper in a soft cover book I am not sure it is called endpaper, b Lynda Barry is the best This book makes my heart swell It s like a hug for my kid self.

Lynda Barry is an American cartoonist and author, perhaps best known for her weekly comic strip Ernie Pook s Comeek.