Download Epub Format ç Lawrence and the Arabs PDF by ¾ Robert Graves

Download Epub Format ç Lawrence and the Arabs PDF by ¾ Robert Graves I really wanted to like this book It s about a fascinating character, written by one of my favorite authors a personal friend of Lawrence s And I did like parts the beginning and the end when Graves talked about Lawrence s early life and his life after the WWI campaign with the Arabs The middle sagged and I found myself skimming over the blow by blow descriptions of it felt like nearly every raid or battle that Lawrence engaged in with the Arab uprising The writing and history were as dry as the desert setting with only an occasional oasis of passion or insight into the major players I wanted to know what motivated and inspired Lawrence and his Arab friends and foes What I got was narrative that sounded like it came from field reports I like biography and read a lot of it I think Graves version of Lawrence s life suffers from his personal friendship I All the blowback started here.

Although somewhat dated, a very enjoyable biography of T.
E Lawrence and his work with the Arabs I coming to believe if those dividing up the spoils of World War I had listened to Lawrence many of the issues we face today in the world would have come to a head sooner and be done with Overall excellent work for 1920 s Interesting read, gives good insight into the Arab revolt But I just completed 400 pages of Lawrence and still can t make out his character Seems to be that kind of person.
It begins like the narration in a space opera or Western After the first exciting days of Mohammedan conquest, when the Arabs overran half the known world, their huge new empire had to be knit together And it reads like a myth throughout annoyingly so, at times Lawrence too heroic, enemies too dumb and incompetent, allies too helpless without him I might have liked non fictionness, sources, footnotes But Graves put the story together well And I loved the journeys through the desert The camels The camping, the hardship The guerrilla fighting.
I also liked reading a copy from 1937, with six hand lettered maps, nice type, a flyleaf inscription, and a letterpress bookmark.
It s Dune in real life not as good, and maybe no real, but it s a token of the Age that came and passed, leaving memories that became legend, Esta es una peque a joya de Robert Graves, el mismo autor de Yo Claudio y de Claudio el dios y su esposa Mesalina La biograf a con lo esencial de Thomas Edward Lawrence, tambi n conocido como Lawrence de Arabia, un personaje bastante particular, capaz de hacer puente entre muchas culturas, con un enorme amor a la antropolog a y la historia, lector inveterado de pr cticamente la totalidad de los libros de la biblioteca de Oxford, hablante de varias lenguas, sin llegar a ser como un Schliemann, pero con una capacidad asombrante para lenguas orientales, como se le describi , un arab fono nacido en Inglaterra, un carism tico estratega que logr una de las haza as militares de los tiempos, con apenas 4000 miembros de un ej I have always been curious to read about TE Lawrence I even purchased a copy of Seven Pillars of Wisdom , but never managed to read it.
I didn t realize that Robert Graves, an excellent writer I have previously read, had written probably the best account of the man Graves became a friend of Lawrence after WWI, and ended up taking on the job of writing his biography after Lawrence in typical fashion forbade the further publication of Revolt in the Desert upon paying off debts Graves biography is very sympathetic to Lawrence and as with such figures of historic importance, the facts and significance of the Arab campaign have been argued back and forth over the years I am much interested in the singular character of the man, and here I think Graves is best He not only knew Lawrence well, but was able to collect accounts first hand from others who knew him Grave s great ability a Written when Robert Graves was still, like Lawrence, a young man this is an outstanding biography by one veteran of the world s bloodiest conflict about another Part travelogue, part war story, part warm personal tribute to a close friend and fellow writer, the writing carries the reader with it from the opening page to the ending with Lawrence s whirlwind reorganization of Damascus ahead of the entry by the Brits and Aussies and where despite knowing what happens you can t help hoping that the Arabs will somehow manage to put it over the perfidious French Love the quote from Feisal to the French general who spoke of French claims to the region dating back to the Crusades But General, do you not recall who won the Crusades Poignant, too, reading the description of the tribal divisions in Syria and the difficulties of governance der A Full And Intimate Account Of Lawrence S Life And Adventures The Author, A Personal Friend Of Lawrence, Had His Permission To Write This Biography As A Discouragement To Possible Misleading And Inaccurae Ones He Had Also The Advice And Assistance Of Many Of Those Who Were With Lawrence During The Arab CampaignAuthor S Note In This Concise Edition Of Lawrence and the Arabs I Repeat My Thanks To Lawrence Who Has Now Changed His Name To Shaw For His Generous Permission To Use Copyright Material From His Own Account Of The Campaign, Seven Pillars Of Wisdom, A Book That Will Not Be Issued For Public Sale In His Lifetime And To The Many Authorities On The Campaign Who Have Helped Me RG Well written, almost chatty in places Almost no one else had better access to Lawrence and this is written after WWI but before Lawrence s death avoiding the hagiography that was to come Highly recommended but start with a good modern biography as Graves can wander around the timeline expects the reader to already have a knowledge of Lawrence s Middle Eastern campaigns.

Robert von Ranke Graves, born in Wimbledon, received his early education at King s College School and Copthorne Prep School, Wimbledon Charterhouse School and won a scholarship to St John s College, Oxford While at Charterhouse in 1912, he fell in love with G H Johnstone, a boy of fourteen Dick in Goodbye to All That When challenged by the headmaster he defended himself by citing Plat