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[Jennifer Johnson] Å Hollow Girl [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ From Jennifer Johnson, The Author Of The Popular Tumblr Blog Slut Problems Comes Her First Novel, Hollow Girl Allison Is Drowning In Her Secret Love Affair With Jessica Her Taste, Her Smell, Her Everything It Drives Allison Onward, Toward A Path That Will Destroy Her It Will Be A Sweet Destruction One She Will Savor, Even As Jessica Pulls Her Deeper And Deeper Into A World Filled With Drugs, Sex And Murder With Sex And Betrayal At Every Turn, Allison Struggles To Navigate In A World Where She No Longer Has Her Freedom Now She Performs For Men Every Night, Making Her Money And Losing Herself, Little By Little, Each Day Allison Longs For Her Freedom And Will Do Anything To Escape, But She Is No Match For Her Tormentor Allison Will Remain A Sex Slave Unless She Can Find A Way To Defeat Him The Only Problem Is That Every Girl Who Has Defied Him Has Ended Up Murdered Overall it was a really good book I think it could ve used another proofread as there were many spelling and grammatical errors, though I was drawn in to Allison s life completely, and she really made me care about what happened to her While I don t agree with all of her decisions, and I find some of her reactions to things that happened to her unhealthy and unrealistic, I felt she remained genuine through the story Rick s character confused me a little bit His qualities tend to contradict each other, but I guess I can chalk it up to just being a shitty human, even though he mostly had good intentions I was upset to find out that Allison s father, who was about the only decent person in the book, ended up being shitty too We also never find out what exactly happened to Jessica s brother Some new evidence was uncovered, and then we never hear An edgy and very enjoyable erotic story.
This is an EXPLICIT, Erotic, Rated Mature, Novel that includes rape, kidnapping, underage sex, and just a lot of taboo subjects I would probably not recommend this book to anyone based on how messed up, and explicit this book is, but I was curious therefore read it, and honestly, a book that keeps me reading and thinking about life really isn t a bad book in my opinion, just a really fucked up one I d give the book a 3.
5 maybe, or a just a solid three, but one thing is for sure I kept me reading and wondering what would happen next despite how f ck d up it got at times Yeah, the writing style could be better, and the novel should have been edited a bit before publishing, but being the first novel, by a self published author it wasn t so bad a better editing, and maybe a bit research could have helped Aside from the novel having issues and even the main character wh

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