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á Read ↠´ The Necromancer's Dilemma by S.J. Himes ↠´ Reread November 2018 Still love iteven though it s only been a few months since I read it last lol Reread May 2018 I love this series and I really hope book 3 is out soon There s some unresolved issues that need addressing originally read November 2017 This was a continuation of Angel and Simeon s story but really, it s about a lot of characters finding their way in this supernatural world and coming into their own As always, I wish we had actual couple time but it didn t bring down my enjoyment The story and mystery are interesting enough to keep me invested I just love them as a couple so much I want some intimate moments between them I really enjoyed getting some different POV s this time as well.
So far, I have loved everything of S.
J Himes that I ve read I m looking forward to Daniel and Issac s stories It seems they b Re read 01.
2019 In book two we get POVs Simeon s, Isaac s and Daniel And then of course we still get the main POV of Angel This helps getting to know the family closely, but Isaac is still keeping us readers at bay To me, he still seems like the angry kid who hates the world, but still loves his brother some fierce, but having a hard time showing it Angel and Simeon s relationship grows stronger and deeper, and it s beautiful to watch read their love While this book isn t as good as the first one, it s still quite enjoyable Other Characters Isaac Salvatore 23 , Angel s little brother A sorcerer, just like Angel, and his affinity is for fire Dame Mildred Milly Fontaine anywhere from her early 40s to 60s , Angel s teaching partner and friend mom figure Milly s affinity was for air, the wind, and weather magic Detective James O Malley, Angel

4 Hearts I must say that this is fast becoming a favorite, showcasing a top notch urban fantasy that boasts sorcerers, vampires, trolls, fae lords, and last but not least, a squee worthy, small, but spunky dragon This continues to play on my nostalgia for when I gobbled up series like Sookie Stackhouse, Anita Blake, and Mercy Thompson If you liked those stories, I don t think you ll have any complaint about this at all.
Basically, this is the continuation of the life and times of Angel, new mate to elder vampire Simeon Their bond is a bit tenuous, slowly evolving and gaining strength, not quite permanent and solidified Such a bond between a necromancer and a vampire has never been formed, and it s sure to have unknown repercussions and consequences As Angel Re read 2nd 3rd January With the fourth book Mastering the Flames on the horizon I thought I d do another re read.
Re read 30th May 31st May.
Absolute brilliant, it s straight onto Reckoning for me now original review.
I actually think this book is better than the previous one and this author is seriously messing with my rating curve.
All the same characters are here and yes we get loads of Angel and Simeon together.
Angel and Simeon are stronger than ever as their bond continues to grow.
Issac is back living with Angel and while he accepts Simeon and gets on well with Daniel something is not right.
Daniel is Angel s apprentice and while he adores and idolises Angel his past is never far away.
And talking about the past Mi 4.
5 Stars The Necromancer s Dilemma is the continuation of Angel and Simeon s story and yet another unforgettable book in the series In this book we see how their bond and their relation grow.
Angel and Simeon s beautiful bond and their chemistry is very evident right from the first page I loved that their relationship and their love grew stronger in this story and what I loved the most is the unconditional support and love they give each other No matter what the circumstance they both are always there for each other Their relationship and everything about them touched my heart and made me fall in love with them Apart from their love story the story also focuses on Isaac and Daniel and Angel s bond and relation with them I loved that they were growing and evolving on their own and that they are finding their place after being lost I cannot forget the cute Er 4.
5 StarsAngel and Simeon are epic AF Himes has created quite the memorable pairing in sorcerer vampire lovers Angel and Simeon Their romance is very passionate and sexy and downright swoon worthy at times, and when shit hits the fan and life threatening events start encroaching on this mated pair, my heart quickens and I start to panic, much like the characters themselves, because the idea that either could be hurt or worse is just unacceptable I enjoyed the first story in this urban fantasy series a great deal, but I can honestly say this sequel was even better With the characters now established and the world building solid, this sequel dived in pedal to the metal, starting off strong and keeping a smooth, yet thrilling pace throughout There were a couple of heart stopping moments where serious character harm was a litt Re read Audiobook 6 7 18Superb narration by Joel Leslie I enjoyed it just as much, if not than the first read Well, I would have enjoyed it had I not come down with food poisoning on the airplane while listening to this original review Fantastic follow up to The Necromancer s Dance Wow What a great, action packed paranormal read I enjoyed this one much than the first in the series and I really liked the first one After meeting Simeon and Angel in The Necromancer s Dance, we get to see how their mating bond strengthens through fighting and surviving paranormal baddies I love seeing this couple together their are ridiculously adorable and kick ass together I m hopeful that SJ Himes will continue this series and keep adding to this wonderful contemporary paranormal world I d love to Holy shit, I loved the fuck outta this book This was fantastic and I m definitely hooked The story flowed seamlessly The writing was superb, even with the few proofreading errors I saw The story was packed with action yet still allowed room for romance.
The romance Ah, God, the romance One of the things I loved most about Angel and Simeon was how tactile they were with each other Every little gesture, every little touch spoke volumes of the love these two have for each other That ending, though What The Fuck.
I need of this world, like, yesterday Onto my favorites shelf it goes Even Love Can Die Without TrustAngel S Brother, Isaac, Has Returned Home, And The Pair Begin To Make Slow And Awkward Attempts Back To Each Other Learning How To Be A Brother To A Grown Man Instead Of A Parental Figure Has Angel Adjusting His Behaviors And Habits, And Isaac Still Remains A Mystery Was It Merely Entering Adulthood That Turned Isaac Away From An Overprotective Angel, Or Does Isaac Carry A Secret That Will Keep Them From Finally Being A Real Family Daniel Macavoy, Angel S New Apprentice, Is Torn Between His Bond With Angel And The Grasping Machinations Of His Father Dealing With A Traumatized Apprentice With Dangerous Holes In His Magical Education, Saving Daniel May Be Harder Than Angel First Thought Especially Since The Biggest Problem Is Not Revenge, But GuiltThe One Shining Beacon In His Life Is Simeon, Elder Vampire Of Boston S Only Bloodclan Four Hundred Years Old And Sexy As Sin, Simeon Is Warrior And Sage, Patient And Cunning The Strength Angel Draws From Simeon S Devotion And The Newborn Mate Bond Between Them Is Steadfast And True And The Fount Of Death Magic That Animates The Undead Lord Places Angel In The Midst Of A Power Struggle For Control Over Himself, His Lover, And His Family Through It All, Angel Is Beleaguered By The Unwanted Attention Of A Troll Hybrid, The Adventures Of A Dragon In The City, And A Serial Killer Has Decided To Hunt The Back Alleys And Midnight Streets Of Boston Gahhh I loved the first book in this series, but I was really worried that the lack of a budding relationship would make this one less enjoyable for me Usually, reading about established relationships turns me off because there s no building tension But damn it, this book is just as good as the first, and I can t wait for the third One thing I did have a problem with, however, were all the damn mistakes Shit like lifetime athletes lifelong , outta used for ought to , commas between speech and action where there should have been periods, incomplete sentences, words in the wrong place, malapropismsthe list goes on Himes is a wonderful storyteller, but there needs to be someone cleaning up the mess she sometimes makes with sentencesand as Angel held the entryway door for Isaac, who was carrying the food, mindful of the the slick concrete steps I

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