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☆ Flashing Swords! 1 ✓ Download by ô Lin Carter Okay, so Lin Carter and his science fantasy pals in the early 70s liked to hang out and give each other titles and generally congregate and pat each other on the back which is fine I guess So, it must have been somewhat inevitable that Flashing Swords happened So, this is supposed to all be about the Sword Sorcery genre and is even dedicated to the memory of Robert E Howard Being a huge Howard fan, this lead to a big disappointment Alright, so let s start with the high points Fritz Leiber s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser story, Sadness of the Executioner is a good little quickie that has our heroes contending with none other than Death a death, not necessarily the Death It s super quick, but it has some honest to goodness I want to write like these stories My least favorite story is The Merman s Children by Poul Anderson, it s good, not my cup of tea, but I heart all the other ones Of course I loved Fritz Leiber s story, which was like a doom metal song The stories by Lin Carter and Jack Vance were great reads too Great for any occasion.
I enjoy these for the enthusiasm Lin Carter has for Sword Sorcery His writing of was not strong, take his entry in this volume for example, but he was a great promoter of SS and classic fantasy in general here I refer to him as editor of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series On a drunken lark, he founded SAGA Sword and Sorcery Guild of America It was to thumb his nose at those who scoffed at SS and included drinking games and outrageous titles The Flashing Swords anthologies collect SS tales from members of SAGA The Sadness of the Executioner , Fritz Leiber s Fahfrd and Gray Mouser story is slight and not a strong example of the series Morrein , Jack Vance is a Dying Earth tale and showcases the greed and depravity of wizards in that realm The Merman s Children by Poul Anderson is my favorite in the collection A mix of pagan myth and Christian values The A nice bed time book The Fritz Leiber story I had read before, but it was a goodyas with his best stuff he has just the right amount of tongue in cheek in his fantasy This is only the second Jack Vance story I have read, but I m a convert very compelling, thoughtful, and surprising fiction Poul Anderson s story is definitely a bed time storylonger than it needs to be and lulls you to sleep while being interesting enough to pick up the next night Lin Carterwell, he s kind of the Little Drummer Boy claymation special of the fantasy worldif there s nothing else available, you might choose it, but you won t be very satisfied Seemed like of an excercise in creating goofy names than anything.
Flashing Swords 1 is an anthology of sword and sorcery edited by Lin Carter, standing astride decades The stories mostly read like the adventure narratives of the 50 s and 60 s, as featured in magazines They are sex filled, irreverent, humorous, and often joyously pointless If anything, this work demonstrates just how fun focused these early adventure works were before the grimmer and angsty future kicked in This is popcorn literature, about equivalent to movie popcorn It s okay to munch on, but is otherwise unremarkable in most ways.
The connections to DD is hugs as you ll see many classic DD elements in the work, because these works by these authors are the stuff that DD was pillaged from Myself, I was surprised to see tanglefoot bags show up so early I found the Fritz Leiber story rather dull, and not at all represe First in this 5 book series of heroic fantasy anthologies I enjoyed this whole series and this was one of the stronger entries It s got a Poul Anderson story, and Carter s story here is one of the better ones he wrote.
Introductory Essay Of Swordsmen Sorcerers By Lin CarterThe Still Less Than Momentary Qualm Which Death Experienced At This Point Was Far Deeper And Stronger Than That Which He Had Felt In The Case Of Lithquil Fafhrd And The Mouser Had Served Him Well And In Vastly Varied Fashion The The Mad Duke The Sadness Of The Executioner By Fritz LeiberMorreion Made A Furious Motion As His Hand Swept The Air, It Left A Trail Of Sparks Magic Derives From Personal Force My Passion Alone Will Defeat The Archveults I Glory In The Forthcoming Confrontation Ah, But They Will Regret Their Deeds Morreion By Jack VanceStunned, Beaten, Naked, With Hardly A Tool Or Weapon Among Them, The Merfolk Followed Their Lord Tauno Hung, Fists Clenched On Harpoon, Until They Were Out Of Sight The Last Stones Of The Royal Hall Toppled, And Liri Was A Ruin The Merman S Children By Poul AndersonThree Goblins Were Entangled In The Webs They Kicked And Struggled Furiously, Spittling Like Cats, But Only Managed To Become Tightly And Completely Enmeshed In The Sticky Green Stuff The Six Other Goblins Came Flying, Howling, At Him The Higher Heresies Of Oolimar By Lin Carter Amalrik The Mangod Previously published at TheQwillery.
comOne day, while browsing my local used bookstore, I found a bundle of four books entitled Flashing Swords 1 4 The first two covers were by Frank Frazetta, and I was familiar with about half the authors and liked their work and style, so I decided to give it a try I like discovering old authors from my chosen genre s past Out of the four authors in volume 1, I was familiar with Fritz Leiber and Jack Vance, but had only actually read Fritz Leiber before I read several stories in the Songs of the Dying Earth edited by George R.
R Martin, which is a tribute to Jack Vance s world I had no exposure to Lin Carter or Poul Anderson.
Lin Carter s introductory essay Of Swordsmen and Sorcerers was a fascinating read for the historical background he gave in the sub genre and the roles each of the au In 1969, there were only a literal handful of authors who wrote in the sword and sorcery genre Their hero was Robert E Howard and his stories of Conan the Barbarian That year, this little group had occasion to gather together to lift a glass, tell lies to each other and discuss the future of their fledging industry One of them Lin Carter suggested that they create an anthology series to which each one would contribute some short stories and thereby increase their readership by whetting the reading public s appetite for their brand of fantasy literature The book which I have just read, Flashing Swords 1, published in 1973 and edited by Mr Carter is the fruit of that labor Contributions were made by Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, Poul Anderson a I read this fantasy anthology a long time ago, at a time when I really hadn t read all that much Sword and Sorcery fiction None of the stories really captivated me, but looking at it again, I realise that it has a Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser story as well as a Dying Earth tale I really like those two, so maybe I should give it another read and see if it isn t better than I remember.

Linwood Vrooman Carter was an American author of science fiction and fantasy, as well as an editor and critic He usually wrote as Lin Carter known pseudonyms include H P Lowcraft for an H P Lovecraft parody and Grail Undwin.Carter had a marked tendency toward self promotion in his work, frequently citing his own writings in his nonfiction to illustrate points and almost always including at