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0% Life Starts and ends I actually really liked Harrison s writing stylehmwhat else can I say that was positive about this book Not much The plot just wasn t there for me, and I know you weren t supposed to necessarily like the protagonist, but I still would have liked to not be completely appalled by him It wasn t even the cheating thing well, it wasn t entirely the cheating thing It had a lot to do with how he went about his day to day life as well.
I was hoping for some redeeming quality in this man s thought process, but the most I could come up with was the fact that he never blamed his wife for the affair The whole him explaining the difference between sex with his wife and sex with his mistress rolls eyes whatever.
You might be asking right about now, if I didn t just hate him because of him cheating, why do I keep going on about it We Previously Published As Manhattan Nocturne And Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Adrien Brody, Yvonne Strahovski, Campbell Scott, And Jennifer Beals ANew York Times Notable Book Porter Wren Is A Manhattan Tabloid Writer With An Appetite For Scandal On The Beat, He Sells Murder, Tragedy, And Anything That Passes For Truth At Home, He Is A Dedicated Husband And Father But When A Seductive Stranger Asks Him To Dig Into The Unsolved Murder Of Her Husband, He Is Drawn Into A Very Nasty Case Of Sexual Obsession And Blackmail One That Threatens His Job, His Marriage, And His LifeColin Harrison S Manhattan Night Is A Brilliantly Drawn Tableau Of The Gritty, Gaudy City And A Thrilling Literary Noir I did it I read a crime novel Great modern NYC noir Harrison probably wrote one of my all time favorites, The Havana Room This is cut from the same cloth not quite as great but I still dug it.
Gripping scarcely begins to describe it This was my first book by this author and I fell headlong into it The cast of characters was complete and perfect What s a thriller mystery without a good twist This one s got at least two.
This book is a great little mystery A bit late 90s noir, it hooked me from the first page A fun read nothing earth shattering, but it ll keep you guessing

Porter Wren, a tabloid columnist, goes to a party to collect information for a column and is approached by Caroline Crowley, a striking woman in a peach colored dress She invites him to her apartment where she shows him confidential police reports related to the death of her husband, Simon Crowley, whose body was discovered in a building being demolished No one can figure out how the body got there as it was sealed off before and after demolition began Crowley was a brilliant movie director who would often just disappear at night to videotape One night he never returned and now Caroline, who had been married to him for only a year, ostensibly wants Porter to look into the matter Videotapes become both the problem and the solution as Porter tries to unentangle himself from intertwining puzzles.
She seduces him probably the wrong word, MANHATTAN NOCTURNE NRColin HarrisonNYC tabloid columnist, Porter Wren attends a party and is sought out by beautiful Caroline Crowley, widow of film director Simon Crowley, because she has a little problem After phoning his wife and lying about why he ll be home late, Porter finds himself in Caroline s Fifth Avenue apartment and drawn ever deeper into the life of a dangerous woman and the dark heart of the city I must admit being bored by this book The writing was good but seemed very deliberate and rather overblown, irritating with name dropping, unnecessarily heavy on sex scenes, and an incredibly weak ending I found myself nearly quitting several times thinking of all the other really good books waiting on my shelves Instead I can t say I was much surprised when I read the author bio on the inside back cover of Manhattan Nocturne and learned that Colin Harrison is or was an editor at Harper s Magazine That would explain the novel s artificial air of arty fartiness and the cover blurbs from Thom Jones and David Foster Wallace not exactly household names in the world of crime fiction Noir is a subgenre born of desperation, despair and starvation Nocturne feels like slumming yuppie scum I have stood in any number of foreboding places, including a piss scented holding cell in Rikers Island and a pauper s grave in Potter s Field, but never had I ascended, underground, to such a dwelling Whoa, careful there, Chauncey, you wouldn t wanna be late for teatime with Muffy The pretense at depth continues through explicit sex scenes so ludicrous they make Penthouse Forum read like Dostoevsky I think that when we ha

Kathryn Harrison, and their three children Sarah, Walker and Julia He attended Haverford College, BA 1982 University of Iowa Writers Workshop MFA 1986His short nonfiction has appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Vogue, Salon, Worth, and other various publications.