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[Neil S. Jacobson] Ù When Men Batter Women: New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships [computer-science PDF] Read Online Ù Excellent discussion of different types of perpetrators of intimate partner violence.
When Men Batter Women New Insights into Ending Abusive Relationships has a lot to offer It starts off with a direct look at abusive relationships and the legal system that fails battered women, and towards the end become a self help book for women who want out of those relationships.
They divide physically abusive men into Pit Bulls and Cobras Both types of men come from violent families and abuse alcohol, heroin, or cocaine at such high rates those drugs could be considered excellent warning signs Pit Bulls are emotionally insecure, needy, jealous, likely to feel remorse but also likely to stalk a woman who leaves him When violent, their heart rate increases with excitement Cobras are jealous of their independence, are able to induce emotional dependence in the woman or chose women who are likely can Fascinating and necessary read for anyone who wants to understand the nature of relationship violence The first book I ve read on the subject that relies on live observations vs reports from those in abusive relationships which are often unreliable Also the first book that categorizes abusive men into two distinct types Cobras and Pit Bulls This will be immensely helpful in my work with abused women It offers a thorough understanding of the dynamic of the batterer and the battered, as well as practical guidance for rehabilitating the batterer and for liberating the battered.
One of the premises of the book is a classification of abusive men in Cobras and Pitbulls Those two groups are never explained logically Let s take a Venn diagram with two sets of information and an overlap It makes sense to explain these three sections Not so in the book The authors explain the three sets simultaneously and do so even in chapters dealing with for instance the Cobra.
Yes, I learned about finding words for my past abusive situation patriarchal marriage, and giving up the dream I will use that knowledge to present my situation.
com mamalou The research that Gottman and Jacobson put into this book points to some astonishing conlusions one being that there are some abusive men that actually calm themselves down by being abusvie to their partners These are often the most abusive and even deadly partnerships They include identifying characteristics of abuse relationships, practical advice for the victims, and the often silent voice of the woman in abusive relationships.
Although very informative, it is quite lengthy and could even be a little cumbersome for an overwhelmed woman to process I recommend it especially for someone trying to help women get out of an abusive relationship.
When Men Batter Women is an eye opening and trustworthy source of qualitative research and victim advocacy.

Sometimes I hate the books I need to read for work Not for anything that is wrong about the book, but about what the book is about When Men Batter Women is one of those books Domestic Violence and emotional abuse are one of the plagues that affect hundreds of thousands of marriages every year Even though we have come a long way in Women s rights, many find themselves victimized at home by men who claim to love them This book sheds a lot of light on this problem and how to solve it.
There is a lot of good things to say about this book It is easy to read and covers a great deal of material It provides myths about domestic violence, identifying the main types of domestic violence, and answers to that question, should I stay or go The two types of abusers dealt with in the book pit bulls and cobras provide insight into what t Easy to read book It expresses abusive relationships based on the types of batterers, Cobras and Pitbulls Breaking each type of batterer down and how the relationships can or will evolve How each couple that they studied eventually turned out I learned a whole lot and would recommend it and read it again.
Women do not have to guess when they are in danger There is research that reveals behaviors which statistically predict future violence I recommend the book to those studying quantitative research in human behavior and to women who have a tiny little concern about a dating relationship.
I read this than ten years ago but continue to refer clients to it today Relationship expert John Gottman, Ph.
D and the late Neil Jacobsen, Ph.
D put batterers into two types Cobras methodical when inflicting violence and highly likely to have been abused themselves in life physically, sexually, emotionally and often see violence as a legitimate means to solving problems.
Pit Bulls insecure, having unhealthy dependence upon women anger quickly with less focused and chronic type of anger pattern in which they are reluctant to let go of an argument and refuse to admit their role in it or any blame.
If you are struggling with an unhealthy relationship or know someone who is, this is a great read to understand the difficult dynamics at play.
While National Awareness Of The Issue Of Battering Has Increased In Recent Years, Certain Myths Regarding Abusive Relationships Still Endure, Including The Idea That All Batterers Are Alike But As Neil S Jacobson, PhD And John Gottman, PhD Explain, This Is Not The Case Drawing On The Authors Own Research, When Men Batter Women Offers A Significant Breakthrough In Our Understanding Of The Men Who Become Batterers And How To Put A Stop To The Cycle Of Relationship Violence After Their Decade Of Research With Than Couples, The Authors Conclude That Not All Batterers Are Alike, Nor Is The Progression Of Their Violence Always Predictable But They Have Found That Batterers Tend To Fall Into One Of Two Categories, Which They Call Pit Bulls And Cobras Pit Bulls, Men Whose Emotions Quickly Boil Over, Are Driven By Deep Insecurity And An Unhealthy Dependence On The Mates Whom They Abuse Pit Bulls Also Tend To Become Stalkers, Unable To Let Go Of Relationships That Have EndedCobras, On The Other Hand, Are Cool And Methodical As They Inflict Pain And Humiliation On Their Spouses Or Lovers In One Chilling Discovery, The Authors Found That During Violent Arguments And Physical Beatings The Heart Rate Of Cobras Actually Declines Cobras Have Often Been Physically Or Sexually Abused Themselves, Frequently In Childhood, And Tend To See Violence As An Unavoidable Part Of LifeKnowing Which Type A Batterer Is Can Be Crucial To Gauging Whether An Abusive Relationship Is Salvageable Pit Bulls Can Sometimes Be Helped Through Therapy Or Whether The Situation Is Beyond Repair Using The Stories Of Several Couples In Their Study, Jacobson And Gottman Look At The Dynamics Of Abusive Relationships, Refuting Prevalent Myths Battering Often Stops On Its Own Or Battered Women Could Stop The Battering By Changing Their Own Behavior Never Underestimating The Inherent Risk Or Danger Involved, The Authors Discuss How Women In Their Study Group Prepared Themselves To Leave An Abusive Relationship, Where A Battered Woman Can Get Help, And How She Can Keep Herself SafeWritten With Compassion And Insight, When Men Batter Women Offers Invaluable Advice And Support To Women In Abusive Relationships, As Well As To Friends, Relatives, And Caregivers Who Want To Help

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