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↠´ Read Ð Breaking Promises (B-boy, #1) by S. Briones Lim Ð I ve been searching for something different lately and this book delivered I liked it for the most part, bits of it reminded me of Step Up movie, though Also any other dance movie you d see plus Drum Line included I enjoyed the storyline, the characters and so forth That being said, I d read it again, I d also recommend if if like me, you re in the mood for something different.
I ve always been interested in things about breakdancing, the culture, the people, the dancing, it s all pretty crazy and an exciting lifestyle After movies like Step Up and any dance movie really you can t help but wonder about that world I ve always loved hip hop so it goes hand in hand so when I saw there was a series that was written all about breakdancing and the people in it I couldn t resist, I knew I had to read them all S Briones Lim did an amazing job bringing this culture to life in her books To start the series off we meet Aurora who is an ex gymnast, after a big fall she couldn t help but move away to find something new to fill the void and fear she feels after her incident She moves away to a new college to try and find herself and what she s going to do with the rest After A Devastating Accident, Aurora Crane S Collegiate Gymnastics Career Comes To An Abrupt End Fighting To Piece Her Life Back Together, Aurora Packs Up And Transfers To California State To Start Anew When She Arrives, Her Focus Is On Schoolwork And Choosing A New Career But To Her Surprise, Destiny Has Other Plans Sucked Into The World Of Competitive Breakdancing, Aurora Comes Toe To Toe With The Hottest B Boy Of Them All An Arrogant Hothead, Mitch Adachi Or B Boy Kickwit As He Is Commonly Known Has Life All Figured Out He Breakdances All Day, Practicing For Upcoming Competitions That Are Sure To Challenge His Skills Which Means He Has No Time For DistractionsWhen The New Girl Steps Into The Scene, He Sees An Opportunity He Can T Pass Up Besides Finding Aurora Devastatingly Attractive, He Can T Help But Notice Her Skills He Quickly Develops High Hopes For The Ex Gymnast, Seeing Her As The Perfect Potential Crewmember For The Impending High Stakes Battle Of The Crews Competition All She Needs Is Some Fine TuningWhen The Two Commit To A Business Relationship, A Different Kind Of Passion Kicks Into High Gear There S No Denying They Groove Well Together, But There S A Chance Mixing High Stakes Competition With A Fierce Romance Might Lead To Breaking Promises Breakdancing Crew RomanceGot this book as a free promo it is a good story that someone who likes the step up movies would probably enjoy Never estimate the power of underdogsI LOVED this story so much Ms S Briones Lim did an amazing job This is my favorite book of her yet This book sounds so adorable especially if you are a college student It teach us not to lose hope and never estimate the power of underdogs I always cheered for underdogs if I watch any sports on TV This book is beyond amazing especially the very last chapter.
I was cheering and at the same time hold my breath away Aurora and Mitch love story is sweet I am sure that some people can relate to their relationship They are so cute together I cannot wait to read the second book.
If you love break dance, gymnastics, yoga and girl power This book is a must read It teaches us not to give up hope an bring our b YO YO YOOOOOO Bon ok cette intro tait nulle de chez nulle, mais que voulez vous, on fait avec les moyens du bord.
Une chose est s re, c est que ce roman est le roman que vous vous vous devez de lire au moins une fois dans votre vie Ouais ouais Je sais que tu kiff voir Channing Tatum danser sous la pluie ou je ne sais qu elle autre danseur de hip hop oui, Allo cin peut tre ton pote ce niveau Je sais aussi que quand tu vas au cin , ce n est pas pour regarder l histoire NON NON Tu regarde tous ces corps fr tillant sur la piste de danse en te disant que toi aussi tu aimerais tre la place de la fille ou tu aimerais savoir danser comme Channing Tatum Note oui j ai une obsession pour lui parce qu il est bien meilleur danseur d acteur Souvenir de Magic Mike mais a sera dans une autre histoire Alors de quoi peut bien parler BREAKING PROMISES Eh bien de danse et rien que a CuteI really liked this story of women power A girl loses her way transfers and find her new beginning I like Mitch too and thought he was a good addition to the girl power for being supportive I really liked how the author transforms the injury to the guy so that the characters can empathize with each other Overall the writing showed the depth of the characters and the multi dimensional facets of the story.
Received the ARC for an honest review I loved this book Aurora is starting over in a new place after a tragic accident She only wants to focus on school and moving on with her life Mitch is not part of the plan When Aurora meets Mitch everything changes I love Mitch and Aurora together They both help each other overcome obstacles Aurora shows everyone including Mitch that she can do anything the boys can do, and sometimes better This is a must read

DNF The heroine was so moody and b y I was unable to connect It had a great premise, I was excited to read this, but the heroine s negativity got on my nerves.
Cute NA romance set to the backdrop of break dancing This is a typical underdog battles to win story that will be familiar to any movie goer with a couple of the classics even being mentioned by the girls thesmselves as they prepare for battle I have seen dozens of versions of this with a variety of themes cheerleading, dance, ice skating but it is familiar because we love to see the underdog battle to win and in this story the whole girl power element was an added enjoyment.

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