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☆ Remembering Satan ì Download by ☆ Lawrence Wright In Ericka And Julie Ingram Began Making A Series Of Accusations Of Sexual Abuse Against Their Father, Paul Ingram, Who Was A Respected Deputy Sheriff In Olympia, Washington At First The Accusations Were Confined To Molestations In Their Childhood, But They Grew To Include Torture And Rape As Recently As The Month Before At A Time When Reported Incidents Of Recovered Memories Had Become Widespread, These Accusations Were Not Unusual What Captured National Attention In This Case Is That, Under Questioning, Ingram Appeared To Remember Participating In Bizarre Satanic Rites Involving His Whole Family And Other Members Of The Sheriff S DepartmentRemembering Satan Is A Lucid, Measured, Yet Absolutely Riveting Inquest Into A Case That Destroyed A Family, Engulfed A Small Town, And Captivated An America Obsessed By Rumors Of A Satanic Underground As It Follows The Increasingly Bizarre Accusations And Confessions, The Claims And Counterclaims Of Police, FBI Investigators, And Mental Health Professionals Remembering Satan Gives Us What Is At Once A Psychological Detective Story And A Domestic Tragedy About What Happens When Modern Science Is Subsumed By Our Most Archaic Fears at the heart of this account is mass hysteria, a phenomenon that brings warmth to my heart it s a fascinating story and i m only giving it three stars because the ending left something to be desired i think perhaps it was written a little too soon after the events unfolded and therefore lacked a satisfying follow up to what became of everyone involved as well as a broader perspective on how this story fits into american culture wright does a good job providing context for the story but i wish he talked about how this story might provide context for other events of mass hysteria.
Very disturbing book about one of the many child abuse Satan cult delusions, this one taking place in Olympia, WA A local deputy sheriff is accused by his grown children of years of systematic and ritual abuse, everything from simple sexual abuse, to torture, forced abortion, and murder of babies These accusations spread to include other members of the family, and of the community, and imply a secret Satanic cult operating for years under the noses of everyone in the city Perhaps the most shocking part of the story, for me, was the willingness of the accused to concede that they might have done something dreadful that they didn t remember doing, simply because they did not believe the accusers, sometimes members of their own family, would make up such horrible things Ultimately, though there s no actual proof other than accusations which change at every telling and many

In the 90s, Paul Ingram s daughters accused him of sexual abuse Their claims become increasingly wild and far fetched satanic conspiracies, cannibalism, bestiality, you name it The craziest part is Ingram after intense interrogation and pressure eventually confesses Remembering Satan deals with the notion of repressed sexual abuse, suggestibility, and recovering memories This wasn t a fun read, not only because of the dreadful subject matter but also because most of the book is excessively descriptive and detailed, and it is only the last chapters that include interesting insights and analysis It was interesting to read this after the author s The Looming Tower He s reaaaally matured as an author and I would like a revised Thoroughly entertaining just like Going Clear This case is a bit dated from the late 80s 90s but I do remember the strange hysteria of those times from my childhood There was a whole era of radical, idiotic belief in massive amounts of satanic cult activity in the United States All the daytime talk shows covered the topic The medical establishment studied it And this moronic case of lying and brainwashing essentially started it off Ridiculous but so engaging Mysterious and corny Questions memory and certainly puts the whole concept of repressed memories to the sword It s amazing to me that society can get wrapped up in something so stupid Highly entertaining

There is than one author with this nameLawrence Wright is a Pulitzer Prize winning American author, screenwriter, staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, and fellow at the Center for Law and Security at the New York University School of Law He is a graduate of Tulane University, and for two years taught at the American University in Cairo in Egypt.Wright graduated from Wo