Download Epub Format î Crashed on Alien Planet (Tales from Angondra #2) PDF by ë Ruth Anne Scott

Download Epub Format î Crashed on Alien Planet (Tales from Angondra #2) PDF by ë Ruth Anne Scott Great storyLoved this book.
don t find many books with females who are tough and strong willed and can still have a happily ever after at the end Still want to know about the water guys and what they are up to Maybe that can be book number 3.
I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review CRASHED ON ALIEN PLANET by Ruth Anne ScottChris Sabastiani wakes up from a deep sleep to find she has crashed landed on an alien planet, along with fifty other woman Not knowing she had even been abducted, it s a massive shock When they are saved by strange and mysterious creatures, Chris is very defensive towards them and isn t so sure that they are as friendly as they appear When the woman are taken in by the Lycaon faction, Chris finds out there are other human woman living amongst them But she is not as accepting of her fate as most of the other woman appear to be Even with a Lycaon male who has peaked her interest, she decides it isn t the place for her and takes off What she doesn t realise is that the male has takenthan an interest in her as well, and follows I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review I liked this book a lotthan the first in the saga In this installment it is Turk s turn to find a mate among the Earth women that crashed on his planet Follow Turk and Chris on their journey and you won t be disappointed.
This one was as good as the first However, I felt Chris was a little ridiculous to the aliens she could have tried to give them a chance I really enjoyed this series.

Wish I could have loved it but, for me, not so much I really didn t feel any emotion from any of the characters and that s a shame.
Dnfd so fast Stilted writing and sad dialogue The main character was unendearing and silly dumb.
Five percent is the actual book.
This is a good story but the rest are just teasers The story was only contained in the first five percent of the book.
This is an interesting book The main character is very stubborn and makes some stupid mistakes because of it This is a story of how she ends up coming to terms with what has happened and what she wants to do about it.
This Book Can Be read As A Standalone, Has A HEA, And No Cliffhangers LIMITED TIME BONUS INSIDE Chris Sebastiani Wakes Up From A Dead Sleep, But It Isn T An Earthquake Shaking Her Room She S Been Abducted By Aliens, And Their Ship Is Crashing On An Alien Planet Populated By Strange And Mysterious Creatures Are They Friend Or Foe Chris Can Only Guess But She Finds Other Human Women Already On The Planet, Women Who Want To Help Her And Ease Her Trouble Are They Her Enemies, Too Chris Spins Into Defensive Confusion, But The Strangest Enigma Of All Is The Inscrutable Turk He Appears When She Least Expects It Is He A Dangerous Killer Or Could He Be Her Best Friend In Disguise Not All Is What It Seems Can She Put Aside Her Hostility To Accept The Love And Comfort Waiting For Her On Angondra WARNING This Book Contains Mature Themes Only For The Adult Eyes

1 up and coming Author in Fantasy Romance Ruth Anne Scott was born and raised in the Shire of Middle America otherwise known as Telluride, CO and spend her childhood hiking, sightseeing, and exploring the wilderness around As a young dreamer and creator her favorite pastime was and still is to sit on the moss covered banks of San Miguel river to write and create her fantasy worlds.As a postgra