Download Epub Format Û The Deepest Wound (Detective Jack Murphy #3) PDF by ☆ Rick Reed

Download Epub Format Û The Deepest Wound (Detective Jack Murphy #3) PDF by ☆ Rick Reed Another really good book in this series Jack Murphy is a tough cop He still loves his ex wife and is having a hard time as she just announced her engagement to a deputy prosecutor, Eric During the party Jack is called away to investigate the death of a young woman whose head has been found at the landfill He later finds out the woman worked at the prosecutor s office and he thinks Eric may be involved His ex sister in law has just gone to work for the prosecutor s office and he is concerned about her Other suspects include the top prosecutor and the county attorney Several other headless corpses are discovered and Jack and his partner Liddell are having a hard time finding a connection.
When Liddell is attacked Jack is told to back off the case and that he has to accept the help of a state police investigator She hel Jack Murphy and his partner, Liddell Blanchard, are back, this time called to the scene of a crime, a landfill, where the body parts of a young woman have been found Nina Parsons was a deputy prosecutor Her boss, the Chief Deputy Prosecutor, just happens to be dating Jack s ex wife, Katie and is involved up to his eyeballs in the case Jack is positive the guy is lying and is at the top of Jack s suspect list When deaths occur, the victims bodies dismembered, the detectives have their hands full trying to figure out what is going on Then Liddell is attacked, viciously beaten by two men wearing masks and beating him with baseball bats Now it s become personal for Jack who is determined to find who s responsible and bury them This was a fantastic read with plenty of twists to keep you entertained I suspected the guilty party early on but it was Detective Jack Murphy is back For those who are unaware of this character and series, Detective Jack Murphy and his surrounding cast are incredibly unique Murphy and his partner, Liddell Blanchard, are two cops who re highly dedicated and incredibly good at their jobs and, like Sherlock and Watson, Crockett and Tubbs with the wit and banter of Abbott and Costello mixed in they are partners who make people want to read.
In this new offering the partners, along with Liddell s wife, Marcie, are attending an engagement party for Jack s ex wife Katie Mixed in with the event is a Welcome Home for Katie s sister, Moira, who is fresh out of law school and eager to start work in the Prosecutor s Office Jack s anxious to get away from the party because of Kat Jack searched for the right words and then said, This one matches some particulars from Harrisburg and some from ours So far none of ours had been left out in the open He kept spinning the idea out Nina is the center of this I m sure of it She s the only one the killer tried to hide We haven t found any of the kill locations, but at Nina s house we found a lot of blood That s the only time he screwed up I ve been asking myself why, and the answer I keep getting is that the killer knew Nina She was special Jack Murphy, my favorite cop, is back in this installment of this thrilling series Body parts have shown up in the local landfill and Detective Murphy is on the case, along with partner Liddell Blanchard When the head and arm of a woman are identified it hits close to home for Jack and his ex wife Katy She s about to be m Kensington books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Deepest Wound, in exchange for an honest review.
Homicide Detective Jack Murphy and his partner Liddell Blanchard are called to the local landfill after a couple stumbles upon some grisly remains The discovery of the woman s identity, that of Deputy Prosecutor Nina Parsons, complicates matters in a way that Jack did not expect The man with whom his ex wife Katie is about to marry, Chief Deputy Prosecutor Eric Manson, was rud to have had a relationship with Nina When the investigation takes a deadly turn, will Jack be able to sort out both his personal issues and the facts of the case in time to catch the perpetrator As was the case

This was by far the best book in the series although I have yet to read book 5 This is book 3 but works fine as a stand alone.
Murphy and Liddell are called out to a landfill when workers find a bodiless head amongst the rubbish, an arm is also later recovered Soon heads turn up in other locations The prosecutor s office seems convinced its all about drugs But the first victim turns out to be Nina Parsons who was a deputy prosecutor WTF There are also plenty of rumours circulating in the prosecutor s office which are muddying the waters.
Murphy and his partner face their most dangerous adversary yet as they race to stop the murder spree and uncover a breathtaking web of corruption This book was dramatic and faster paced than the others I have read including book 4 so the dialogue which bothered me in book 2 wasn t a problem I was reading too From the Author Writing Final Justice was like running a marathon on crutches I started the book in March 2012 I wouldn t finish it until September 2013 due to a bicycle accident If you find typo s, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, etc.
, then please write and let me correct the problem My email is rick rickreedbooks.
com In any case I hope you will take the time to write a review of the book good or bad or in between on Goodreads and and your blog send me a link , and anywhere else I m missing here I m not afraid of criticism I was a homicide detective I can take anything Rick Reed Very good book Like this author very much.
THE DEEPEST WOUND by Rick ReedJack Murphy Thriller 3What a roller coaster ride I don t know how the author could pack in any adventure, emotion, danger, mystery, or thrills I ll definitely be reading the first two in the series, plus the upcoming novel Detective Jack Murphy is very much a man s man, to the continuing dismay of his ex wife Katie Perhaps I should call him the Clint Eastwood Sphaghetti Western type strong, silent, incredibly determined He has never been responsible for the death of an animal, but he has killed several men in the course of his homicide duties When a deputy prosecutor in Evansville disappears, and body portions start turning up at the local landfill and across the state line in Illinois, Murphy is hot on the trail Killing Has Become A Team Sport To Win The Game, Detective Jack Murphy Will Have To Identify All The Players Whatever The CostThe Body Parts Of A Young Woman Have Shown Up In The Town Landfill And Homicide Detective Jack Murphy Is On The Case But When The Victim S Identity Is Revealed, The Horrific Crime Takes An Even Darker And Far Personal Turn Nina Parsons Was Not Only A Deputy Prosecutor, But The Rud Lover Of The Man Jack S Ex Wife Is About To Marry The Chief Deputy Prosecutor Now Jack Must Battle Not Just His Own Fears And Demons, But The Political Interference That Ensues As He Fights With All He Has To Expose The Greed And Power That Can Drive Even Good Men To Commit Evil Acts

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