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Ð One Half from the East ↠´ Download by Ð Nadia Hashimi Internationally Bestselling Author Nadia Hashimi S First Novel For Young Readers Is An Emotional, Beautiful, And Riveting Coming Of Age Journey To Modern Day Afghanistan That Explores Life As A Bacha Posh A Preteen Girl Dressed As A BoyObayda S Family Is In Need Of Some Good FortuneHer Father Lost One Of His Legs In A Bomb Explosion, Forcing The Family To Move From Their Home City Of Kabul To A Small Village, Where Life Is Very Different And Obayda S Father Almost Never Leaves His RoomOne Day, Obayda S Aunt Has An Idea To Bring The Family Luck Dress Obayda, The Youngest Of Her Sisters, As A Boy, A Bacha PoshNow Obayda Is ObaydLife In This In Between Place Is Confusing, But Once Obayda Meets Another Bacha Posh, Everything Changes The Two Of Them Can Explore The Village On Their Own, Climbing Trees, Playing Sports, AndBut Their Transformation Won T Last Forever Unless The Two Best Friends Can Figure Out A Way To Make It Stick And Make Their Newfound Freedoms Endure After reading The Pearl That Broke Its Shell I was excited to read another book by this writer This book deals again with the bacha posh tradition in Afghanistan girl dressed as a boy , but it is much on the personal experiences of turning into a boy and the meaning of the change It is very important to remember that this is intended as a YA book, and therefore it is much simpler than her former book As a YA book I would surely score it 5 stars, because there are so few YA books that are good, and also make people think and with clean language and without super annoying protagonists , especially books dealing with gender inequality The bacha posh tradition of Afghanistan is interesting But over, it makes you wonder wh That was just lovely After finishing Hashimi s previous three novels, I was committed to reading whatever she wrote next So it didn t matter to me that this book is YA young adult and I never read YA The Pearl That Broke Its Shell was the first book I ve read that was set in Afghanistan, and it opened my eyes to a world I was clueless about Before reading it, I d never heard of a bacha posh Sometimes families without sons will pick a daughter to live and behave as a boy, a bacha posh, since boys have freedom, even so than adult women The central family in The Pearl novel chooses a daughter, Rahima, to become a bacha posh In One Half from the East, Rahima is reintroduced while she is Rahim That made me grin from ear to ear The Pearl That Broke Its Shell focuses on Rahima s life as a woman, and the tenacity of other women in the family One Half from the East is entirely about 3.
5 stars You are the best of both worlds One Half from the East and one half from the west Nadia Hashimi is one of my favorite authors and her first YA foray published in 2016 has been lingering on my TBR for a long while Hopefully, I will remind a few others that it has lingered on their TBR too Set in modern day Afghanistan and centering on the tradition ofbacha posh, youngest daughter Obadya, begins to live her life as a boy and become Obayd Make Obayda your son, and let him fix everything that s wrong with your family Once a successful police officer, Obayd s father sustained a severe injury that has resulted in him learning to live life as a one legged man Obayd just wants his mother and sisters to have a good life again and sets out on a mission with his friend, Rahim, another bacha posh, to make his father feel good againBut it s hard to tel A special thank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins Canada for an ARC in an exchange for an honest review.
Nadia Hashimi s first YA novel is a coming of age story with a twist Set in modern day Afghanistan, we meet Obayda, the youngest girl of four sisters, who becomes a bacha posh a preteen girl dressed as a boy to bring her family luck Obayda, now Obayd, must live as though she were a boy however, is struggling as he straddles both worlds until he meets another bacha posh, Rahim Together they try to find a way to make their transformations stick so that they can enjoy their newfound freedoms.
Hashimi explores the bacha posh in The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, and crosses over the character of Rahima Rahim She was Writing this review is difficult, because even though I did appreciate the basic parts aspects of this book, I had an issue with almost everything else and now that I sit down to express all my thoughts on this book nearly a week after finishing it I realize that I don t even have that much to say All in all, One Half from the East dared and tried to give out a bold message, but which came out rather ineffectucal and underwhelming.
The story follows Obayda and her family, who, after a recent disaster have been forced to move from Kabul to a small village in Afghanistan Due to the lack of money and a sudden change in lifestyle, they re faced with problems, when suddenly one of their family members comes up with an idea to turn Obayda into a boy Meaning, dress her up as a boy so as to bring good luck a boy into the fami This was a pretty good book and the author made the main character very intricate and intriguing Good book I would ABSOLUTELY give this book an 11 5 stars rating if I could Nadia Hashimi is such a gifted writer, and I immediately got hooked onto this novel Everything about it is fantastic and compelling Highly recommend this book to anybody.
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S LewisNadia Hashimi, an internationally bestselling author, pens a terrific and extremely heart rending yet enlightening tale of love, friendships, child marriage, bacha posh in her new middle grade contemporary fiction book, One Half from the East where the author weaves a tale centered around a ten year old Afghan girl who encounters a bomb blast that claims her father s leg that led that girl and her family to shift to the villages where the little girl is forced to dress as a boy in order to bring good fortune to her falling family Synopsis Internationally bestselling author Nadia Hashimi s first novel for young readers is an emotional, beautiful, and riveting coming of age journey to modern day Afghanistan that explores life as a I would have rated stars had they been available What a compelling story I know so little about Middle Eastern culture, and this novel presented new information for me I simply had to further investigate the practice of bacha posh Who knew Well, Afghanis do I made thematic connections to Golden Boy, as far as how cultural practice can further define a people, and how differences are approached elsewhere I strongly recommend this book for those interested in gender issues, the Middle East, and coming of age stories.

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