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[ Pdf Winchell: Gossip, Power, and the Culture of Celebrity ☆ world-of-darkness PDF ] by Neal Gabler ☆ A masterpiece of biography very funny yet never frivolous, tons of great anecdotes and yarns The quality that sets this volume above other great biographies is that it s subject was lets s face it a pretty vapid character Gabler makes Walter Winchell into a keyhole a metaphor frequently used in the book of a wide variety of spaces media, celebrity, Broadway, politics, etc creating a rich social history A must read for anyone looking into the roots of Matt Drudge and Fox News.
When I was in my 20s I read Neal Gabler s biography of Walter Winchell And it changed my life I can still remember being completely engrossed in this book.
It was the awesome achievement of Winchell s biographer, Neal Gabler, to show how Winchell mattered in history How he invented the modern celebrity, or less single handedly How he used gossip as a weapon 70 years before TMZ Gabler marshalled spellbinding amounts of news clippings, correspondence, interviews, and his own critical takes on 20th century American culture to make his case And the kicker was this For such a meaty intellectual biography, it was so readable that I could not put it down until I was done.
And when I was done, I wanted to be Neal Gabler.
Well, you may have seen old Neal s name in the news recently He s the author of that depressing Atlantic cover piece The Secret Shame of Middle Class Americans, in which he conf Hailed As The Most Important And Entertaining Biography In Recent Memory, Gabler S Account Of The Life Of Fast Talking Gossip Columnist And Radio Broadcaster Walter Winchell Fuses Meticulous Research With A Deft Grasp Of The Cultural Nuances Of An Era When Virtually Everyone Who Mattered Paid Homage To Winchell Time Of Photos Walter Winchell is one of those cultural figures so of his time that they simply evaporate from history That time was the 1920s to the 1950s, when the former second rate Vaudevillian turned from a gossip columnist into a political commentator, from a Rooseveltian Democrat into a McCarthyite Republican, and from a slangy if self obsessed man of the people into a vicious bully forever sidetracked by meaningless, one sided beefs At the peak of his fame and influence, he was read or listened to by two thirds of Americans each week.
It s hard to write a biography of a man who was so unknowable and aloof Winchell had few friends and almost no interests beside his career but this book gets as close as it can through contemporary articles, secondary sources and interviews with hi Walter Winchell was the originator of gossip in the newspapers, not quite the inventor of the genre, but the man who popularized it and set in motion all the ways we expect to know everything about celebrities He had a syndicated newspaper column when that was an enormously influential thing to have, and a weekly radio broadcast when that was even powerful He was, for all intents and purposes, a miserable human being, who mixed up love and control, who gave up the concept of friendship in favor of scoops, who desperately wanted to be known as a journalist when he mostly just put his name to an assemblage of other people s writing He did as much as anyone to prepare the U.
S for entry into WWII, but then did as much as anyone to support Joe McCarthy s witch hunts after the war His story is fascinating, despite the fact he was hard to root for throughout his long career I really enjoyed this book, but I don t think I could have read it completely through without reading other books along the way Walter Winchell was a fascinating person and he lived through fascinating times If you are interested in the history of gossip columns or if you like reading about famous people s day to day lives, this is a good book to read.
A very detailed biography of Walter Winchell that is respectful yet unflattering I think that s why I loved it.
The book is not juicy, for not fun as I expected to see such a oh my lord figure It followed the pattern that since his birth, and then his childhood and growth, to his highlight for a whole life with bittersweet moments, to the last he died in loneliness.
I spent 3 weeks but only finished three quarters It s very detailed story about the greatest columnist in American history His passion towards gossip, his talent writing attracted half of American population, his humor won him soaring career in media He won fame but died in fame, which is everything and nothing He sacrificed marriage and family Great person always couldn t be imitated, his hardship dwells in his passion for another track, so he couldn t be balanced to be a normal good person.

Walter Winchell was the precursor of tabloid gossip journalism, yellow journalism, if you will Winchell was based in NY and broadcast lies, half truths and unsubstantiated innuendo One of the victims of his broadcasts was my grandfather, Robert Keith When the very unfortunate Peg Entwhistle committed suicide by jumping off of the H in the Hollywood sign, Winchell blamed my grandfather This was cruel and untrue My grandfather had dated Peg two years previously Keith was getting the play he was written produced on Broadway in collaboration with the Shuberts Peg decided to enter films, so she went to Hollywood For reasons only known to Peg, she succumbed to despair and took her life Winchell blamed Keith who said Peg was distraught because she had just learned Keith had two children my mother and the actor Brian Keith from a marriage she knew nothing about This Matt Drudge frequently mentioned Winchell on his radio show, and now I can see why Winchell would mix gossip and news and editorial at random in his work, much the way the Drudge Report does.
I also enjoyed reading about his skirmishes with Ed Sullivan most of us probably only think of the genial Sullivan introducing the Beatles or Elvis on his TV show, but he was a bitter ruthless son of a bitch contemporary of Winchell in the early gossip column and radio wars.

Neal Gabler is a distinguished author, cultural historian and television commentator who has been called one of America s most important public intellectuals His first book, An Empire of Their Own How the Jews Invented Hollywood, won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for History and the Theatre Library Association Award for the best book on television, radio or film On the centenary of the fir