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[ Pdf The WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men é civil-war-western-theater PDF ] by Christina Hoff Sommers º This book was written in 2000 by someone who works at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a conservative think tank in Washington, D.

As far as I can tell, this was part of a successful campaign by AEI to kill funding for the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA, 20 USC §§ 72837283g), which among other things authorizes grants to promote gender equity in schools.
WEEA received funding in the federal budget from 1976 to 2010, with a high of $10 million in 1980.
The funding dwindled steadily every year and leveled off to about $2 million per year in the 1990s.
In 2003, the Bush Administration stopped funding the WEEA Equity Resource Center, and since 2010 the Department of Education has not funded any WEEA program grants.
The President’s budgets no longer request funds for WEEA.
Thus, the campaign to kill funding for WEEA has been a success.
After reading this book, This teacher comments: One of the best nonfiction books I've read all year!

I graduated from Indiana University in 1990just as the 'girls are fragile' movement was gaining momentum.
I was taught the 'facts' that Sommers refers to in numerous inservices (for all of you nonteachers, many teacher inservices are attempts at teacher training in which a speaker comes and entertains or horrifies us with a speech that usually has little or no practical valuewhen I taught in the inner city it was usually the horrifying type: "these kids are all failing and blahblah percent of them will end up dead or in jail and it's all because you didn't teach them how to multiply fractions or diagram a sentence correctly!").

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As such, I'd like true equality between the sexes.
However, I despise most feminism, at least the more modern variety.
Most is militant and entirely illogical in its maniacal desire to bring disadvantage to men as a form of revenge.
So while I want women to have the same opportunities as men, I want to see them work for those just as hard as said men.
I don't want any favours and gifts.
Women should only be allowed to work certain jobs if they are indeed equally qualified (sadly, the reality is that special rules are usually put in place for women and quotas are enforced in many countries even).
And I see nothing wrong if a woman wants to be a stayathome mom instead of a career machine if she and her partner can afford it.
< Dr.
Sommers has some valid and important points in this book, but she falls prey to some of the same weaknesses she accuses those terribleawfulhorrible feminists of.
As another reviewer pointed out, she calls for an end to crisismongeringin a book called The War against Boys.
crisismonger much? And she frequently lambastes feminists for painting with a broad brush and assuming all boys or girls are (fillintheblank) while doing some fairly thorough stereotyping and "broadbrushing" of her own of boys, girls, feminists, and others.

Now, being the mother of three boys (ages 9, almost6, and almost3), I am enormously concerned about their education.
In fact, just this morning, with more than a little trepidation, I sent two of them off on the school bus to start 4th grade It was clear to me from several years of volunteering in my son's elementary school that girls and boys are simply and clearly different.
Yet the director of the literacy program at the Redwood City Library insisted to me—expressing a belief that too many people have—that boys are girls are identical in every way, and any perceived differences are strictly the result of biased socialization by adults.
Boys are not "defective girls" and treating them as if they were will only harm them.

I was impressed by the research Sommers did and by her bravery in rebutting things that "everyone knows," especially ideas promoted by organizations with an agenda (like NOW) and a shallow media that just wants a quick, provocative headline.
< Is it really a 5 star book, maybe not but I found it refreshing to read a book that didn't feel so extreme, from either a conservative or liberal point of view on feminism.
Though I imagine there would be some disagreement about that.

This book reminds me that maybe we are failing boys when I'm surprised at finding a polite one or when a young man holds the door for me, or when a little boy is well behaved at a restaurant.
Why should these things be out of the ordinary? When did it become a bad thing to instill these values.

I personally think it's pretty obvious that girls are outdoing boys in the academic world, yes, yes, maybe not in the STEM disciplines but far surpassing boys in most of the others.
Absolutely, I think it's important to educate girls in the choices they have, that a career in science or getting into a trade would be a great idea, that they pay m

This well researched and enlightening book is an important book for debunking the myths and bad science surrounding the notion that we need to raise boys more like girls.
The author clearly points out the importance of the reality of gender differences and respect to biological fundamental truths vs.
a need to merely presume that in order to be progressive, we must alter the way we raise boys.
I love the evidence based writing that this book adheres to! It's always an eyeopener when a really good look at statistics shows some glaring errors in widely held assumptions.
It's even more of an eye opener to realize that some of your own carefully held assumptions are wrong.

This book, published in 2001, seems kind of political and reactionary, but that is only the fault of the title.
The contents are much more revealing.

Feminism is political.
This should not be surprising.
We see it everywhere.
Some a***holes take it way too far.
What we have in America's school systems (and probably quite a few other places as well) is a climate where we are told that girls are being held back by the patriarchy, that their voices are not being heard, and that all boys should be more like girls.

No joke.
I was in the school system when this was really getting started.
I bought into it, myself.
“We must put an end to all the crisis mongering,” writes Christina Hoff Sommers in a book titled THE WAR AGAINST BOYS.
I’ll pause for a moment to contemplate the irony.

I picked up this book after I learned from my then kindergarten daughter that the children at her school were told not to run on the playground during recess and that a male schoolmate was informed he would be sent to the principal’s office if he continued to form his finger into a gun and say, “Pow, pow, pow.
” (I used to think these sorts of school stories were ridiculously rare exceptions, until they started coming home to me.

Sommers occasionally treats extreme examples as normative and allows some assumptions and logical fallacies to

An American author and former philosophy professor who is known for her critique of late 20th century feminism, and her writings about feminism in contemporary American culture.