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Ó Read ☆ Warden (Elemental Paladins, #1) by Montana Ash à Ryker Is A Paladin An Ancient Knight, Born To Protect Those Precious Few Who Hold Powers Over The Elements He Is Bound By Honour, Courage And Loyalty But When Tragedy Strikes He Forsakes Everything He Stands For, Vowing Never To Serve Again He Opens His Home To Other Rejected And Dishonoured Knights But Never His Heart That Is, Until A Sarcastic, Sword Wielding, Miniature Warden Barges Into His Life, Bringing Chaos And Mayhem To His Carefully Ordered WorldWill He Forgive Himself For Past Mistakes Or Will Old Wounds Continue To Scar His Future Max Is Different She Has A Strange Affinity To Nature And Finds Herself Constantly Causing Disasters Wherever She Goes What S , Strange Creatures Stalk Her Every Step, Their Relentless Pursuit Driving Her To The Brink Of Exhaustion Stumbling Upon A Gaggle Of Hot Ancient Knights Seems Too Good To Be True But She Can T Deny They Have The Answers She S Looking For Too Bad Their Captain Is A Growly, Insensitive Jerk Who Insults Her Every Time He Opens His Gorgeous MouthShould She Trust Her Instincts And Allow Herself To Hope For The First Time In Her Life Or Will Her Fierce Independence Cause Her To Lose The One Thing She Has Always Craved A Home Almost didn t finish this one because it took to long for anything to happen and when things did happen.
eh I felt like nothing happens at all I like the storyline enough to continue until the end and I was disappointed because I didn t get any clue or answer for so many major questions like why did Ryker and his paladins were rejected and became an independent paladin or how Max s past life was I kind of like the cast even though they were shallow they were quite fun More turn off was Max s ogling drooling on every hottie Yeah, I know they were hot but after a while it was too much and not funny any I want to read the 2nd book but I don t think I will I don t want to read something I wish to fast forward just to see what happen and be done.
Reread September 2018Up from 4.
5 to 5 starsMax is one of my favourite heroines Her snark and inner monologue really tickle my funny bone It s still incredibly annoying that the next book is a let down though original review4.
5 StarsLoved this one Ryker was grumpy, growly, a bit of an arsehole but oh so sexy The sexual tension had me getting frustrated and shouting for them to bang already The world with the Paladins and Wardens was done well and easy to understand But than Ryker and everything else the heroine Max was excellent She was a strong, sarcastic kick ass woman that took no shit and said whatever was on her mind whether it was appropriate or not She s my kind of girl and I loved her Which makes a change because it s normally the male chara

Wow great first bookI love kickass, geeky heroines with a mysterious past so Max definitely appeals Then there s the ensemble of secondary characters, one of whom is the hero And they re not all male, even better We slowly learn about this hidden world as the heroine does, and cheer her on as she tries to find her place and create a family.
Can t wait for the next story.
This book is a fast read, I think there s a little too much sexual innuendo and commentary mainly by Max herself I get having the ideas in your head, but what I don t get is the constant physical inspection she does with every person she meets The constant talk about erections and what everybody looks like got a little tedious I would have preferred character development with each character because they re very interesting They re all paladins with no liege The whys are what I wanted to delve into but were not expounded upon Max wasn t a MC I loved.
Ryker grew on me Max s developing friendships with each character was heartwarming, and her defense of Lark was cryworthy Bey was lovely Axel too The ending seemed a little pat for continuity purposes The ending was like the author stopped writing, which is tedious to say the least Ryker admitted to himself he lo

Montana is a self confessed book junkie Although she loves reading all genres from romance to crime fiction to sci fi, her not so guilty pleasure is paranormal romance Alpha men, just a little bit damaged, and Alpha women who don t seem to know they need looking after, are a favourite combination of hers Throw in some steamy sex scenes, a touch of humour, and a little violence and she is in hea