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à Tetris: The Games People Play à Download by î Box Brown Oh my god, I had no idea this story was so nuts Full disclosure I am not a video gamer and read this because it was at my library in the new graphic novels section and because it had Box Brown s name on it I like his sweet attractive artwork and I liked his Andre the Giant quite a bit The history of psychology of games and gaming undergird this work, as the subtitle makes clear And then you learn how Tetris emerged out of this, and lots of controversies about it, which I don t care about in the least, but it seems thorough and will appeal to Tetris fans The style of the artwork here is the appeal for me He almost makes me care about a video game Sorry, no offense to serious gamers, including those in my present household who know this game.
It Is, Perhaps, The Perfect Video Game Simple Yet Addictive, Tetris Delivers An Irresistible, Unending Puzzle That Has Players Hooked Play It Long Enough And You Ll See Those Brightly Colored Geometric Shapes Everywhere You Ll See Them In Your DreamsAlexey Pajitnov Had Big Ideas About Games In , He Created Tetris In His Spare Time While Developing Software For The Soviet Government Once Tetris Emerged From Behind The Iron Curtain, It Was An Instant Hit Nintendo, Atari, Sega Game Developers Big And Small All Wanted Tetris A Bidding War Was Sparked, Followed By Clandestine Trips To Moscow, Backroom Deals, Innumerable Miscommunications, And Outright TheftIn This Graphic Novel, New York Times Bestselling Author Box Brown Untangles This Complex History And Delves Deep Into The Role Games Play In Art, Culture, And Commerce For The First Time And In Unparalleled Detail, Tetris The Games People Play Tells The True Story Of The World S Most Popular Video Game The story over the rights to Tetris is a fantastic example of how video games can open cultural doors Box Brown has outdone himself Brown tells the fascinating and litigous tale of one of the most famous games in history He begins the book looking at the concept of games gaming over the millenia, tracing the earliest games and how they were created and played While this section of the book was very entertaining, I wish it had been a separate book entirely it was inserted into the story after the Tetris characters were already introduced and seemed out of place and extraneous MEMORIES amirite Like most people in my generation in the US, I spent hours lulled by the 8 bit music and descending blocks and the anxiety of waiting for the 4 long line to complete and then it gets faster and piles up In my childhood and youth, I had no idea about the complicated and shady rights issues surrounding the game and it s circuitious route to the American market New technology gaming consoles, personal compute Box Brown came onto my radar when he released his graphic novel treatment about the life of Andre The Giant While I ve yet to read it, the critical acclaim he received for his work at the time made me want to seek out his other writings Unfortunately, Box Brown, along with several other things, seemed to have moved to that corner of my mind covered in cobwebs until this weekend when I spotted his follow up to the Andre book, Tetris The Games People Play.
I really enjoyed this, which isn t a surprise considering one of my all time favorite books is Blake J Harris Console Wars the story of the war between video game moguls Nintendo and Sega for gaming supremacy Tetris The Games People Play tells of the behind the scenes courtroom battle between gaming publishers looking to secure the rights to what would become one of the bi , are my jam Tetris The Games People Play video games , Tetris fight me , 2 20 3 , 80s 90s video games , Tetris, 2 bidding war , Win win .
Tetris The Games People Play I m convinced there s a really interesting story in here, but I got really bogged down in who owned which rights to which versions of Tetris Alexey, who invented Tetris, seems like a great guy who was willing to give up financial reward to see this great thing he made flourish That s pretty inspiring He made this thing that was so good that it HAD to be shared with the world, even if it meant that he wouldn t get rich off it while other people did.
But, as a book, there s just a lot of rights and contracts and maneuvering, and I didn t find those parts of the story to be high interest It seemed to be about the business of Tetris than the game or games in general, and a little bit about Nintendo history which has been covered pretty thoroughly in a number of other titles.
I like Box Brown s work a lot, and I appreciate that he took on this topic

We ve all played Tetris and enjoyed its blocky goodness until the pieces start coming down too quickly and that damn long piece won t appear and it s game over, man, GAME OVER Box Brown s Tetris The Games People Play tells its origin story and unfortunately it s not nearly as fun.
For a book ostensibly about Tetris, it takes it s sweet time getting around to talking about it It s 70 pages before we meet Alexey Pajitnov, the Russian creator of Tetris Up til then there s a truncated history of games from ancient times to modern and the company background of Nintendo It s slightly interesting but feels totally unnecessary Nintendo was a popular format for Tetris, especially when paired with the Gameboy, though the game appeared on a number of consoles and we don t get the history of Atar I never knew there was so much controversy around the creation of Tetris An interesting read, if a bit dry at times.

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