Download Epub Format ↠´ Friendly Fire (Jonathan Grave #8) PDF by è John Gilstrap

Download Epub Format ↠´ Friendly Fire (Jonathan Grave #8) PDF by è John Gilstrap Ethan Falk was working as a barista when a man comes in as a customer that Ethan recognizes When Ethan was eleven he was kidnapped and tortured and the man in front of him is one of those responsible Without thinking Ethan grabs a knife and follows him into the parking lot and kills the man When police arrive and Ethan tells his story they are finding it hard to believe as there is no record of Ethan being kidnapped His parents had hired a man that goes by the name Scorpion to rescue Ethan and do whatever was necessary to ensure his return Now Ethan is under arrest for murder and Jonathan Grave who is the one that goes by the name Scorpion knows he needs to find a way to help his former client without blowing his cover Jonathan and his team soon find that the man Ethan killed had ties to an ongoing terrorist plot that needs to be stopped along w Yet another author I have not read I m not usually into those mercenary type books, but yet everyone I ve actually read I liked Perhaps it s just the fact of a different genre or perhaps it was just the writing style of John Gilstrap This book had me at the beginning What an opening And it held my interest level, could even say peaked, to where I sped through this book This Scorpion dude sounds mighty fine and someone I do not want to get on the bad side of at all Of course, all the talk with the weapons technology had my eyes glazing over, but it seemed pretty cool what it could do.
Huge thanks to Kensington books and Net Galley for providing me with a free e galley which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and heartily recommend.
I came across John Gilstrap s work earlier this year when I devoured his Nick of Time series When I was offered to read his latest release, I didn t hesitate This is the eighth book in the Jonathan Grave series I haven t read any of the previous ones, but it didn t matter as there was sufficient background provided and it worked fine as a standalone Jonathan aka Scorpion and his team are security specialists carrying out rescue missions that are not exactly within the realms of legality 11 years ago, they saved a little boy from a pedophile ring While at work in a coffee shop, this boy, Ethan, recognizes one of his abductors, snaps and kills him When Jonathan finds out about Ethan s arrest, he knows he has to do something to help th I loved the opening chapter, well the part involving Ethan Falk I was not so enamoured with the section dealing with Mindy s rescue by the Security Solutions Team It was all a little bit too gung ho and tactical for my personal taste But I was interested to learn how these two threads would connect and so I read on But as I did so I became overwhelmed by the tactical technical terrorist references to the point where I totally lost interest in Ethan s thread and abandoned the book at 42% after skimming large portions.
Having said that, I believe that this book would make a good and successful action movie.
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Thanks to netgalley.
com, John Gilstrap and Kensington Publishing for the advance copy for my review I also purchased it in paperback, just to make reading it easier and took it everywhere.
This one is ripped right out of the headlines, my first read of John Gilstrap s Jonathan Graves series and my favorite read so far of 2016 This is my style of a book, have to assume that John Gilstrap has a lead foot, as he just puts the pedal to the metal, does let up and it just lacks only a warning To strap yourself down while reading Since your in for a heart pounding, edge of your seat read and one straight out of today s headlines Gilstrap starts Friendly Fire with a flash bang grenade, having a Coffee House Baristas Ethan Falk recognizes, then kills the man who kidnapped and abused him as a 11 year old What a tour de force, Gilstrap adds everything you would want in a espionage terrorist thr Excellent thriller The novel opens with a barista freaking a sharp knife, chasing a guy into the street, stabbing him to death claiming he had kidnapped and asked him a dozen years ago However, there is no record of the event because Scorpion and Boxers rescued him Meanwhile, our two heroes are rescuing the daughter of a Congressman engineered by foreign forces trying to make Americans unsafe, as they did when the Washington sniper terrorized America post 9 11 The street is fast paced, well done, and kind of scary in our current world.
It Begins With A Shocking Act Of Vengeance Barista Ethan Falk Chases A Customer Into The Parking Lot And Kills Him He Tells Police That Years Ago The Older Man Abducted And Tortured Him Then Ethan S Story Takes An Even Stranger Turn He Says He Was Rescued By A Guy Named Scorpion Of Course, There Is No Record Of Either The Kidnapping Or The Rescue, Because Scorpion Jonathan Grave Operates Outside The Law And Leaves No EvidenceAs Grave Struggles To Find A Way To Defend His Former Precious Cargo Without Blowing His Cover, He Learns The Dead Man Has Secrets That Trace To An Ongoing Terrorist Plot Against The Heart Of America It S Up To Grave And His Team To Stop It But First They Must Rescue Ethan Falk A Second Time I have been a fan of John Gilstrap for a couple of years now and have read most of his books both the stand alone novels and the Jonathan Grave series.
One of the main flaws of the Grave series is that everything usually seems a little too easy for the good guys Their fantastic skills in the field, their ability to draw on their friends assets corporate jets, advanced technology and equipment etc , and their ability to hack their way into databases of all kinds Also the interaction with the FBI director cloak and dagger meetings, ass chewing, calls for help seem a little trivial here in book 8 of the series, as do the relationship between the main characters Boxers being touchy about references to his abnormal size, Boxers and Venice s strained relationship etc At least this time, Gilstrap has toned down the references to all the good things Grave does for the kids This book opens with an explosive murder, and the pace doesn t slow down from there Ethan Falk, a 22 year old coffee barista follows a man out of the coffee shop and stabs him to death When the police show up, Ethan swears that the man he killed had kidnapped him 11 years before and sexually molested him He swears he was rescued by men who killed everyone else in the house, but there is no record of any kidnapping, or rescue, and the dead man seems to not exist A detective decides to investigate Ethan s claims, and her investigation leads to problems for Jonathan Grave, or Scorpion, and his partners The story of Ethan is just one facet of the action there are terrorists at work in Virginia, and soon Scorpion and Big Guy are at work to stop them I have not read any of John Gilstrap s previous novels, but Friendly Fire will not be my last Scorpion and Big This starts with a shocking act of vengeance Barista Ethan Falk chases a customerinto the parking lot and kills him He tells the police that years ago this older man abducted and tortured him The abduction story gets stranger when he says he was rescued by a man named Scorpion Of course there is no record of this because Scorpion Jonathan Grave operates outside of the law As Graves struggles to defend his former cargo without blowing his cover he finds that the dead man has secrets thattrace to an ongoing terrorist plot against then U.
S and it s up to Grave s and his teamto stop it Of course they must first rescue Ethan a second time John Gilstrap writes pretty good stories and this one is no exception I enjoyed it and I gave it a 5.

A little bit about my background I ve always been a closet writer As a kid, I lived for the opportunity to write short stories I was the editor of my high school newspaper for a while the Valor Dictus, Robinson High School, class of 1975 , until I quit You can t fire me I quit over a lofty First Amendment issue that seemed very important at the time My goal, in fact, was to become a j