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[Honoré de Balzac] ¾ La Grenadiere [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Ebook Epub Download » Among the most beautiful, touching stories I have ever had the privilege to read.
A short story which starts with a very good description of a house in the Loire region But it turns into an overly sentimental tale of a fallen woman separated from her husband and staying in the house for her last few months of life with her adoring and far too perfect children All too sickly for me.
Balzac apparently wrote this little gem, part of the scenes from provincial life in his Human Comedy, in one night likely fueled by copious amounts of coffee The country setting is slowly revealed to us climbing plants, abundant orchards, tranquil water and then we move from country setting to house and to the mother and her two children who inhabit it It is said that Balzac had a difficult relationship with his own mother, who provided the inspiration for Cousin Bette ouch The mother child relationship here, though layered with enigmas, is presented at least on its surface as idyllic as the countryside setting itself Perhaps there are no undutiful children without undutiful mothers, for a child s affection is always in proportion to the affection that it receives in early care, in the first words that it hears, in the response of the eyes to which a child first A short story about one of those patient saintly idealised women who probably exist only in Balzac s imagination, and her two children When she dies almost penniless, the elder makes provsion for his younger brother s education and sets off apprenticed to the sea.
The best bit about this story is actually Balzac s glorious description of La Grenadiere, the house where the story takes place If you have been to the Loire Valley in France, Balzac s words will enchant you all over again.
Une femme arrive la propri t nomm e La Grenadi re avec ses deux fils Les trois vivent une vie parfaite Tout va bien jusqu au jour o elle apprend son ain qu elle souffre d une maladie incurable et qu elle va mourir d ici la fin de l ann e Le plus vieux, ayant 14 ans devra se retrousser les manche pour apprendre tout ce qu il a besoin de savoir avant la mort de sa m re pour pouvoir bien prendre soin du cadet.
J ai trouv cette histoire tr s touchante Tout au long de cette courte histoire, on ne sait pas o a s en va jusqu au moment o on apprend la maladie de la m re et que l on voit le monde id al de la famille commencer se briser C est une belle histoire mais combien triste.

Conto de 1832, traz como personagem central uma inglesa, a sra Willemsens, vi va e seus dois filhos Lu s Gast o e Maria Gast o que alugam uma casa num id lico local paradis aco apelidado O Romeiral A vida em torno da fam lia um mist rio aos habitantes locais que tentam especular sobre o passado da mo a e logo se descobre que ela esta gravemente doente e o local foi escolhido para sua recupera o.
O conto bem delicado e as descri es do local s o perfeitas, Balzac conseguiu me transportar para aquele local bel ssimo, criou um quadro cheio de perfumes, cores e muita tranquilidade Esse local realmente existiu, o autor costumava aluga lo a fim de repousar.
O problema que o conto deixa um mist rio n o revelado, tanto em rela o ao passado da senhora quanto ao futuro dos garotos, com exce o de Maria Gast o que aparece em mem rias de Duas Joven La Grenadiere refers to a small house on the Loire about a mile below the bridge of Tours After several pages devoted to descriptions of the house and area we meet the current tenants a lady with her housekeeper and her two children the eldest a boy thirteen years old, the youngest apparently about eight The distance from town seemed to be an inducement to her decision to take the house During her entire stay at La Grenadiere she only went into Tours twice, thereby becoming a mystery to the local residents.
really just a sketch on Balzac s favourite romantic subject of a saintly dazzlingly beautiful fallen woman.
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The original French text at La Biblioth que lectronique du Qu bec.
Opening lines La Grenadi re est une petite habitation situ e sur la rive droite de la Loire, en aval et un mille environ du pont de Tours.
Quotations N tant ni m re ni pouse, repouss e par le monde, priv e du seul coeur qui p t faire battre le sien sans honte, ne tirant d aucun sentiment les secours n cessaires son me chancelante, elle devait prendre sa force sur elle m me, vivre de sa propre vie, et n avoir d autre esp rance que celle de la femme abandonn e attendre la mort, en h ter la lenteur malgr les beaux jours qui lui restaient encore Se sentir destin e au bonheur, et p rir sans le recevoir, sans le donner Vous la dominez d une terrasse lev e de trente toises au dessus de ses eaux capricieuses le soir v La Grenadiere Is A Little House On The Right Bank Of The Loire As You Go Down Stream, About A Mile Below The Bridge Of Tours At This Point The River, Broad As A Lake, And Covered With Scattered Green Islands, Flows Between Two Lines Of Cliff, Where Country Houses Built Uniformly Of White Stone Stand Among Their Gardens And Vineyards The Finest Fruit In The World Ripens There With A Southern Exposure

Honor de Balzac was a nineteenth century French novelist and playwright His magnum opus was a sequence of almost 100 novels and plays collectively entitled La Com die humaine, which presents a panorama of French life in the years after the fall of Napol on Bonaparte in 1815.Due to his keen observation of fine detail and unfiltered representation of society, Balzac is regarded as one of the found